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Dr. Michael Youssef accuses the U.S. media of cowardice over Egypt

Michael_YoussefDr. Michael Youssef, the Egyptian American pastor & televangelist, is not very pleased with the coverage of what has been going on in his native country. The U.S. media has conveniently whitewashed the ultimate intentions of the Muslim Brotherhood who have been following their carefully laid plans all along to rise to power on the backs of those desiring real change in Egypt. Then once in power, they had always planned to do a bait and switch (baiting with democracy, switching to sharia) while duping the Obama administration into granting them their blessings.

Youssef said in his blog post today, “But Morsi is an Islamist, and the media fears the Islamists. And Morsi is President Obama’s ally, and the media loves the U.S. president. That leaves the protestors out in the cold with the TV cameras turned off. …

“The people of the West need to wake up from their slumber, follow the example of the Egyptian protestors, and rise up against the deliberate deception of the western media.”

That’s true. However, given the fact that the majority of the U.S. re-elected President Obama and appear to be content with what is going on in Washington, D.C., that may not happen any time soon.

Source: Michael Youssef. The Cowards and the Courageous. Michaelyoussef.com. Thursday, December 6, 2012.

Harry A. Gaylord


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