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Ethiopia’s Ark of the Covenant to be moved soon

Aksum, Ethiopia claims to be the home of the Ark of the Covenant mentioned in the Bible. It is housed in a small chapel called the Chapel of the Tablet. The chapel, designed by the late Emperor Hailie Selassie, has sprung a leak in its roof and the water damage makes it necessary to move the Ark to a new home.

Legend says that Menelik I took the Ark to Ethiopia with the blessing of his father, King Solomon of Israel and a replica was left at the temple in Jerusalem. However, scripture does not support the idea that Menelik I was the son of King Solomon and the Levites, assigned as stewards of the temple treasures, would never allow the Ark out of their sight at the time Solomon reigned, not to mention the fact Solomon himself would never allow such a thing.

The Ethiopian Ark, which I’m pretty sure is simply a replica of the original, will be moved to a new temporary building while the Chapel of the Tablet is repaired. It has been housed in the Chapel since 1960 after having been previously kept in the St. Mary of Zion Church a few yards away. If the Ark had been in existence after the Babylonian captivity, it would have been in the second temple in Jerusalem once the returning Israelites completed that second temple, but the Ark never was there, according to the scriptures. The Ethiopians’ claim that they have the true Ark is simply not true.

Source: Rick Dewsbury. Ark of Covenant to be revealed after leaking roof in Ethiopian chapel. Daily Mail-UK. Monday, December 5, 2011.

posted by Harry A. Gaylord


4 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s Ark of the Covenant to be moved soon

  1. I do not understand the fascination with finding the original Ark. Surely following the build instructions in the OT is message enough. If you want to know how to use it read the manual. The Ark of the Covenant Operations Manual shows how to make an Ark and perform the miracles of the Old Testament. No incomplete theories or appeals to the supernatural, just simple techniques that you can try at home. It will also help in your understanding of all those mysterious Egyptian and Peruvian shrines. Pay as much or as little as you want at


    1. Sunsects, the only manual really needed is the Bible. But the ark of the covenant is not necessary for worshiping the one true God. We must worship him in spirit & in truth. The ark was simply a figure, or physical representation, of what goes on spiritually in heaven.


  2. The Bible is where the instructions for the manual come from, so I guess you are right. What goes on in the heavens is the sun gets hot, you are right again the Ark gets physically hot as well. Pretty useful device if you have thousands of people needing to survive the desert years.


  3. After watching a series on YouTube taken from the ‘digging for the truth series from the history channel on the Ark of the Covenant, I am thoroughly convinced the the original Ark is indeed in Aksum, Ethiopia. There are many, many proofs of this. Not just “somebody” who claimed to see the ark, and somehow lost it again.
    For instance, the Ethiopians have documented the travels of the ark from Jerusalem to Aksum with precision and accuracy. Besides, why would countless priests give their lives, and sacrifice everything just to guard it over the millennia if it wasn’t the real deal?
    consider the “keeper of the ark”, the ‘atang’ HAS to be a Levite, and has to stay in a guarded compound, and cannot leave until they die. So many of these men have literally given their lives to guard this relic, dating back thousands of years. What’s more! they also have the archaeological evidence to prove it.


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