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Greek govt. calls pedophilia a disability

Greece’s government today released an expanded list of “disabilities” that are covered by their socialist-leaning healthcare system, giving these people added benefits like financial assistance under the law. The new disabilities include pedophilia, exhibitionism, kleptomania, fetishism, pyromania, and sadomasochism.

The move angered groups giving support to those with real disabilities. They argue that pedophiles will now get higher disability payments from the government than a person who has an organ transplant.

It seems that Greece has returned to the immoral roots of Ancient Greece where corruption ruled the day. Now that Greece has made this move, it will be no surprise if they will serve as the test market for the rest of Europe, who will probably adopt the same or similar lists of disabilities down the road. Isn’t it rather ironic that with the Greek government already in dire straits financially that they would make these changes that will lead to more government spending? I believe this points out how the financial crisis is purposely orchestrated to oppress people for the sake of the people in power and to spread socialism with blatant disregard for the well-being of others.

15He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD. Proverbs 17

Source: Associated Press. Pedophilia Added To Greece’s Recognized Disability List. January 9, 2012.

–Harry A. Gaylord–


2 thoughts on “Greek govt. calls pedophilia a disability

  1. Greece’s action is nothing short of criminal. Pedophiles are NOT people with a ‘disability’. Pedophiles ARE dangerous sexual predators! Task forces and special policing forces exist to arrest these criminals, and they face a daunting task. Sexual abuse of children is a growing crime around the world. It involves clandestine criminal activity at its most insidious – on the internet and throughout all levels of society. Sexual abuse of children can not only destroy the futue of many children by the damaging impacts it leaves on their lives, it can also lead to murder. Many unsolved crimes related to the disappearance of children may also be traced to pedophile crimes.

    Greece’s decision is insane. It is akin to putting their nation’s children and the rest of the world’s children in so much jeopardy, the devastating outcome would make their 2011 ‘Code Red’ economic collapse seem minor by comparison.

    Children ARE and ALWAYS WILL BE the helpless victims of pedophiles. We need to protect children, not protect the perpetrators of pedophile crimes! Research indicates pedophiles cannot be ‘rehabilitated’. And what exactly does Greece – a ‘bailed out’ Euro zone country – propose to do to finance their plan? Will they demand that their cash-strapped citizens must pay twice for the crime of pedophilia? First – to cover the initial ‘disability’ costs, and then again or more likely again and again – for the legal costs of pedophile crimes? Pedophile crimes are recidivist by nature of the crime. Will this ‘disability’ put pedophiles at an advantage of feeling ‘off the hook’ and out of public scrutiny while they are being paid to ‘learn to live’ with their ‘disability’? And as a repeat offense crime, what’s to stop pedophiles from perpetrating more crimes…while they’re being paid to ‘stay well’?

    Greece’s plans of this issue need to be called to account by global crime watchdogs, child protection organizations, and governments. Greece’s plan to call pedophilia a ‘disability’ is a deadly threat to the world’s children.

    It is time to protect children from pedophiles, NOT the other way around.

    In 2011, I published a novel (based on a true story) about the crime of pedophilia, entitled ‘Never Walk in Darkness’ written under my Author’s pen name, Davayda Daniels. The book reveals the dark, dark world of pedophilia, and how easily this criminal activity is allowed to escape public attention, and to get swept under the carpet at the grave expense of the victims of pedophiles.

    I urge everyone reading this to take whatever possible to be informed on pedophlia – and to get connected with federal/state, and other authorities and agencies working to support child protection.

    “For all must one day give an account before God…” (Romans 14:12, Matthew 12:36)


    1. You said it Susan. This will have a global ripple affect especially with regard to increasing human trafficking, not to mention the fact that sexually abused children sometimes learn to become criminals themselves. This is what happens when societies embrace atheism & evolution, then abortion. It all leads to the devaluing of human life & human rights.


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