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Mega-mosques are taking Western society by storm

Jalalia Jame mosque, UKThis week on his blog, Erick Stakelbeck examines the push for Muslims to put up more large mosques in areas throughout the Western Hemisphere. Those who speak against it are labeled islamophobes and racists by the media, the governments, and Muslim activists, but when one considers that the Saudi government in partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood are behind the new mega-mosques, the cause for concern is valid.

Great Britain is the perfect example of what happens with an influx of Muslims that comes with a mosque. Islamists use religious freedom as a ruse to impose their geopolitical system known as sharia which then is used to violate freedom of speech rights and religious rights of non-Muslims. And the new world order is more than happy to bend over backwards to let them do it.

The video at this link by Stakelbeck is approximately 30 minutes:

Harry A. Gaylord


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