Choosing US President may be a choice between 2 Freemasons

A White House photo circulating around the Internet for a while reveals what I’ve suspected but just recently found out. President Obama, like many US Presidents before him, is a Freemason. The photo shows him with various good luck talismans he often carries around with him. Among them is a Hindu god and a Freemason ring.

This really should be no surprise since U.S. Presidents have been elected in at least the modern and postmodern eras to move the world toward one world government and one world religion. And I don’t have any proof of this, but I suspect that Mitt Romney is probably also a Freemason. The founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, was a Master Mason of the 33rd degree and Mormon leaders since him have all encouraged leaders in the Mormon Church as well as prominent male members of that church to join the Freemasons as part of their tradition.

Regardless of their religious affiliations, I find it interesting that they all end up pointing us toward what was predicted in the Bible. The rulers of this world may be powerful, but Jehovah is much more powerful and he will get his way when all has been said and done.

…your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. Howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect: yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes of this world, that come to nought: 1 Corinthians 2:5-6


Michael. Obama’s Lucky Charms: A Hindu God In His Pocket, A Masonic Emblem, And A Ring That Says “There Is No God But Allah.” October 10, 2012.

Harry A. Gaylord

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  1. Hi Harry,

    I have done a lot of research on Obama, and he is not only a freemason, but was created and raised for the specific purpose he is now fulfilling in the White House. Just do a little digging and you can see everything in his life was arranged. He has belonged to the CIA his entire life, and most likely is programmed like so many others, I even will go so far as to say all others in high places of government at this point. There is good evidence that our last real president was JFK, although he too was put into office and was set to fulfill the NWO agenda, he didn’t stay with the plan and lost his life for it. If you listen to Dwight D Eisenhower’s last public address before leaving office, he warns America about The Military Industrial Complex and how it is set to infiltrate all government. Joseph Kennedy’s oldest son was the real manchurian candidate that had been groomed and programmed to take the presidency, but was killed in WWII so they put in Jack instead. There is no reason to believe Mitt Romney is any different. This manipulation has been going on for decades and decades at this point. Each being appointed to serve their specific part in the agenda.
    Have you seen the video on U tube of Bill Clinton getting his make up put on before a television appearance? He is clearly in a dissociative state, staring into space without even blinking once during the process. Another clip shows him acting like a small child asking about the different places they are going to film spots for on the campaign trail. Again, this is not the man we the public see. The depths that these Luciferian elite families have sunk into has no end. The more you dig, the deeper it goes Harry. It’s like layers of an onion going back to before our Union was even formed here. They breed and torture and program their own children for their evil purpose. No one seems to notice that they are all connected and related to each other. How and why do all these public figures and celebrities end up being related? Selective breeding within these elite families that is how. But America is blind to it because they keep us busy with all of their false information and hypnotic television, and every other thing they have put here to keep us fat, sick and stupid. The body of Christ needs to look to prophecy now for our guidance but sadly our churches are apostate and now serving the false Christ. So many good people are being fooled. I pray for this country everyday, and say a special prayer for those who manage to slip through the cracks and are working for the true God against their agenda. I know they must be out there, and they need our prayers. People can continue to believe that the democratic process is real and that our vote really matters, but sadly the evidence does not support that. I am looking to God now, trying to tell people to seek him and repent, live in his holy truth, and get into the Gospels. God Bless you and all Americans. We are going to be in more and more troubling times ahead, but as Jesus said these things must happen and we must remain faithful to him.


    1. Amen to everything you said. In the spiritual realm it’s all the working of satan & his fallen angels since they don’t know who the Antichrist will be so they have several individuals waiting in the wings just in case for each generation that comes and goes. God gave us a glimpse of how the kings of the earth have a habit of plotting together against the Lord in Psalm 2, Daniel, & of course Revelation. That’s part of the reason why the media wants us to be in love with the British royals & Hollywood, as you stated.


  2. I read your post and because you are a believer, i accepted it as fact. Then did some research and found that the answer to is Mitt Romney a Freemason was NO he is not, by several witnesses. I am not saying that it isn’t true, just that there is not enough factual evidence to warrant spreading this kind of thing around.
    If he is the man Yah chooses to put into office then Yah knows the beginning from the end, nothing hidden will stay hidden but be brought to light, and if Mitt has any agenda with the NWO against YHVH’s Kingdom, my prayer is that he will sincerely repent and make teshuvah immediately if not sooner. Bottom line is YHVH is in full control and can use any person or circumstance to bring about good even when intended for evil!

    This is not an attack on you or anyone who agrees with your article, Please don’t think or take it as such, just a reminder to not loose sight of His Principles and be sure we are not bearing false witness.

    While I appreciate being informed of things that may affect myself as well as other believers and non believers, and we should be Watchmen on the wall, Please be sure that you back up your articles with factual witnesses to what you are proclaiming. None of us who call ourselves by His Great Name YHVH should ever be found doing lashon hara (evil tongue) where others lives are concerned, and yes we all fall short of this even at times not realizing it. I have been guilty of forwarding you articles and from others to like minded believers and have had to do much repentance as well as apologizing in the past. Now, I am not suggesting that you did or do any of this with willful disregard or any such thing, Just a reminder to you, myself and others to be very careful what you pass along in e mail fwd’s as well as the things we say. May Yah Bless you and guide you in fulfilling His desire in your life and in all His children’s lives. With much love and Shalom in Him,
    I V Shalom


    1. Thanks I V for your comment.

      If you notice in my post, I did not say I had proof of Romney being a Mason. I even stated that I had no proof of it and that it was just a suspicion. And I never implied people should not vote in the election or that they should lose sleep over who is in the White House.

      My post was just to let people be aware of what goes on sometimes in the halls of power. The part about prominent Mormons being freemasons happens to be true. What Mormons teach is just as bad doctrinally as what our President promotes but God allows evil people to have power because that is what we as fallen humans push for. And as I said at the end of my post, God will have his way at the end of it all.


  3. One only has to look at the Mormon temples to know and understand they are masonic in nature. They wear their masonic aprons as undergarments. Being an informed watcher is not being judgmental, but is scriptural in my humble opinion. I agree whole heartedly that God is in charge, and I also believe God is leading me and guiding me every step of the way as I search for the truth of this world, and his truth in the Gospels. The simple fact is Mitt Romney would not even be in the position to run for the presidency if he didn’t have the backing of the Elite families and their corporate power that is running this world. Our Lord will let them have their way and we will be redeemed in the end.


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