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The healing power of honey on infections

Honey has long been used in home remedies to combat colds and has been known for its antimicrobial abilities. The Bible tells how King Saul’s son Jonathan was feeling weak in the midst of battle so he ate some honeycomb and it gave him strength [1 Samuel 14]. Proverbs 16:24 also said honeycomb provides “health to the bones.”

Since doctors are finding it difficult to fight “superbugs” that are causing bacterial infections resistant to traditional antibiotics, researchers have been studying substances in nature to see if anything works and honey is now showing great promise. A group of researchers at Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK tested manuka honey from honeybees inhabiting manuka trees in New Zealand and Australia on bacteria in their lab.

When the honey was applied to various super bacteria, it killed 85% of them within a 2-hour period. Their findings showed that the honey prevented the bacteria from latching onto damaged cells in human skin that is necessary for bacteria to interact with in order to spread.

Once again, the Bible has shown itself amazing and advanced in the scientific knowledge it yields even though it is primarily a book centered on spiritual matters. It shows that God is concerned with the body, soul, and spirit of all of mankind.

Read more about these findings in this article from the Times of India.

–Harry A. Gaylord–



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