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Arab Spring or sharia spark?

In the early days of the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East, the Western Hemisphere was so excited that FINALLY democracy was making its way into the Islamic world. However, lurking in the shadows was the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization. Yet, the Western media kept telling us the Muslim Brotherhood were moderate Muslims and surely would not do things to turn the rest of the world against them.

Then came the elections in Tunisia where the Ennahda Party won. They were called moderate and promised a secular society until the secretary general of that party, Hamadi Jbeli, recently spoke publicly about his wishes for a caliphate, which is an Islamic state that institutes sharia as was done in the Ottoman Empire of Turkey.

Now comes word that Egypt’s early election results show that parties favoring sharia and with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood are making up the majority of those being elected to Egypt’s Parliament. Meanwhile, after recent reports in the news that Christian refugees fleeing persecution from the Islamic world are reviving churches in America, comes word this week that the U.N., who determines which individuals can seek refugee status to be allowed into the U.S., are now denying Christian refugees and are favoring Muslim refugees for admittance to the U.S. The U.N., given its history, tends to favor Islamists, including the Muslim Brotherhood, in its ever-increasing bid toward global governance.

The so-called Arab Spring for democracy is really mob rule favoring a sharia spark being set off in a powder keg. And Christians will take the brunt of the explosion.

The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted. Psalm 12:8

posted by Harry A. Gaylord


One thought on “Arab Spring or sharia spark?

  1. Excellent analysis, Harry. Thank you …You may want to check out a message given by Joel C. Rosenberg (video link) which I posted yesterday. Joel speaks in detail of the ‘Spring’ situation in a message he shared recently at Harvest Church, California. Joel speaks of the days we live in as ‘not ordinary times’…Joel points out that events happening now are part of a profoundly divine ‘weather report’ mentioned clearly in the Bible, from O.T. to Revelation…


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