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Dogs returning to their vomit: bad behavior of priests continues

catholic priest holding rosaryI came across two stories in the news today about Roman Catholic priests behaving badly. The first story covered a priest in Oregon who pleaded guilty to molesting a boy he invited to his house for a sleepover. Both the 47-year-old priest and the 12-year-old boy told authorities that the priest, Angel Armando Perez, gave him a beer while they watched movies.

The boy eventually fell asleep, but woke up later to find the priest fondling him while taking pictures of him with a cellphone. The horrified boy then ran from the house with Perez chasing after him. Neighbors came to the boy’s rescue and took the boy to his sister’s home.

Perez admitted he had been drinking heavily that night and claimed he didn’t remember what happened after the movie. He was arrested in August 2012 and charged with first-degree sexual abuse, DUI, furnishing alcohol to a minor, using a minor in a display of sexual conduct, and evidence tampering for deleting the explicit photos from his phone.

He pled guilty to the first three charges yesterday and prosecutors agreed to drop the last two charges. Perez was subsequently sentenced to serve more than six years in prison. The Archdiocese of Portland which employed him has had a history of sexually abusive priests and have paid tens of millions of dollars in restitution in the past.

Now we move from the Northwest to the Northeast for the second story. Roman Catholic priest Monsignor Kevin Wallin, 61, was indicted in January for taking part in a methamphetamine ring covering both the east and west coasts. He served in the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut, until his suspension for sexual behavior toward other men. Many of the parishioners were shocked when the charges came out.

Not only was he a meth addict, but he was running an adult video store at the same time. He pled guilty today to the drug charges and agreed to serve 11-14 years in prison.

So why does this bad behavior continue in the Roman Catholic system all over the world? It’s because the whole system is corrupt and has been from its start in the 300s AD. Sure the RCC claims they are Christian and are founded on Peter the apostle, but they’re lying and their deeds prove it. Priests continue to have affairs with women, sleep with other men, molest children, get drunk, abuse drugs, and more because they are part of a pagan system which is of the world. The bad behavior is part of their culture. If they were truly part of God’s kingdom, such behavior would not be tolerated, covered up, and promoted in their ranks behind closed doors.

21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.

22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire. 2 Peter 2

Harry A. Gaylord


15 thoughts on “Dogs returning to their vomit: bad behavior of priests continues

  1. “So why does this bad behavior continue in the Roman Catholic system all over the world? It’s because the whole system is corrupt and has been from its start in the 300s AD.”

    That’s quite a leap. The “whole” system? Really? What do you really know about the real Catholic Faith? Are you a faithful Christian?


    1. I know quite a bit about this faith. Praying to dead saints, bowing before graven images, doing works like baptism to receive salvation, the whole nine. If you care to see what else I know just click “Catholicism” on the right hand side of the screen.


  2. Harry, no offense, but I will refrain from clicking on your link. I’m sorry that you feel hurt and angry at the Church. I hope that you are able to heal and be happy again.


    1. Francis, I speak out against evil no matter what person or organization is perpetrating it. I’ve never been a Catholic & to my knowledge, I have never been targeted by the RCC. So I don’t need to be healed from anything with regards to their actions. And I’m a happy person knowing Jesus is my Lord and Savior and works things out for my good.


  3. But you bear false witness. You say ” It’s because the whole system is corrupt and has been from its start in the 300s AD.” That is bearing false witness and it is also a form of hatred in that you claim an absolute which can not truly be but you claim it anyway. Why? Why are you doing this? The “whole system” is not corrupt. Not really. But you tell people it is. False witness. Why don’t you look to yourself first.


    1. Francis, you mistakenly believe I bear false witness because you haven’t learned the true history of the RCC. It is based on lies. They teach a whole array of false doctrines such as Mary being co-redemptrix with Christ and that the physical act of being baptized in the RCC brings salvation. This shows they teach idolatry and salvation by works. Therefore, they are an evil tree that bears evil fruit. I’ve never known a poisonous tree to bear good fruit. Have you?


      1. “…you haven’t learned the true history of the RCC.” That is not true. You don’t know me nor do you know what I have studied yet you make a claim, without any knowledge, but as if it is true. That is yet another act of false witness. That is a mortal sin. I am not condemning you, but only advising you of what you are doing. I have studied baptism enough to know that your claim is in error. I’m sorry, but I am not going to teach you here what you do not seem to understand. But I thoroughly recommend that you actually take time to study actual Catholic theology and Catholic Church history before making claims and accusations. I have studied; you really need to do the same thing. Check out Christendom Press and Dr. Warren Carroll for Catholic Church history…Please.


      2. [You don’t know me nor do you know what I have studied yet you make a claim, without any knowledge]

        Francis, your words tell me that you haven’t learned the RCC’s true history because you defend them as if they are righteous. So I’m not bearing false witness at all. If the RCC were righteous, it would not be promoting idolatry. Constantine the Great, the true founder of the religion, took his pantheist religion centered around the sun god Sol (also known as Baal) and put a Christian mask over it. Sol became Jesus. Venus became the Virgin Mary. Jupiter became God the Father. Then as the years progressed, more false doctrine was added like Mary’s immaculate conception and her ascension.

