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Hackers claim German govt. created spy Trojan

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC), an organization of German hackers, has discovered what they claim is a spy Trojan created by the German government. The Trojan has been released over the internet and according to the CCC the functionality of the malware is available for anyone’s use because of its design flaws.

The German government has made it legal to wiretap Internet-based communications as long as the wiretaps are confined to observing and intercepting the communications. However, the CCC downloaded the program, reverse-engineered it, and discovered that the program goes way beyond the confines of the law.

Their analysis shows the malware also works as a backdoor to upload and run other programs remotely on an infected device. It can, for example, turn on a computer’s microphone and camera to spy on the room where the infected computer is located.

For more information on their discoveries, you can read the English version of their report here. The German government had not released an official response at the time it was reported by Ed Bott of ZDNet.com.

So what are possible repercussions of this Trojan? Let’s say a government entity or private citizen or an organization doesn’t like the views of a website. They can use this Trojan to target the computer of the webmaster of the website to attack them, spy on them and release their private info over the Internet, or frame them for a crime by uploading illegal documents onto their hard drive.

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–


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