When people devalue human life in the womb, fearfully and wonderfully formed by the Creator, there are practically no lows they won’t sink to. Earlier this week in Budapest, Hungary, a court case was heard where the accused, operators of several plastic surgery clinics, were using aborted baby body parts in solutions that were injected into the veins of their wealthy clients with claims that the solutions would enhance their looks. Unborn baby

The perpetrators were Hungarian and Ukrainian. They were arrested in 2009 for illegally using embryonic stem cells and aborted babies in an unapproved manner for commercial gain. Their reckless, criminal, sinful behavior not only jeopardized the lives of the unborn, it also jeopardized the lives of their clients.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) submitted an amicus brief (U.S. term for “friend of the court brief”) to the Hungarian court to highlight why such practices are criminal and objectionable. “A baby is precious – not a precious commodity. This horrific and inhuman use of a child’s cells and tissues has no place in a civilized society… [This behavior] generates a hideous demand for babies’ bodies for use in unapproved, elective cosmetic procedures,” says Daniel Lipsic, senior legal counsel at ADF.

See more about this case at: http://www.onenewsnow.com/latest-headlines-from-american-family-news/2013/03/15/stem-cells-from-unborn-babies-used-illegally-in-cosmetic-surgery#sthash.MLir9erP.dpuf