I have done posts in the past about the false teachings of Buddhism and got responses that Buddhists only seek peace and are kind to others, even if the religion of others is different from theirs. But they pretend as if Buddhists never persecute others when in fact they do persecute people of other religions.

The Canadian arm of Voice of the Martyrs recently reported that villagers in Nepal, which has a strong population of Buddhists, recently made false accusations against a Christian pastor and his group of Christians claiming they had brought into their village a foreign religion that teaches beliefs that offended them. They then gathered a mob to evict all Christians from their village. False claims were also made that the Christians were converting people by coercion and bribes, a typical claim used by false witnesses against Christians.

To add insult to injury, it was also discovered recently that a six-year-old girl from one of these Christian families was sexually abused by a man who was part of the mob of Buddhists that led the charge for expelling the Christians. Workers for Voice of the Martyrs aided the persecuted Christians in finding a new place to settle and prayed with them, praying a special prayer for the little girl and her family in dealing with the sexual abuse.

Nepal has a history of Christian persecution and is in the process of forming a new constitution while grappling with whether or not to include anti-conversion laws. No anti-conversion laws are presently in place.


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posted by Harry A. Gaylord