Censorship of Christians even on “Christian” sites

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) released a report today which shows proof that social websites are censoring Christian conservative speech. The study found that any speech critical of the gay rights agenda is being stripped from Facebook, MySpace, Google, and Apple, according to Craig Parshall of the NRB. I know this to be true from personal experience.

However accurate the study is, they didn’t mention that even websites that are supposed to be Christian are also censoring Christian conservative speech. For instance, the Christian Post regularly drops comments of Christians who speak out against Obama’s policies or gay rights or Darwinism. How do I know? Because they’ve done it to me several times. The Christian Post uses Facebook for its comments. I have left reasoned, factual arguments highlighting the weaknesses of Darwinism, the harmful effects of the homosexual lifestyle, and the bad socialist policies of the Obama administration. All of them were sound and effective arguments against the barrage of comments left by atheists or gay rights activists and all of them were deleted.

In one comment I left, I replied to two gay rights activists who made comments stating that our Democracy was now owned by the gay rights movement and Christians should no longer be part of the conversation or in the public arena. My reply basically stated that they were proof of the ultimate goal of the gay rights movement, which is to violate the Constitutional right to free speech of Christians. I went on to state that Christians have always been part of the public forum in the U.S. going all the way back to when we were British colonies and the Constitution was applicable to everyone, including Christians who disagree with the gay rights movement.

So after noticing that my comments were deleted, I sent an email to the editorial staff of the Christian Post and never received a response. So the only logical conclusion I can reach is that the Christian Post and other so-called Christian websites who do the same are complicit in trying to silence many Christians who can give a reasoned factual refutation of ungodly worldviews.  They gladly accept comments of those who give Christian opinions based on “feelings” and comments that can easily be torn down by those opposed to Christians. So I’ve found the Christian Post to be disingenuous at best.

The NRB’s study found that Twitter was the only site to allow genuine free speech to all views, including Christians.

Source: Paul Strand, NRB Study: Social Sites Censoring Christians, CBN.com, Friday, September 16, 2011

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–

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  1. Powerful article, Harry. Thanks for this insightful information, and how frightening to hear of so-called ‘Christian’ organizations silencing the voice of truth. I have passed this on to some pastors. We need to be aware of what is taking place. I am reminded of what the Lord says in Revelation: (…speaking to the church in Philadelphia…) “I will force those who are supporting satan’s cause, while claiming to be mine, but they aren’t, they are lying, to fall before you and acknowledge that you are the ones I love, because you have patiently obeyed me despite the persecution…Therefore I will rescue you out of and protect you from the time of Great Tribulation which will come (has come?) upon the whole world to test everyone alive…” (Revelation 3: 9, 10)(TLB)


  2. I wish I had found this article a week ago.

    I accidently stumbled upon “ChristianPost.com” while looking for a story on an Atheist billboard going up in San Diego. I always look for the other side of any argument so I read the article. The article wasn’t that well written, but the dialog that was being hosted seemed (initially) thoughtful, honest, and engaging.

    I signed up for an account and entered the dialog. It was interesting and nothing I was posting was either rude, lewd or filled with expletives. There were atheists, deists, and theists on those posts that were sharing, answering and questioning each other. Yes a few atheists were out of control just as were a few of the self-claiming Christians.

    I will be the first to admit that religion is a hot topic and some of the positions can cause not only heat but light. I then noticed something I had not considered ever doing. Abusing the “I’m insulted button” (in this case the actual button is called “Report Abuse”). It seems that the third choice given was the choice most taken. There is a “Agree” button. Then there is “Disagree” button. And then, last but not least, the “Report Abuse” button.

    It seems that anyone and everyone has the power to push this button willy-nilly; especially if they simply “disagree” with the comment being posted. This began happening to my comments. As of this writing my comments were still up for all to see. I was using “Rubten” as my handle on that site in case anyone wants to see for themselves. Someone was hitting the “Report Abuse” on all of my comments. This is what I can only assume led to my account being blocked and to my banishment from this site.

    To be fair, I noticed that some fellow Christians were doing the same to members of their own team. Christians battling Christians over who was MORE Christian…who has the STRONGER faith, etc… Then, just before I got kicked off/out, the “Report Abuse” button had been commented on my Christians and non-Christians. Those specific comments mentioning or question why their comments were abusive were deleted. Then that of course would cause the poster to write a new comment on why that last comment was deleted…

    Censorship goes both ways on ChristianPost.com. They don’t want there to be a dialog between the non-religious and religious or the Christians and themselves.

    I am glad that you have stood up and mentioned this. I believe we live in a country where freedom of speech is still an actual freedom. When I see something like this occur (on both sides of the coin) it reminds me of why I even bother.

    I will always fight for YOUR right to state your positions and I would hope that you value your freedom as much to do the same for me.

    Thank you kindly for your post.


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