        If the RCC were so righteous, the priests wouldn’t be so caught up in trying to have sex with all the altar boys and/or nuns and/or fellow priests they can get their hands on. And why do so many priests have HIV? Why have so many of them died from AIDS? Then of course there is the history of the various crusades and inquisitions where the RCC shed innocent blood. The blood of the real saints of God has been what the RCC has feasted on through the centuries as they continued the policies of their Roman Emperor predecessors. The true Bible says no murderer has eternal life dwelling in him [1 John 3:15]. It also says no lie is of the truth [1 John 2:21]. It also says fornicators and idolaters will not inherit the kingdom of God [1 Corinthians 6:9-10].


      3. I’m sorry Harry. What you state conflicts with what I surely know through rigorous study and prayer. Please seek an adequate education, seek understanding, seek peace, and seek to know the what is the Heart of Christ – Who God really is.

        Focus first on your own weaknesses and shortcomings. That is where you need to focus your energy – on judging and purifying and humbling yourself. Seek to grow in character by first asking God to judge your character and let you know where you are lacking. After that, take 5 to 10 years to grow in holiness. You will likely be happier and closer to God than you are today. That’s my friendly advice.

        May you find knowledge, understanding, and peace.


      4. Francis,

        If rigorous study and prayer leads you to see the RCC through rose-colored glasses & revisionist history, then what good is it really? Insult my education and understanding all you wish, but the insults will not turn the lies of the RCC and its edited bible & Catechism into God’s holy truth. Your insults won’t change the eucharist into the actual body and blood of the Lord Jesus, as the RCC teaches that the eucharist does. Your insults won’t save people by baptism in the RCC, as they claim it does. Your insults will not give power to the Pope to become Christ on Earth or to absolve sins, as the RCC teaches.

        You came here because God wanted to reveal to you the error of your ways, but you have resisted him. Search the real scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life and they testify of the true Lord Jesus, not the false Christ the RCC clings to [John 5:39]. In this post I gave real life examples of the corruption and criminal harm that is rampant in the RCC and you came here in an attempt to whitewash their crimes and defend an organization that perpetrates criminal activity. Why?


      5. Harry – perhaps you feel insulted because you are very proud? Seek humility. Humility is required before anyone can be considered as a child of the Father. Also, forgive those you hate so that your Father can then forgive your sins. This will be good for you. And then, your mind will be open so that you can see what you do not see now. Peace to you, Harry.


      6. Francis,

        Insulting me is exactly what you were doing in your previous comments. It has nothing to do with pride on my part. It has everything to do with how you come across in your statements after I’ve proven my knowledge of the false doctrines of the false religion you bow down to.

        Throughout this whole conversation, I find it quite interesting how you have come against me with your words, claiming I need to study, I need to stop being angry, I need to forgive, blah, blah, blah. But not one word on your part to condemn the evil deeds of your fellow RCC leaders. Not even one word from you to criticize their misdeeds, their sins, their crimes.

        You are so quick to speak condescendingly toward me, but have not taken note of the fact I am angry against sin with a righteous anger. The type of anger that led the Lord Jesus himself to go in the temple and clear it out of the money changers and their improper business dealings. I have no unforgiveness toward anyone.

        The fact you came here to start a discussion with me for speaking against wrongdoing & are so adamant in criticizing me while you defend the RCC & its evil tells me that you are probably tied to some order within the RCC, whether Dominican, Franciscan, or Jesuit. Are you with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly known as the Office of Inquisition? I know that the RCC has a history of recruiting individuals to infiltrate non-RCC congregations to get them to compromise and accept the RCC as fellow believers and to smear those who don’t. They also send trolls to monitor websites critical of their religion to engage them in such comments as you have left here on my blog.

        You tell me to forgive when I have no unforgiveness. However, since you brought up the subject of forgiveness, let me ask this–does God forgive those who do not repent of their sins and neither have any remorse for their sins nor any intention of turning away from their sins?


      7. We err when we judge without reconciling ourselves first. None of us is without sin; yet, some, in their pride, judge others in order to build up themselves. Humility is necessary for salvation.


      8. Francis, thanks for confirming what I thought by not answering my question. You have shown my assessment of the RCC to be correct. The evils they commit are perfectly fine with you. Homosexual acts and sexual assaults are considered acceptable behavior within your ranks.

        So the priesthood is essentially Baal worship. They had male & female temple prostitutes who committed vile acts in honor of their god & the RCC continued the tradition w/ priests who play the whore literally & figuratively.

        Your version of humility is that all people should bow to the RCC & its papacy. That’s idolatry not humility. It’s a false humility I’ll never take part in. If you were concerned about true humility you wouldn’t tolerate the ungodliness of your colleagues.


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