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Colleges are shunning Christian groups

I previously shared on my Facebook site for this blog and in a post in October how Vanderbilt University was giving some Christian student organizations a hard time for not complying with their all-inclusive policies stating that those organizations cannot force its leaders to practice the beliefs of the group. Well, the problem is happening on other campuses nationwide, not just at Vanderbilt.

According to David Cortman of the Alliance Defense Fund, there are dozens of incidences across the country where Christian student organizations such as InterVarsity are being discriminated against by being accused of discrimination by college administrators. Two such cases are in California. One has already been decided by the U.S.  Supreme Court in the case of CLX v. Martinez. The court decided that institutions of higher learning (in this case Hastings Law School) could force student organizations (like the Christian Legal Society at Hastings) to get rid of all restrictions regarding who could be members.

The other California case, ADX v. Reed, was decided by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which decided that the California State University system could stop restrictions on membership even if those restrictions included religious beliefs. The case may come before the U.S. Supreme Court in the future.

So why are Christian groups being targeted? I wrote a post in June forewarning that this day would come. You see, President Obama began an initiative called the Interfaith and Community Service Challenge to promote “religious tolerance” on college campuses. In my post covering this program I predicted that his initiative would be used against Christian groups on campus who claim Jesus is the only way to God and to discourage proselytizing with evangelicals being targeted for being restrictive. Now, would you be surprised if I told you that Vanderbilt University, Hastings Law School, and California State University, in addition to the other universities where such incidences are occurring, are all part of President Obama’s Interfaith and Community Service Challenge?

Source: Baptist Press. Christian groups having tough time on college campuses. Monday, November 28, 2011.

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2 thoughts on “Colleges are shunning Christian groups

  1. Dear Sir,

    My daughter, who was raised in a Christian home, has left and turned to the Hindu faith. I went on line to research this religion and found you. I was blown away with how you handled each question with truth. You have strengthen my own faith. Thank you for your loyalty to our Lord Jesus Christ and speaking the truth in love and teaching me how to do the same thing.


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