Russian voters give Putin a rude awakening

Russian voters went to the polls today in Parliamentary elections and gave Vladimir Putin the message that they weren't too pleased with him. His ruling party, United Russia, reportedly did not even get 50% of the votes in early results from the polls whereas four years ago they received 64%. Voters expressed displeasure at the... Continue Reading →

Research shows atheist scientists attend religious services

It is often assumed that atheists have no interest whatsoever in participating in any religious practice, but a recent study conducted by Rice University in partnership with the University at Buffalo-SUNY indicates the opposite is true. According to the study, 17% of atheist scientists with kids and 10% of atheist scientists without kids attend some... Continue Reading →

Arab Spring or sharia spark?

In the early days of the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East, the Western Hemisphere was so excited that FINALLY democracy was making its way into the Islamic world. However, lurking in the shadows was the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization. Yet, the Western media kept telling us the Muslim Brotherhood were moderate... Continue Reading →

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