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Israel’s blessings abound in the form of shale oil

Since the time of the Egyptian uprisings a year ago, oil pipelines from Egypt to Israel have been sabotaged several times, proving how volatile Egypt/Israel relations have become in the wake of the Muslim Brotherhood’s lust for power over the Arab/Muslim masses. When you add to that the new wave of anti-Israel sentiments rising throughout Europe, the continued anti-Israel policies of the UN, and a wishy-washy administration in Washington DC, it can easily be seen how the world is turning against Israel, just like Biblical prophecy says.

However, the world turning against Israel just opens up another opportunity for God to reveal how he is the one who will look out for Israel when no one else will. Although Israel has a whole plethora of energy sources within its boundaries, it has still depended on foreign oil, but that day may soon be over. In the past few years, geologists have found huge amounts of shale oil off Israel’s coast and underneath its land. A large shale deposit has been found 400 feet below the surface of the valley where David killed Goliath. It has the potential of producing more oil than Saudi Arabia, which will make Israel totally self-sufficient.

The company Israel Energy Initiatives has devised a way to use fracking in an environmentally safe way to extract the oil. The method uses horizontal drilling as opposed to the more controversial vertical drilling, which keeps the disruption of the surface layer to a minimum.  The whole process of tapping into the vast resource promises to revolutionize Israel’s influence in the Middle East and around the world. It can become an oil export powerhouse that could make even Saudi Arabia envious. Relik Shafir, the president of Israel Energy Initiatives, believes that “[i]t’s an amazing discovery because it means technology-wise a Western country is able to develop means to extract oil from unknown before resources and free itself from the strangle of unfriendly countries.”

So as the world turns against God’s chosen people to try to hurt them, Jehovah has counteracted their moves with this natural blessing. But it’s not because Israelis are all good people. It’s because God made a promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that he would always look out for their descendants and that he would always have a remnant within Israel who would believe in him. Most Israelis aren’t saved, but for the sake of the few that are, God is showing himself faithful to his covenant with the patriarchs. And if he can do this for Israel, then surely he will do such wonders for us Gentile believers. That’s why I praise him.

Source: Chris Mitchell. Shale Oil Could Make Israel an Energy Player. CBN News. Thursday, January 05, 2012.

–Harry A. Gaylord–


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