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Irony in the obelisk

Is God upset with what’s going on in Washington, DC? I believe he is. That’s why the earthquake hit the east coast, in my opinion. And now a symbol of America is closed because of damage caused by the earthquake that sent people fleeing from U.S. government buildings in DC yesterday.

I’m glad no one was hurt, but I find it amusing that the Washington Monument now has a crack in it and will stay closed until further notice. The Washington Monument is America’s most prominent Masonic symbol. In case you may not be aware, obelisks such as the Washington Monument are the Freemasons’ symbol of the male member. The ring at the bottom of the monument is symbolic of the female member. So the monument as a whole symbolizes the power that Freemasons believe is given spiritually to Masons via sexual intercourse, whether in or out of marriage.

The earthquake was God’s way of sending a message that his power dwarfs the power that any man thinks he has through ungodly policies he promotes, or through the monuments he builds in honor of humans, or through pagan rituals. The crack in the obelisk is another of God’s warning shots to the U.S. telling us that he has power to make things worse and shake us to our foundations if we don’t change our wicked ways as a nation. God is longsuffering and patient, but his patience has its limits and it can eventually run out as he has shown countless times in human history.

Will anything change in DC? Probably not. When you have leaders who are puffed up with pride and are stiffnecked, more often than not only a traumatic event can humble them. And a lot of times even a traumatic event won’t work.

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–


14 thoughts on “Irony in the obelisk

  1. I love it!! Great article and my household and I completely agree. We were just talking about this tonight. We are praying people will wake up for their own sake. However – the same people keep giving credit to a god named mother nature, who only exists in the minds of men and women who may not know the real Elohim, or simply have not awakened yet to what time it is.


    1. It’s possible. God sent angels to punish Balaam for agreeing to curse Israel, to punish David for taking a census of Israel, and will send them to punish the Earth during the great tribulation, according to Revelation. Obviously this is God sending a message since he shut down many parts of the federal govt. for a while, as if he were giving them a time out, or as it says in the Psalms, a “selah” for them to pause and think about all they’re doing. Even the President got a little well-deserved shake on his vacation.


  2. I recall John Piper claiming that strong winds damaging a Lutheran church and part of the Minneapolis Convention Center when the ELCA were approving an amendment to their constitution allowing gay clergy. Recently, Pat Roberts indicated that tornadoes killing some 30 people from TX through KY was due to God’s wrath. Fine and well – nice to have opinions, I suppose. That said, it seems to me that a cursory overview of the OT indicates God telling what would transpire. And THEN disease, famine, pestilence, calamity et al occurs. To that end, are we to take each and every event that ever occurs in our lives as a direct sign from God? Who are the prophets living today with foreknowledge of what is to occur? Respectfully, even with the symbolism related to the Masonic obelisk, how can one emphatically claim that something is (or is not) God’s doing?


    1. Some bad things that happen in life are just because we live in a fallen world & they go with the territory, but when you have uncommon occurrences like 2011 being a record year for the amount of natural disasters & the record cost, then definitely God is trying to get our attention.


      1. I appreciate the reply, Harry. Certainly we live in a fallen world. And certainly God is sovereign and can do as he pleases. But how can one actually differentiate whether it is God trying to get someone’s (individual, group, nation, et al) attention or whether God actually brought about the calamity. For instance, I believe the Sumatra tsunami in December of 2004 killed a quarter of a million people. If your definition of God’s “involvement” is true – something of an uncommon occurrence, natural disaster and record cost can gauge whether God moved the tectonic plates (or however those kinds of events are brought about), whose attention was God trying to get? This ought to be something easy to discern. And yet, I don’t recall John Piper or Pat Robertson ever mentioning anything about this event. Closer to home, I’m guessing there are hundreds of tornadoes each year across the US with varying ranges of strength and intensity. Do we really know if those tornadoes in 2011 were really all that uncommon or that the destruction brought about was all that much greater? This is an area within my own (albeit limited) Christian faith that I’m struggling with (along with Calvinist/Reformed doctrine). And it frustrates me that there can be so much, well, variation in the thoughts and perceptions of Christians related to the world we live in. And so, without trying to be difficult, let me press the question again and ask: even with the symbolism related to the Masonic obelisk, how can one emphatically claim that something is (or is not) God’s doing?


      2. Bob, all believers have the Holy Spirit who speaks to our spirits and often our own nature gets in the way of us hearing what God is saying so we form our own opinions. That’s how we end up with conflicting takes on what we think the Bible says. There are also times where a scripture can have several different meanings that are all correct. To find out what a scripture means, a person has to ask for understanding from the Holy Spirit since “the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God,” [1 Corinthians 2:11].

        When you spend time with God, reading & studying his word, praying to him to ask him for understanding, and listening to him by meditating (repeating over and over in your mind what you’ve read in the Bible), you will learn how God operates. Just as we see in everything God has created, there are patterns in how he does things when fulfilling prophecies. Once you’ve read the Bible from cover to cover and compare scripture with other scripture, you will recognize what’s the hand of God and what isn’t. That’s how I drew the conclusions I did in this post.

        The simplest way I can explain it is like this. You know how when you spend lots of time (often years) with a close friend or spouse and you get to know them so well you can often predict what they’ll say or do, and when you are told they did something or said something when you weren’t around, you can believe they did or said that thing because you know them that well, this is how it is when you have a close relationship with God.


  3. Hi Harry,

    When we pray to God for His will to be done on earth as in heaven, it does not include the cracking of man-made stone basilisks or obelisks. These idols are not a threat to God and He does not care nor worry about them. The stone he wishes to soften is the human heart. There, His love can work wonders.

    The apostle Paul mentions this in his letter on eating food offered to idols. If a hungry man eats food offered to idols with a clear conscience before God, there is no wrong in it. It is only wrong if he causes his brother or sister to stumble. God cares for mankind more than for man’s ridiculous idols, basilisks and obelisks.

    Jesus made it very clear that the earth and God’s every law is made to help man, not shackle him. It’s man’s sinfulness that shackles him in the law, because he does what God hates! He worships the created rather than the creator. He follows darkness rather than seeking the light of Almighty God,

    But, more than that, Jesus made it very clear that misfortune can befall anyone. “Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem?” Luke 13:4

    To give some context and step back a verse or two: “There were present at that season some that told him of the Galilaeans, whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices.”
    Luke 13:1. Pilate killed them while they offered sacrifices to God in the Temple and so, their own blood was mingled with the blood of their sacrifices.

    God never killed them, nor did He wish upon them death before salvation. The idols that men create in stone and institution war against each other. Even the earth groans, but God has created a new testament in Jesus. Let’s always remember that. Amen.


  4. Harry,
    The aluminum capstone atop the monument has an inscription on one of its four sides.
    In Latin it reads, Laus Deo. It translates into English as “Praise be to God.”


  5. If you haven’t noticed either, right at the base of it, there is the shape of the all seeing eye found in the dollar bill, and in the Illuminati symbols. Its rather interesting and ties great with the Freemason thing.


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