Liberal media’s attacks on Michelle Bachmann

Hmmm…. So let me get this straight. (Yes, pun intended). ABC News (or shall I say ABC Skews?) paraded health professionals on their broadcast who claim that ministries like the one Michelle Bachmann’s husband are involved in are harmful to homosexuals for urging homosexuals to leave the lifestyle.

I guess instead of urging homosexuals to make the godly choice of being heterosexual, it seems the liberals would rather have a population with a higher rate of alcohol abuse or higher rate of  HIV that leads to a higher rate of anal cancer, lung cancer, testicular cancer,  or Hodgkin’s lymphoma [see this TIME magazine article].  The science shows that the gay lifestyle is unhealthy, just as the Bible claims, but the liberal media wants us to believe telling gays to stop being gay is unhealthy?  I think I’ll stick with what the Bible says and the science that backs it up.

I pray Michelle Bachmann will be granted God’s wisdom & knowledge to fend off the attacks of the unrighteous and that her faith will be stronger as well as the faith of her husband.  And if it’s God’s will, I pray she will be that much stronger as a candidate for the Presidency.

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–

2 thoughts on “Liberal media’s attacks on Michelle Bachmann

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  1. My only issue with Bachman is the hypocrisy she lives by…critisizing the poor who need access to health care and nutritional assistance while she collects $254K a year in farm subsidys and her husband continues to collect Medicare assistance for “staff training”….I worked for a large farm in CA who never collected a dime in farm subidies…their position was simple…because they are handing it out doesn’t mean you have to stoop to collect it.


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