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the victor’s advance

The Victor’s Advance

Saturated, bathed in brilliant light.
No fumbling or bumbling in the night.
Vision fixed, path made clear.
Ears perked, ready to hear.

Hear God’s words that stir my soul.
Glorify him, magnify him–ultimate goal.
Enemies upset ’cause they know the score.
Looking for ways to darken my door.

From darkness comes their missiles aflame,
Trying so hard to tarnish my name.
Fiery attacks shower, like hail on a roof,
But I wear God’s armor–it’s fireproof.

So fireproof, not even hell can prevail.
Their barrage of attacks? Epic fail.
On Christ’s path to riches untold.
Refusing to fall for the fool’s gold.

Genuine gold, that’s what I seek,
Blessing the righteous, those who are meek.
Devotion to Christ I cannot disguise,
As I press toward the mark of his magnificent prize.

Harry A. Gaylord


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