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Will Damascus be reduced to rubble?

A car bomb blew up in Damascus on Thursday, Feb. 21, killing at least 53 and wounding hundreds more as violence continues to churn in the ongoing Syrian civil war. The bomb blew up near the ruling party’s headquarters in the capital city. The ruling Baathists claim the bomb was set off by terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda.

The Syrian government added to the death toll when they bombed a civilian neighborhood that was a rebel stronghold, killing 18 people.

Bible prophecy expert Hal Lindsey has noted in his teachings that Damascus is a city that has always been inhabited and never in ruins. Yet, he points out that Isaiah 17 predicts in the last days that Damascus “will be taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” Are we witnessing events that will spark the fulfillment of this Bible prophecy? Only time will tell.


Hal Lindsey’s take on Syria in 2011


Syria conflict: Many dead in huge Damascus bombing. BBC News. 21 February 2013.

Rick Moran. Violence escalates in Damascus. American Thinker. February 21, 2013.


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