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Common tactics and goals of atheism

An atheist blogger recently wrote a piece over a discovery in Israel that is believed to portray Samson. He came to this conclusion about the archaeological find:

“One has to hand it to the researchers for attempting to historically prove (outside of the Bible) the legend of a murderous psychopath, whose power came from an even more murderous, psychopathic god no less. The Abrahamic tradition is quite rich with desperate attempts to lend historical credence to their outrageous fictional claims.”

Then, of course, he does not give any proof that the Bible is fiction. He just presumes, like many atheists, that we should just take him at his word that the Bible is fiction because atheists never lie (yeah, right). This is one of the many common tactics used by atheists that when given the proper scrutiny, does not hold up.

Sometimes when Christians engage atheists in debates and those atheists present their statements as fact or give opinions that sound logical, we make the mistake of assuming what the atheist said must be true. Making assumptions like that leaves one open to doubt God’s word. But did you know atheists make mistakes and intentionally mislead people? Take for instance Voltaire, the French philosopher of the 1700s, who atheists just love to quote. Voltaire once said, “Another century and there will not be a Bible on earth.” That was 300 years ago during the Age of Enlightenment, yet Voltaire wasn’t very enlightened seeing as he is the one who’s gone while the Bible is still going strong today. If atheists embrace such a man who made a false prophecy, why should we believe what is spoken by those who love him today?

To fend off the atheists’ arguments, it is crucial to remember Satan’s primary goal is to get us to doubt the Bible, God’s word, just as he caused doubts in the Garden of Eden because God’s word is a powerful weapon. It’s Satan and his evil angels who are the inspiration behind modern atheism. Remember “…the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ,” 2 Corinthians 10: 4-5. That is the promise we have from the God who has proven himself throughout history by many infallible proofs. Since atheistic arguments exalt themselves against the knowledge of God, they can be cast down.

It’s good for us to know some basic atheist tactics and goals to prepare ourselves in the war they rage against us. Here are a few:

Lie & deny. In July, Janet Parshall spoke with William Murray, son of the late atheist Madelyn Murray O’hair who is now a Christian. In that broadcast, Murray said his mom taught him growing up that it was okay to lie whenever a lie served to further their atheist cause. So never assume an atheist is truthful. When they claim “we can be good without God,” they just lied, so they’re not really good. When they deny that murderers like Mao Tsetung, Pol Pot, and Josef Stalin killed as a result of their atheism, this is one of their favorite lies.

Wherever Christians gather, invade their camp and attack. This is done because they want to weaken churches to the point of winning converts and to totally wipe Christianity from the earth. I prefer to call it the “misery loves company” tactic since atheists are really miserable inside. You will find atheists attending church and bombarding Christian websites with comments based on this mentality.

Pretend to be Christians. This is used to further the tactic mentioned above. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing who gather at Christian assemblies to learn the proper religious language and sometimes seek leadership roles. They pretend to be nice, sweet, and caring before they move in with the goal of causing divisions and doubts, like the claim that the Bible never speaks against homosexuality. Incidentally, new agers, witches, and freemasons use these same tactics. I’ll tell you why they are so similar in my next post. The gay rights movement, socialism, and atheism all go hand-in-hand when promoted in church and society.

Quote scripture out of context. Since most Christians are Biblically illiterate and atheists know this, they see misquoting the Bible as an easy way to dupe Christians into doubting because they think of themselves as superior to Christians in every way. This is why they say the Bible has contradictions and call God a “psychopathic” murderer. Additionally, Satan has blinded their minds to recognizing truth.

Rid the educational system and public forums of everything resembling the God of the Bible. This is done to convert young minds to their way of thinking so they can rid society of everything that places boundaries on what they desire to do. Christianity resists their sinful wishes so they want to kill it off.

Toss out all laws regarding sex and sexuality. This is what I learned from an atheist gay rights professor I had in college. He felt that everyone should be free to have sex with whatever and whoever they wanted, whether animal, child, married adult, or unmarried adult of either gender. On the one hand, he argued science and human advances did away with the need for religion, while on the other hand he wanted society to practice barbaric, debauched, corrupt ways of less advanced ancient civilizations. That’s what many atheists want and if they claim differently, refer to my first point above.

Misrepresent extra-biblical facts that prove the Bible true. There is a lot of scientific, historical, and spiritual proof (including miraculous healings and accounts like the book “Heaven is for Real”) that backs what the Bible says. When presented with the facts, atheists will argue against them and try to tear them down any way they can. Don’t let them get away with it. Stand firm on those facts because they have been verified by even non-Christian experts who are most likely more educated than the atheist. Therefore, their disputing such facts, if anything, shows they are full of themselves. If they are full of themselves, how can they really be good, like they say they are?

For more facts & information to disprove atheists, consult these resources:

Norman L. Geisler. Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics. (Grand Rapids, Michigan : Baker, 1999).

Norman L. Geisler, Frank Turek. I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist. (Wheaton, Illinois: Crossway, 2004).

Science compliments the Bible.

God’s time capsules: discoveries confirming his word.

Contradicting the Bible reveals astronomers’ weaknesses.


4 thoughts on “Common tactics and goals of atheism

    1. M. Rod, the body of evidence to the contrary is just too overwhelming to make a statement such as yours which is based on blind faith. And apparently Christians misquoting the scriptures isn’t enough for the atheist since it happens to be one of atheists’ favorite pastimes.


      1. So many fallacies..
        no atheist needs to prove the bible is fiction, the Bible destroys itself.
        You don’t need to take nobody’s words for it. You can do your own research.


      2. [no atheist needs to prove the bible is fiction, the Bible destroys itself.]

        Yet, atheists bend over backwards making every attempt to prove the Bible is fiction, even lying if they think it’s necessary.

        [You don’t need to take nobody’s words for it.]

        Nice double negative, which inadvertently proves the points I made in my post.

        [You can do your own research.]

        Hypocrisy. A large number of atheists don’t. They just find another ‘atheist’ who sounds good to them & just take their word for it without doing any research to weigh all sides. So many don’t know how to think for themselves & don’t really care to as long as they can dismiss the Bible so they can have their favorite sin, whether it’s gambling, porn, adultery, murder, homosexuality, stealing, or whatever.


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