Indiana school choice scholarships a success

An Indiana scholarship program that provides low income parents with funds to send their child to the school of their choice has turned out to be a smashing success. In schools that are part of the program, 91% of the students passed language arts testing and 89% passed in the math portion of the test. The schools that participated outperformed schools opting out of the program. This past school year, 30 to 40 additional students entered the program and that number is expected to increase in coming years.

The numbers prove what school voucher advocates have said for years. When you give parents the choice of where they wish to send their children, they will choose what’s best for their children and their children will have a greatly improved academic experience.

Source: Roger Greer. School Choice a Success in Indiana. Family News in Focus. July 26, 2012.

Harry A. Gaylord

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