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Forget what you heard, dinosaurs didn’t become birds

If you’ve ever taken a class covering dinosaurs, you know one of the theories about their disappearance is that some of them evolved into birds.  But a close look at bird anatomy says differently.

The respiratory system of birds is rather unique.  Mammals, amphibians, and reptiles have a two-way lung system.  When air is taken in, it goes down the trachea, through the bronchi, and into the lungs.  When air is exhaled, it just goes out in the opposite direction of how it was inhaled.

A bird has an elaborate system of nine air sacs throughout its body as shown in the diagrams. Its respiratory system has a one-way lung system and its lungs do not expand. Inhaled air goes down the trachea, through the bronchi, into posterior air sacs while stale air enters its anterior air sacs, waiting to be exhaled.  When exhalation occurs, all air sacs collapse, forcing the stale air up the trachea and out of the body as inhaled air is pushed into the lungs.  This causes a continuous flow of air through the bird lung so the lungs remain rigid and don’t expand.

If air sacs as seen in birds were to ever develop in mammals, amphibians, or reptiles, this would be a mutation creating dead space in their respiratory systems which would cause deficiencies in the flow of air through the lungs leading to death.  Such air sacs would be prone to burst and air would escape out of the respiratory system into other tissues.  If an embryo in these animal groups developed such air sacs, the lungs would either fail to develop causing the death of the embryo, or it would lead to deformities in other systems of the body, or render lungs prone to severe lung disease.  Furthermore, lungs that expand like the lizard’s could not survive morphing into a rigid lung like the bird lung because this would kill the animal.

Pterosaurs and some bipedal (walking on two feet) land dinosaurs have evidence of possessing air sacs in their abdomens like birds, so Darwinian scientists have concluded these dinosaurs probably became birds.  But the construction of the bird’s joints throws a monkey wrench into this theory.  The joints in birds cause each rib to have two sections.  One section connects to the spine, while the other connects to the breast bone.  Such joints allow birds the flexibility to move their chest wall outwards and backwards.

These joints make it possible for any air sacs in the abdomen to inflate.  And here’s the kicker–none of the dinosaurs having evidence of air sacs in their abdomens possess these special joints so their air sacs could not inflate.  But that’s only part of the problem of their theory.

Air sacs in the abdomen would collapse from negative pressure from chest expansion if they are not provided the correct rigid support.  Birds don’t have this problem because their femurs support the side of their abdomens and it hardly moves.  This is due to the fact that a bird’s movements rely on the knees and ankles so the femur remains virtually stationary. This gives the required rigid support to the air sacs.

On the other hand, femurs in bipedal dinosaurs were moveable and would not have given the rigid support necessary to prevent the collapse of the air sacs in their abdomens.  So scientists have concluded that air sacs in the bipedal dinosaurs would have been minimal and could not have functioned to move air through the lung system as the air sacs do in birds.  Therefore, dinosaurs could not have had the same type of respiratory system as birds.

When you add to all of these facts that there are no transitional fossils demonstrating how dinosaurs evolved into birds, the truth becomes rather clear.  Birds didn’t evolve.  They were made in the same form as they appear today.  Dinosaurs were also created separately and they were created after the birds.  And that truth is revealed in Genesis 1:21-25–

“And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.  And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth.  And the evening and the morning were the fifth day.

And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.  And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.”

Source: Sodera, Vij. One Small Speck to Man: the Evolution Myth. 2nd revised edition. Vija Sodera Productions, 2009, pages 303-308.

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–


6 thoughts on “Forget what you heard, dinosaurs didn’t become birds

  1. So, God created first the creature of the sea because the earth was full of water first before the land was settled.

    This is scientifically proven and only this books reveal this thing to the world.

    This is amazing.


  2. Mr. Harry,

    I don’t understand how you could come-up that the age of the earth is 6000 years old.

