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Saudi cleric calls for the rape of Syrian girls, women

A popular Saudi Arabian cleric of the Wahhabi Muslims broadcast a religious command calling for jihadists fighting against President Bashar al-Assad in Syria to commit what amounts to rape. Muhammed al-Arifi told them they should take widowed or divorced women and girls who were at least 14 years old and put them in brief marriages lasting a few hours so they could have sexual intercourse.

Arifi said this would fulfill two purposes: (1) their sexual desires would be taken care of ; (2) it would help them to better concentrate and focus on taking out Assad’s regime.

And the push for a global caliphate marches on.

Source: Eretz Zen. Saudi Wahhabi Preacher Issues Fatwa Allowing Jihadis to Rape Syrian Women. Alex Jones’ Prison Planet. Prisonplanet.com. December 30, 2012.

Harry A. Gaylord


7 thoughts on “Saudi cleric calls for the rape of Syrian girls, women

  1. suadi arabia is the cradle of terrorism this country should be removed and destroyed physically and geographically than the world will live in peace and harmony .


  2. Speaking of rape and terrorism.

    The US navy ship was raping the world heritage site in the Phillipines last Thursday.

    This is an indirect act terrorism to mother nature.

    is this an act of hypocrisy and arrogance? Let the righteous judge will weigh.


  3. Of course it’s terrible and any sane person should be against the above article,but it’s the same thing your god of the Bible told the Israelites to do in Numbers 31:17-18.
    In Real Truth,
    Jay Osborne


    1. […it’s the same thing your god of the Bible told the Israelites]

      Jay, as usual you read into the scriptures what you as a God hater want to get out of it so you can attack it. Before there was Numbers 31, there was Numbers 25 where Israelite men were forbidden from being with Midianite women, whether they were virgins or not. Numbers 25 tells of Zimri and his Midianite wife who were killed for disobeying the command not to marry Midianite women. Rape was also forbidden in Deuteronomy 22:25-26. When the Israelites were told to take the virgins for themselves, there’s not even a hint of any rape. But you want to put rape in there simply so you can make an unfounded attack. It’s what liars such as yourself do quite often.

      You’re supposedly an atheist so why is it that you attack the Bible for what it doesn’t say, but overlook the fact that the atheistic Nazi & Communist soldiers of Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin all raped and murdered in their ungodly conquests? Atheists raped & killed more than even the ungodly Islamists in the 20th century.


  4. No Harry i don’t hate godi i .just know your Bible god is not a real god.I didn’t read a thing into Numbers 31:17-18 it plainly says “Keep all the women children that have not known man by lying (virgins)with him alive for yourselves”it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure the virgins were to be kept for sexual fun. … your god broke everyone of those 10 commandments himsef that he told them to keep .Your god if it were so raped Mary …He also was so selfish he took the marriage bed away from Josephus…Remember i was a christian for 32 years so i know what your Bible says much better than you do.
    You need to do a better study on Hitler,Hitler planed to set up 1000 years of peace based on the book of Revelation that is after he killed all those that opposed him.The Catholic church pope kept the murdering of millions of Jews quiet.hoping Hitler would be succesful and the catholic church would be a one world religion.Christianity (Roman church) raped and murdered millions during the Crusades and Inquisition,you like to gloss over that…
    You need a lot of study,research and investigation into your Bible and ancient history.
    In Real Truth,
    Jay Osborne


    1. Jay, here you go with your lies again. You truly show that you are of your father the devil for he was a liar from the beginning just like you. Like father, like son. There is no word in the passage in Numbers that even implies sex. You want it to say that so you can attack it just like your daddy Satan did when he twisted God’s word in the Garden of Eden.

      The rules of engagement were laid out from Leviticus to Joshua about how Israel should treat it’s enemies. They were forbidden from having sexual relations with enemies as I pointed out from Numbers 25. But they were allowed to use them as tributaries and servants. That is the context of their battles. So much for your so-called knowledge of the Bible.

      You never were a Christian. Those who went out from among us were never of us, according to one of John’s epistles. You’re the type of person as mentioned in Hebrews 6:4-8. You’re a Judas who stuck around for 32 years witnessing the power of God’s word, whose heart never changed but sprouted spiritual briers & thorns.

      Your accusations about God show that you love evil. God clearly stated that he was punishing the Canaanites, Hittites, and other tribes for alll their sins. And he listed all their sins in Leviticus Numbers & Deuteronomy including rape, male & female prostitution, bestiality, & a whole host of other sins. So the fact you claim he broke the commandments by punishing their evil says you have no problems w/ their evil.

      Again w/ your comment about Mary, you show you don’t know the Bible or what rape is. Rape is a sexual act. God never did anything sexual to Mary. He proved in Genesis that he doesn’t have sex to create life. And the Bible clearly states Mary consented & agreed to be impregnated with the Savior of the world. In Luke 1 she said to the angel “be it unto me according to thy word” when she got the news she would become pregnant. Furthermore, Joseph “knew” Mary his wife after Christ’s birth. They had normal sexual relations & other children. His name was Joseph, not Josephus who was a Jewish historian that came years later. You can’t even get names straight, let alone your biblical facts.

      Just like you, Roman Catholicism was never Christian. It’s paganism. If you were up on current events you’d know Pope Francis claims that even atheists such as yourself go to heaven if they do good deeds. The Bible says only Jesus-believers go to heaven. Roman Catholicism doesn’t agree with the Bible & that’s why they backed Hitler & started communism/socialism using Marx & Engels. They also support the atheist movement that you’re a part of, as proven by the pope’s recent comments. All of this is done because they hate the true Bible, the Jews, & the true Christians. So you have so much in common with them. That’s no surprise since you & the fake church have the same spiritual daddy–the prince of darkness.


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