Volcanoes help cool the Earth

From 2000 to 2010, scientists discovered an anomaly in their dire predictions about global warming. Earth did not volcanic eruptionwarm as much as they thought it would. They originally blamed the developing industries in India and China of releasing too much sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere which chemically reacted with Earth’s atmospheric aerosol to create sulfuric acid and water, which in turn cooled the Earth by reflecting sunlight back into space.

But a team from the University of Colorado discovered they were wrong about what was causing the Earth to cool. After monitoring volcanic activity, they found out that small and medium-sized volcanoes spewing ash were responsible for the sulfur dioxide counteracting 25% of what they considered to be human greenhouse gas emissions. Their data also shows that larger volcanoes will have a larger impact to counteract greenhouse gases.

I personally believe man-made pollution can cause health problems and it should be monitored or regulated to a certain point. However, I refuse to believe the doom and gloom we keep hearing from radical environmentalists, global warming scientists, and the news media parroting the global warming mantras like mindless robots. If there wasn’t an evil agenda behind the green movement and if they weren’t funded by NWO fatcats like the Rockefeller Foundation, I might be more open to hear their views.

What this evidence shows is that the Earth has periods of warming followed by periods of cooling. And both the cooling and warming are prompted by natural occurrences, but you won’t hear these scientists admit that because they might be out of a job if they did. The periodic warming and cooling are designed just right for the benefit of mankind which means there is someone behind it all who designed it because of his concern for the preservation of mankind. But you won’t hear the global warming scientists admit that either.

Source: Volcanic aerosols, not pollutants, tamped down recent Earth warming. ScienceDaily. March 1, 2013.


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