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News Corp acquires #1 U.S. Christian publisher

A change may be coming to Christian literature in the near future. News Corp, the empire of New World Order magnate Rupert Murdoch, has bought Thomas Nelson, the top Christian publisher in the U.S. Thomas Nelson was acquired through News Corp subsidiary HarperCollins. Incidentally, News Corp also owns Zondervan, the second largest Christian publisher in the U.S.

Religion is big business and one of the world’s richest men wants a piece of the pie. While other types of print books are starting to fade in the publishing markets, sales of religious books and Bibles have continued to show an uptick. Although Rupert Murdoch has a reputation of allowing his subsidiaries to run their business models as they see fit, I expect that Thomas Nelson and Zondervan in the future will draw further away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ to present a false Christ to the masses in order to brainwash the spiritually ignorant toward the false religion spoken of in the book of Revelation.


David Gelles. News Corp Takes a Bet on Christian Literature. Financial Times. October 31, 2011.

posted by Harry A. Gaylord


One thought on “News Corp acquires #1 U.S. Christian publisher

  1. The cultural drift is now quite visible. Check out the ownership structure of Klove as well. This is not wanting share of profits. They are aligned with the New World Order and Fed Reserve. Money is free to them, they just print it and hand it to their friends to achieve their agenda. So the agenda is to muddy the message of Christianity to prepare the way for the one world religion. Recall Jesus warning regarding the falling away. To have a durable faith in these dark times requires discernment and a worldview that is contra mundum. Christendom has been hijacked and is quickly becoming apostate. Come out of her my people…


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