Many Christians are asking the “what just happened?” question after last night’s election results. Joel Rosenberg has presented some timely questions & commentary on where America goes from here.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

UPDATED AT 6PM EASTERN:Waking up the day after the 2012 elections, I had many questions on my mind. But none so pressing as this: Is the implosion of America more or less likely now?

I’ll share my thoughts on that in a moment.

First things first: Many Americans are stunned by President Obama’s reelection. Most prominent conservative analysts and pundits had definitively predicted Romney would win decisively. Several even predicted a landslide for Romney (most notably Dick Morris and George Will and Michael Barone.) Yet in the end, Mr. Obama won 50.3% of the popular vote and 303 electoral votes, while Mr. Romney won 48.1% of the popular vote and only 206 electoral votes.

Many evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics are stunned and grieving by the fact that the President’s support for abortion on demand, same-sex marriage, massive deficits and national debt, nationalized health care, and large defense cuts have been ratified by the majority of the American people, as has his policies of appeasing…

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  1. Thank you,Harry. I follow Joel’s blog and agree that not only America, but many nations are spiritually ‘asleep’…and a Third Great Awakening…is desperately needed…Only God can do it.


    1. Many nations are definitely asleep, Susan. I guess we should expect that since we live in the last days. The unfortunate thing is that many believers are asleep like that servant in one of Jesus’ parables who felt that since his lord delayed his return, it would be a great idea to be lazy.


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