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As more eyewitness proof of heaven mounts, churches avoid subject

Stairway_To_Heaven_by_Tizz77I’m one who doesn’t buy into all accounts of near death experiences when people claim to have flatlined and were welcomed into heaven by God, especially when they use such testimony to claim that all people of all faiths make it in. But there are enough cases from people who are believers out there that give us proof that heaven exists and that one’s existence continues in the spiritual realm after death.

John Price, an Episcopal pastor, who avoided talking about heaven in his sermons and who dismissed all testimonies of people who died briefly, went to heaven, then came back experienced the shock of his life one Sunday. A woman walked up to him after a Sunday service with her 3-year-old girl in tow. She then told Price about her daughter’s near death experience. When her daughter was an infant, she died while her mom was feeding her. The woman rushed her to the ER where hospital personnel revived her. The infant had an upper respiratory infection.

Three years later as the two of them drove past the hospital that revived her, the little girl told her mom that the hospital was the place where “Jesus brought me back to you.” Her mother was totally stunned because she never spoke to the toddler about God, Jesus, or about rushing her to the hospital to revive her. So her mother took her to Price to relay the totally amazing story since it would have been impossible for an eight week old infant to remember the incident.

But John Blake of CNN did a story today where he investigated subjects covered by Christian seminaries and churches. He found that seminary professors and churches are avoiding the subject of heaven altogether. Yet another example of how the church is compromising its godly heritage because they are ashamed of the gospel. The article is an interesting read posted today at the CNN belief blog.

Harry A. Gaylord


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