Strategic socialism: true purpose of the welfare state

Although there are many individuals in places of power within the U.S. who claim that the record levels of people on the welfare rolls in America is due to the slow economy that is all Bush’s fault, the truth is that the swelling welfare state is a well-conceived plan that has been in the works for decades. American Marxists have just been waiting for the perfect opportunity and the perfect President to put their plan into effect in an economic environment that would give them the perfect plausible deniability.

Taking their ideas from European Marxists like André Gorz and American Marxists like Saul Alinsky, the American socialists came up with various ways to infuse their principles into the American capitalist system that would cause capitalism to cave in on itself. André Gorz came up with the idea of working within the system to bring about gradual reforms that outwardly appeared to be innocent changes that could change the course of capitalism to a downward trend. Saul Alinsky applied such principles to the concept of community organizing, using the funds from wealthy left-leaning charitable foundations to aggressively pressure politicians into pushing for legislation and regulations that could ultimately be used for spreading socialism.

Two of Alinsky’s disciples, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, members of the Socialist Scholars Conference, strategized that one of the best ways to get people to embrace socialism was to promote welfare to those having a hard time financially, which would serve to have a domino effect in a capitalist system. By encouraging as many people as possible to get on welfare while telling them that capitalism was to blame for their condition, eventually the vast number of people on the public dole would spark financial crises within the government, causing government entities to cave in on themselves. The resulting fall-out would be that capitalism would be seen as totally evil, which would then brainwash the masses into embracing socialism and making the changes necessary to include it as a regular part of American society.

Collapsing welfare would also have the added bonus of creating the perfect two-tier society desired for the New World Order. The wealthy leftists (who are also members of various secret societies kowtowing to the Vatican) would be on top ruling everyone else who would be their dependents, including the defunct middle class. Principles espoused by Alinsky, Cloward, and Piven encouraged their associates and followers to start organizations like ACORN, the Developing Communities Project in Chicago, and Project Vote in Chicago. Here’s the kicker. Our current President, Barack Obama, served as director of the Developing Communities Project from 1985-1988. He also served as director of Project Vote, who has had Frances Fox Piven serving on their board of directors. These organizations helped launch Obama’s political career.

One does not become the director of such organizations by going against the teachings or beliefs of those who help establish them. So our President, during his administration, has expanded the eligibility requirements for welfare and has given several states the right to re-define as “work” various things that aren’t work, which undermines President Clinton’s welfare-to-work reforms. The result has been that more people than ever before are now collecting welfare. Not only does this essentially buy votes for socialist-leaning Democrats, as many of the talking heads on TV point out, it also helps institute the socialist ideas President Barack Obama was groomed in. Among those ideas are that capitalism must be weakened in order to bring in more socialism and that the only good capitalists are the ones that help you reach your quasi-socialist goals.

Source: David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin. The New Leviathan: How the Left-Wing Money Machine Shapes American Politics and Threatens America’s Future. [New York: Crown Forum] pages 19-27.


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