    In the book of genesis, God created the two firmament light in heaven in the 3rd day.

    so how the 1st and 2nd day of creation will be based.

    are we going to based it by lunar, solar or God’s eternal time?


  3. It doesn’t say that God created dinosaurs after birds in the creation week! it says the “beast of the field”. not huge roaming lizards like T-REX that would have eaten up and drawn to near extinction other animal forms as well as people. The dinosaurs lived BEFORE the time of mankind and the “creation week” in a former creation which was entirely destroyed by cataclysms on a planetary and cosmic scale caused by Satan’s,(along with a 3rd of the angels) rebellion against God! Young earth creationism is confusing to the truth seeker who want’s to reconsile true science with Scripture. Old earth creationism,(that there was a former ORIGINAL creation) is NOT a compromise with evolutionary theory as some state!


    1. The “beast of the field” included land-roaming dinosaurs. It doesn’t specifically list which beasts because God created a large amount of them. Your knowledge of T-Rex is based on unfounded suppositions that scientists have made without any proof. It’s pure conjecture. So the ones confusing the truth are scientists who say anything based on their assumptions to convince people such as yourself, who just accept whatever they tell you without question just because they have some letters after their names. If you take a look at the evidence for yourself, you will find that humans were the most powerful creation God placed on Earth. Dinosaurs were big and some were carnivores, but they were not more powerful than us.

      The fact you claim there was a “former creation” that the Bible never speaks of means you are clinging to man-made traditions and unfounded doctrines and you really don’t believe what the Bible clearly stated–i.e. God created one Earth and all creatures in six 24-hour days, then rested on the 7th.


  4. dude im a christian but theres something you need to know. you say that any dinosuars that had early forms of air sacs would have died with the mutation, but thats exactly how evolution works. The inferior creatures die before they can reproduce. The dinosaurs died, they couldn’t reproduce. But which ones did? the ones with the early air sacs did, and generation after generation the organ proved to help them survive, and to survive means to reproduce and pass on all traits to the offspring. eventually, it would have “evolved” into the air sacs today. I put it in quotes because i can tell how much you hate that word. I honestly dont understand why evolution and Christianity can’t get along. You don’t have to reject science to believe in God. It was St. Thomas Aquinas’ own words that stated that men should have an equal balance of religion and reason.


    1. Anonymous,

      There are several holes in your theory. First, a bird’s respiratory system is irreducibly complex. In other words, everything in their respiratory system had to be present all at the same time to operate sufficiently. It could not have developed over time since the joints, lungs, air sacs are all interdependent. Second, dinosaurs never developed the rigid support in their femurs required by air sacs to properly function as they do in birds. Third, dinosaurs never developed the special joints that birds have that are required for air sacs to function properly. Fourth, any change in a dinosaur’s air sacs that you’re talking about would have been a mutation and mutations do not improve living things. Mutations have only been proven to diminish the life forms in which they occur.

      [I honestly dont understand why evolution and Christianity can’t get along.]

      There is microevolution (small genetic changes in a life form spurred by natural selection that already exists in a life form’s DNA). Then there is macroevolution (huge changes brought about by new genetic information from outside of a life form that changes it into a totally new life form). Microevolution occurs all the time. It is macroevolution you’re talking about and it has never been proven to have ever happened. No transitional fossils have ever been found showing how one life form morphed into something totally different. What has been proven is that dinosaurs were always dinosaurs. Humans were always human. Cats were always cats. Fish were always fish. That’s why true Christianity & evolution will never get along.

      [You don’t have to reject science to believe in God.]

      I find this statement amusing because everything I presented in this post IS science. It’s amusing how you’ve assumed that since I debunk myths of evolution that it automatically means I’m rejecting science. Evolutionists are the ones who reject what scientific evidence shows so they can promote a disbelief in God. Those, like me, who believe the Bible’s account of creation embrace the scientific evidence because it proves the Bible correct. Bottom line, it’s a difference in philosophies, or how one interprets the science.


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