Parliament of Ghana tells gay rights to take a hike

In spite of several initiatives to draft gay rights legislation in the Parliament of the African nation of Ghana, parliamentarians have unanimously decided that they will toss out any bill attempting to promote gay rights. Several legislators came together this past Sunday with Christian church leaders for a prayer meeting to pray for the citizens of Ghana, government leaders, for peace to prevail in Ghana, and for God’s protective hand over the nation as Ghana gets set for major elections in 2012.

One speaker at the meeting, Justice K. Bentil, stated that “The hope of Ghana is the church. If the nation will succeed, it depends on the church.” One member of Parliament, Majority Chief Whip Gershon Gbediame asked Ghanaians to stand firm with the government to resist attempted measures to push gay rights so the nation as a whole could avoid God’s wrath in promoting such a sin.

In the wake of President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron of the UK threatening to cut off foreign aid for all nations that do not stand for gay rights, Mr. Gbediame stated, “If it means taking their [Ghanaians’] money away, fine enough; we cherish the love of God, the blessings of God upon this land rather than depending on a person’s benevolence.”

Amen, Mr. Gbediame. Amen!

Source: Isaac Essel. To ‘hell’ with gay aid; Parliament resolute against gay rights. December 15, 2011.

posted by Harry A. Gaylord

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