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Facebook targeting users questioning Connecticut shooting accounts

Facebook is systematically going through posts looking for any accounts that question the official story given by the mainstream media & law enforcement officials concerning the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary. One Facebook user had his account suspended after his post was deleted that questioned how a 20-yr-old with Asperger’s could pull something off this big all by himself. Facebook informed him that he violated Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and warned him to back off the issue or his account would be permanently disabled.

The move by Facebook came after the spokesman for the Connecticut State Police warned that any misinformation spread via social media could lead to prosecution. The U.S. is clearly becoming more socialist each day. I guess the authorities don’t realize that it is American to not believe everything we’re told and to question it. That’s why we have a First Amendment, which could easily be shown to trump the spokesman’s threat in a court of law. And his threat along with Facebook’s actions only make people question the so-called facts even more.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson. Facebook Suspends Account For Questioning Official Narrative On Shooting. Infowars.com. December 18, 2012.


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