More green energy dollars lost without a trace

A green energy company, which shall remain nameless by the federal government, that received about $2 billion in stimulus money has lost $500,000 worth of equipment bought with some of the stimulus money. A Dept. of Energy Inspector General report released this week said it was not going to name the company, but that the company and the government have no idea where the equipment went to that was purchased with stimulus money. The equipment was supposed to be used for a “special alternative energy program,” but instead disappeared into thin air.

It just doesn’t add up that a government that is so intent on tracking the purchases of Americans over the Internet, that wants to spy on us from above with drones, and that wants to control our health care decisions with exorbitant taxation via the Affordable Health Care Act can’t keep track of weapons falling into the hands of the drug cartels and doesn’t know where billions of dollars have gone that were wasted on green energy pie-in-the-sky efforts. Something smells rotten and it isn’t in Denmark.

Source: More Taxpayer Dollars Lost In Green Energy Venture. July 18, 2012.

Harry A. Gaylord

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