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Does religion make people stupid?

praise teamThe Gallup organization recently released its findings on religion in the U.S. that was conducted throughout 2012 and it found that Mississippi is the most religious state in the nation. This was measured by such things as how often people attended religious services. Mississippi is also now considering a bill that would allow students to pray in school without fear of any kind of retribution.  Additionally, the last abortion clinic in the state is believed to be on its way to closing, which will do away with murdering unborn children in the state. I believe the state is to be commended for these things.

But there is one huge downside to the state that seems to be holding its people back. Its educational system. Mississippi consistently ranks near or at the bottom of all other states when it comes to educating its children which results in a population that is not as knowledgeable as they should be academically. Can we and should we blame religion as the main culprit holding the state back?

Close up of a graduation cap and a certificate with a ribbonI’m sure there are plenty of people who would say religion, and specifically Christianity, is to blame for Mississippi’s academic condition, but I would have to disagree. Why? Well, when one looks at Biblical and secular history, the worship of the God of the Bible and the reading and practicing of his word are what have caused individuals and nations to advance to become prosperous.

We have plenty of examples of this in the Bible. Job served Jehovah with all his being, and was given great knowledge from God. That knowledge helped him become successful and wealthy. Job not only knew how the water cycle worked (Job 26:8), he knew the role bone marrow played in the skeletal system (Job 21:24) and about gravity holding up the earth (Job 26:7).

Then there’s King Solomon. He feared Jehovah and was given great wisdom. God taught him about the sciences, proper government, economics, mining, international trade, and many other things (1 Kings 10) and Solomon’s knowledge and wisdom helped ancient Israel to prosper.

King Uzziah also served the Lord and became king at 16. The knowledge from the Lord during his reign led to the digging of  many wells, a strong military, advances in agriculture, and engineering innovations (2 Chronicles 26: 1-15).

In more modern times, those who know true history can see how serving the Lord strengthened and advanced various European nations under certain monarchs, especially Great Britain. Then America experienced the same thing.

So if that’s the case, then what can we say of Mississippi? If God’s word says his commandments make us wiser than our enemies and more knowledgeable than our instructors (Psalm 119:97-100); if it tells us those with godly wisdom increase learning are strong spiritually and financially and that godly knowledge increases strength (Proverbs 1:5; 24:4-5), then how is it that Mississippi is behind in education and has among the highest poverty rates in the nation? Could it be that they worship the Lord with their mouths, but their hearts are far from him? I’m not saying I know the answer, especially since there are plenty of wealthy and well-educated people around who hate God. All I’m saying is that it makes me wonder.


7 thoughts on “Does religion make people stupid?

  1. Stop wondering, Harry. Did Jesus prosper Himself on the cross? Did Steven, Peter or Paul? No. Christ’s suffering prospered us with His Eternal Kingdom inherited first by the apostles, many of whom suffered terrible hardships. Paul was whipped, stoned and shipwrecked before dying by the Roman sword. Peter, too, was martyred. Before the exceptionally well-educated Saul was called to suffer so much for the Lord, he approved of the stoning of Steven. When Jesus confronted Saul on the road to Damascus, he had no idea how much he would suffer for Jesus. But suffer he did and he counted everything before his suffering as nothing.

    Well-educated people who hate God? Their worldly wisdom is foolishness before God Almighty. Prosperous people who hate God? Their wealth is worthless dross before the Lord of Hosts. The poor in your poverty-stricken state know from where their help ultimately derives and it isn’t the educational system of the USA.


    1. Dean,

      I understand your points completely. Suffering for Christ comes with the territory. However, God also blesses us with the ability to get wealth to bless others like Barnabas did in Acts. That’s how God has used the church to take care of their own through the centuries. Christians sold their luxuries to feed the poor among them from the time of Acts to today.

      However, Mississippi is a different situation. The people there suffer higher rates of bad health (obesity, diabetes, etc.) because of their bad habits. The health care system there is not great, either. Their suffering is not caused by their Christianity. Their suffering in many cases is self-inflicted, caused by bad traditions and lack of knowledge that could be erased if they educated themselves more about healthy habits. So could it be that their resistance to change reflects a lack of godly wisdom? Especially when one considers that God’s word promotes healthy eating habits like the Daniel diet and kosher meals and speaks against gluttony. I believe God wants us to be in good health, which is why Christ and his disciples went around healing people and Paul commanded that sick people call on church elders to anoint them when they get sick. Those are the things I wonder about concerning Mississippi.


  2. I’ll answer. Yes. Religion makes people stupid. I am not saying they are stupid to begin with. I am not saying that it can’t be undone. But it is, unfortunately, a terrible side effect of being indoctrinated with ridiculous fairy tales from infant hood. I’m not making it up. There have been numerous studies done. You can look them up. When you deny the realities of science and the world around you, and instead force yourself to believe silly things like the world is only six thousand years old and that snakes can talk, it affects your intelligence and IQ level. That’s whats wrong with Mississippi’s educational system. That’s why they’re behind. That is being willfully blind. You say you are concerned with the sick and the eating habits of the residents of Mississippi? Well guess what? That’s science. And when you start with the erroneous “scientific” idea that the earth is only six thousand years old, you won’t get any scientifically correct answers down the road. You can’t do advanced calculous if you think that 2+2= 32,000. That’s about the margin of error you’re starting with when you indoctrinate these kids with the teachings of the bible. There’s your problem. Science is your solution.


    1. The facts don’t support your opinion about religion making people stupid. When homeschooling parents were asked why they homeschool their kids, 64% said it was for religious reasons of wanting to be able to teach their kids morals (as stated in a recent Dept. of Education report that was highlighted in a Breitbart news article).

      Homeschooled kids tend to be given religious & moral instructions by their parents and you know what? They outperform their public school peers by large percentages as reported in the following article:

      So your opinion is uninformed and has no merit.


  3. Let me say, I am by no mean’s an Atheist. In fact, i’m a Christian myself. But I think you might have the question flipped. I think the real question is, “Do stupid people tend to be more liable to Religion.” Rather than, does Religion make people stupid.


  4. Anyone who lives with god, was stupid from the beginning. Badness (the devil) has been
    with us since the time of Adam and Eve and is reason for ALL sin on Earth. To H*** with
    imagination and symbolism and believe the FACTS (the Truth


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