From Scouts’ honor to liberals’ dishonor? Pedophiles want access to Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts symbolThe board overseeing the Boy Scouts of America is just weeks away from making their decision on whether or not to change their policy on homosexuals. Although it is an unnecessary decision since the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Boy Scout policy of not allowing homosexuals in places of leadership in 2000, the Scouts have been under a barrage of pressure from the liberal media, corporations, Hollywood, and the gay rights bullies to change their stance.

As the day approaches for the decision, the forces who hate genuine masculinity are amping up the pressure to paint the Scouts as a hate group unless they change. They came under fire last year for keeping a secret list of pedophiles that infiltrated their ranks and molested scouts, a list they had to eventually release under court order. However, the ironic thing is that even though they were criticized in the liberal media of shielding pedophiles with their secret list, the liberals who want them to change their policy on gays are just opening up opportunities for more pedophilic molestations to occur. That’s just what the liberals want and is a common tactic they use against those they hate. Paint your enemy as the epitome of evil and nitpick their actions to foment hatred towards them so you can force them into opening the door to let you bring in something even more sinister dressed up to look sweet and innocent.

The people lurking in the shadows of this movement against the Boy Scouts are radicals who believe pedophilia is not really a crime. They are secretly moving to change America’s mindset into changing the laws to decriminalize such evil. As they send those who portray themselves as anti-discrimination activists to the front lines of their war on morality, they are eagerly anticipating that day when the Boy Scouts will change their policy so they can send in more blatant radicals. Such radicals are just looking for opportunities to either molest boys or at least brainwash their young minds into believing that homosexuality isn’t evil and that sex between adults and children isn’t evil. The radicals want to infect American society with a generation of girly men who hate genuine masculinity or anything that represents it.

How do I know this? All one has to do is look at some of the groups pushing against the Scouts, such as GLAAD and the ACLU. Not long ago, GLAAD was in close partnership with NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association. NAMBLA has been the staunchest devil’s advocate for promoting pedophilia. Eventually, GLAAD was pressured to distance itself from NAMBLA because their relationship was considered hurtful to the gay rights movement. But there are members of GLAAD who still believe in what NAMBLA stands for, although they would be loathe to admit that in public. The ACLU has given legal representation to NAMBLA on several occasions while they have openly attacked the Boy Scouts of America. So if the ACLU actively fights against the Boy Scouts while they defend NAMBLA, then such an association reveals the true nature of what the ACLU really wants–and it’s the same thing that NAMBLA wants.

So parents, if you have a young man in the Boy Scouts, muster up the courage to defend their policy. Yes, the radicals may speak evil of you and call you a hateful bigot, but what’s more important–the godly morals you wish for your son or the desires of pederasts? Whose rights are more important? The rights of children to be in a safe learning environment teaching them life skills or the rights of oversexed adults who want to use their lifestyle choice to violate the rights of children for their own pleasure? The Boy Scouts are about to choose which of two masters they will serve–God or mammon. If they choose the mammon of gay rights, parents who at least care about good morals should take their precious sons out of the organization as quickly as the angels dragged Lot and his family out of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Harry A. Gaylord

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