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Mayor Bloomberg makes light of surveillance privacy concerns

NYC-SkylineHonestly, this guy must be a Freemason. Mayor Bloomberg, one of the biggest proponents of having a nanny state that keeps a short leash on citizens, expressed his disdain on his radio show Friday to all of the objections raised about drones and surveillance cameras everywhere watching everyone’s moves.

He referred to those objections as “craziness” and proceeded to tell his audience that Big Brother is here to stay and expand, so all the critics should just accept it and get used to it. He also predicted that in five years, cameras would be all over the place, including flying through the air on drones, with facial recognition software included. Bloomberg admitted it might be a scary notion for such things to happen, but that the distinctions between having stationary cameras at various sites vs. having them fly through the air was not really a big deal.

According to the mayor, surveillance is a tide that no one can really keep from rolling in.


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Tina Moore. ‘We’re going to have more visibility and less privacy’: Mayor Bloomberg admits soon NYPD surveillance cameras will be on nearly every corner and in the air. NY Daily News. http://www.nydailynews.com. Fri., March 22, 2013.

Harry A. Gaylord


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