Who did Cain marry?

That’s an ever-popular question from skeptics about the Bible. Many theories have swirled around the question, including theories that Adam and Eve may not have been the only couple created by God in the beginning to attacks on the idea of God allowing incest if Cain married his sister. The answer to the question with all of the ifs, ands, or buts that surround it have been thoughtfully answered by this video from Creation Ministries International and is one of the best explanations I’ve heard.

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  1. The question actually goes a lil deeper, because of the Theory That God created other people besides than Adam and Eve. And that the other created people is were Cain found is wife from. Now this theory is not held by as many theologians and apologist, but in my opinion has no glaring contradictions. Some consider this to be the Pre-Adamite Theory. Now this one would support Biological Science and to a certain degree would explain the gaps of why it appears we have two creation stories. This actually supports the Pre-Adamite Theory of a biological Eve or better know in science as Mitochondrial Eve. There appears to be no glaring biblical contradictions, and no biological contradication so it appears to solve the incest issue. People need to understand the Biological/Mitochondranial Eve theory does not say all humanity derived from one female, but that MOST of humanity derived from one female.



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