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How atheists & Darwinists are like flat earthers & inquisitors

“You’re such a flat earther!” That is the false accusation often leveled against Christians who don’t buy into the scientific theories and myths espoused by atheists and Darwinists. But did you know atheists and Darwinists have more in common with flat earthers and inquisitors of old? It is Christians who are more aligned with true science. Let’s weigh the evidence–

Misinterpretation of scripture: Flat earthers (who were in the minority in the early Christian church and were rejected by Christian leaders) and inquisitors misintrepeted scripture to push their views,  as atheists and Darwinists do. 1 Samuel 2:8 talks about the “pillars of the Earth” so flat earthers have said this prove them correct.

During the Inquisition of Galileo, the inquisitors used Psalm 104:5 to argue the Earth doesn’t move and is not heliocentric (revolving around the sun) as Galileo claimed. Atheists and Darwinists use such scriptures to say the Bible is unscientific and wrong, when the Bible is overwhelmingly accurate in its science.

Ignoring scientific data: Greek philosophers going back to the 6th century BC spread the idea of a spherical Earth throughout the world and gave proof of it, including the shape of the Earth’s shadow on the moon during lunar eclipses, but flat earthers held to their views and still do today. Galileo used telescopes to show scientific evidence of how the Earth and planets moved around the sun, but the inquisitors weren’t interested. Atheists and Darwinists have a wealth of scientific and historical evidence available to prove the Bible is true and that God exists from the second law of thermodynamics to the proof of a worldwide flood to the fossil record showing all life on Earth appeared suddenly in the same forms they always had, without any transitions (i.e. no macroevolution), but they choose to ignore the obvious.

Darwinists have claimed whales and sea cows evolved from four-legged land mammals into the forms they have now to be better suited for their marine environments. “There are no hind legs–legs would get in the way and produce friction. In large whales the hind legs have not been completely lost–a single bone of the back leg is still present. …Things similar to a dog investigated the sea a bit more, and eventually made the transition into whales.” [Simon Morris. Royal Institute Christmas lectures. BBC broadcast. 1996.]. David Attenborough once said, “…forelimbs have become paddles. The rear limbs have been lost altogether, though there are a few small bones buried deep in the whale’s body to prove that the whale’s ancestors really did, at one time, have back legs.” [David Attenborough. Life on Earth. Collins/BBC. 1979. p. 242.]

Dinosaurs like ichthyosaurus, plesiosaurus, and liopleurodon had back limbs in the form of pectoral and pelvic paddles and survived quite efficiently in their marine environments according to fossil records. So friction was obviously not a problem as Prof. Morris claims. Loss of limbs is unnecessary to survive in marine environments and this is proven by beavers, polar bears, crocodiles, alligators, hippopotamuses, sea otters, and other animals that have four limbs and survive quite well in marine environments. So their theories are fairy tales that don’t prove why whales and dolphins have the bodies they have.

Clinging to man-made traditions/philosophies: Since heliocentrism was not the accepted thinking of their day and did not fit within the confines of their traditions and would highlight their own errors, the Roman Catholic leaders in charge of the Inquisitions rejected the findings of Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo, and Johannes Kepler’s theories about the moon causing Earth’s tides and that the planets had elliptical orbits around the sun.

Since atheists and Darwinists are rooted in the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, Immanuel Kant, and Erasmus Darwin (Charles’ grandfather), they are unwilling to consider the notion that the explanations for why things have been the way they are on Earth find their answers beyond man’s ancient traditions. Furthermore, they are quite comfortable with accepting and participating in the sins that the majority of humans take part in  (which are so much fun to them) and don’t want to be faced with the idea they are on the wrong track, which would force them to ponder the possibility that they need to change. Basically, their stubborn pride gets in the way.

Humanism: Modern flat earthers feel the need “to restore man’s confidence in the validity of his own perceptions”. They believe those who don’t agree with them are acting on blind faith and “reject the evidence of their own senses.” In other words, what man thinks and senses is the measure of what is true. Johannes Kepler was excommunicated from the Catholic Church after inquisitors discovered he did not believe that priests had the power to turn the bread and wine of the communion (eucharist) into the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ, or transubstantiation.

Since Christians believe in the Almighty as being more intelligent and more powerful and more creative than humankind, atheists and Darwinists reject, ridicule, and condemn Christians and the Bible. They accuse us of having blind faith when, in fact, our faith is based on the God who has a proven track record of doing what he says he will do and making accurate predictions that eventually come true. For instance, Jesus said in Matthew 24:7 that there would be an increase in wars, earthquakes, famines, and diseases before his return and recent history proves him right. The book of Revelation, written after Israel was destroyed by the Romans, predicted Israel would be a nation again and that the world at that time would move toward a one world government and that’s exactly what we see today.

Calling for rejection of proven truth: Not only did the inquisitors ignore the proven findings of Galileo, Kepler, and others, they forced Galileo to “‘abjure, curse and detest’ those opinions” which were not in keeping with their own opinions. Why? Allowing the acceptance of the truth would’ve threatened the power of the leaders in the Roman Catholic Church over the people.

In the same manner, atheists and Darwinists continue to try to convince Christians and society to reject what we Christians know to be true since our beliefs are not in line with their opinions. Why? The power they have in society would be threatened. They enjoy getting funds for their research even when their research is questionable, but they definitely want to avoid having a level playing field with creationists since that could mean they would lose millions of dollars.

Keeping the opposition out of the public forum: Galileo’s inquisitors censored and banned his writings after they threw him in prison for a short time then placed him under house arrest for the remainder of his life. When Kepler published his Epitome of Copernican Astronomy in 1618, it was immediately banned by the Inquisition and hampered his ability to make money from his works and for his scientific findings to circulate. Prior to that he lived for a short time in Italy, but quickly discovered his freedom of speech was jeopardized by inquisitors so he moved to Germany.

Today we are witnessing how atheists and Darwinists are trying with all their might to keep Christianity and Biblical truth out of the public forum. Christians believe in freedom of speech and are not hampering the ability of their opposition to express themselves but we are not shown the same courtesy. Atheists and Darwinists don’t care about the rights of those who don’t agree with them and tend to work underhandedly to silence Christians and the Bible altogether, just like their counterparts–the inquisitors of previous centuries. When they accuse us of being flat earthers or being like the Inquisition or having blind faith, the truth is that they are projecting onto Christians what they themselves are.


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–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–


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