iPhone’s Siri banned from IBM’s employees over confidentiality

Siri, one of the latest popular features on Apple’s iPhone, seems like a real state-of-the-art way to use a smart phone. You give an iPhone voice commands to carry out various functions. IBM, a company known to embrace technological advances, is not too keen on the function. As a matter of fact, IBM has prohibited its employees from using Siri at all during work hours. They go so far as to turn off each employee’s Siri feature when they report to work and block Siri use from their networks.

Apple is one of IBM’s fiercest competitors, and their concern is something that Siri users tend to overlook. Whenever iPhone users speak to Siri, every command they speak is sent to Apple’s servers in Maiden, North Carolina. The commands are then converted into text and stored indefinitely in their databases. The purpose is to convert the command into an action that is quickly sent back to the iPhone to carry out what was commanded. However, Apple has set up few restrictions on what they do with the spoken, stored information. And that is what IBM questions.

An IBM employee could inadvertently give Apple information about the company via Siri that could be used to Apple’s advantage. So IBM figures it’s better to be safe than sorry concerning such matters and I don’t blame them.

Source: Daily Mail. IBM bans Siri over fears iPhone ‘personal assistant’ will send confidential data to Apple HQ. Daily Mail online. 26 May 2012.

–Harry A. Gaylord–

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  1. are people getting lazier by the minuet, wanting others to do everything at their command? or is is just my perception. I love to do things for people and share what bounties of Wisdom Yah has given me through His Living Word and through experience in life where His Holy Spirit has taught me and brought me through. I have learned to do things for myself which at times is not a good thing either. Balance is the Principle and hearing and obeying His Voice in whatever He speaks to us. I have even noticed that the men are very demanding, wanting others to wait on them hand and foot, and while they are to be the head of their home, under the headship of YHVH/Yahusha, they are not following the example of Jesus’s example who did not demand others to wash his feet, but was very encouraging and honored those who recognized Him for who He was. Am i wrong in my observation?


    1. I think as the human race we’ve been this way since the fall of Adam & Eve. When ancient civilizations conquered, they made their captives their servants or slaves to do whatever they commanded. Then when slavery became hated in the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution really took off with machines replacing slaves & those who had higher wages. And now, thanks to behavioral scientists who we call market researchers, companies figure out what pleases us and makes things convenient for us that we’ll buy into without much thought. Then those who are in power or lust for more power use those technologies to gather info about us for future use as they continue to push for global governance. Ironically, slavery (which we now call human trafficking) is now increasing again because our technological advances (transportation like jets and motor vehicles and internet porn) make it possible and promote it. Technology, although neutral, can be used for good or evil but since most of the world is evil, that’s what technology usually ends up being used for.


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