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Bibles and crosses remain untouched in house fire

Several days before Christmas (the same day as the Newtown, CT shootings) the Burns family of Jenks, OK, lost everything when their house burned to the ground. Well, almost everything.

The fire department believes a gas leak started the fire. It ended up killing the family dog and destroyed most of their belongings, leaving everything in ashes. But as the contractor they hired to assess the damage was looking through the rubble he came across the family Bible, totally untouched by the flames and completely intact. The construction worker who found the Bible asked the Burnses if someone had placed the Bible there for them after the fire. But it turned out to be the family Bible they left in their burning house.

Then on top of that discovery, as they continued to rummage through the ruins, they discovered three other Bibles they owned that were surrounded by ashes but were also untouched by the flames. They also found crosses that they had hung on the wall that were unharmed.

The family believes it was a clear sign that God was looking out for them and they’re planning (with the help of family and friends) to rebuild on the same exact spot where their previous house once stood.

Source: Abbie Alford. Bible untouched in Jenks house fire. Fox23 News. January 21, 2013.

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