In a laughable turn of ironic events that can only happen at the United Nations, the UN has selected Saudi Arabia to take the lead in their UN Centre for Counter Terrorism (UNCCT). The UNCCT was started in 2010 to push for a global effort in the war on terrorism. The agency was established based on “four pillars” stating its purpose. Its first pillar calls for the UNCCT to counteract conditions that foster terrorism. However, Saudi Arabia has been proven to be the main nation sponsoring terrorism worldwide by funneling funds to al-Qaeda, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and others, as was pointed out in documents from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that were leaked to Wikileaks.

Saudi Arabia also is a well known violator of human rights when the UNCCT has another pillar calling for the preservation of human rights. It sponsors an educational curriculum that teaches students to hate all other worldviews and religions besides Islam and sends Islamists to the West to teach those same views in mosques. Furthermore, they also foment hatred towards Israel and prepare Muslims under their influence to carry out jihad. To add insult to injury, Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation within the UN that has purposely caused a rift within a legal committee in the UN over what a working legal definition of “terrorism” is. Without a definition of terrorism, the UNCCT has no clear-cut way of knowing what it is combatting. Such is the nature of the UN. Those who hate human rights are given a lot of influence.

Read more here: Brooke Goldstein & Zack Kousnetz. Saudi Arabia to Lead UN Counter Terrorism Initiative. June 14, 2012.

Harry A. Gaylord