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What the newly-signed trucking agreement with Mexico means

Well, the news outlets have done it once again.  While they had us preoccupied with the Casey Anthony case and other news, they barely, if at all, mentioned the U.S.-Mexico trucking agreement signed yesterday in Mexico City by US and Mexican officials.  The agreement ends a standoff both sides have had since NAFTA took effect in the mid to late 90s.

Mexican officials have agreed to make Mexican truckers abide by U.S. safety standards and to install devices that monitor truck usage and all required mechanical services to the trucks.  The agreement was signed under the guise of creating more jobs, to the delight of the U.S. agriculture, business, and trade industries but to the chagrin of American truckers who will probably lobby Congress to do something about it.  Bill Reinsch of the National Foreign Trade Council expressed his wish that the U.S. Congress will “refrain from any action that would derail the program or fall short of our commitments under NAFTA.”

This move is the culmination of the plans of the New World Order (NWO) groups such as the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  Incidentally, the National Foreign Trade Council is the offspring of the Bilderberg Group.  It will probably be true that the new agreement will bring some positive results, but at what cost to American citizens?  Here are some of the negative results that I suspect will happen:

  1. Mexican cartel drug wars will continue and ramp up on American streets. The Mexican government has failed to get the drug wars under control on the streets of Mexico and the drug cartels have their hands in all types of businesses, including trucking.  This new deal opens the door to the expansion of their turf in the U.S. and don’t be surprised if homicides on America’s streets show an uptick.
  2. More human trafficking.  Mexico is known worldwide as a major hub of smuggling humans for sex and labor.  The drug cartels and other organized crime organizations will take advantage of the new agreement to increase their slave trade between Mexico and the U.S.
  3. Increases in use of illegal drugs.  Since the drug cartels will expand in the U.S., they will seek more customers and with America increasingly hardening its heart against God, they will find more customers without much effort.  With the increase in drug addicts will come the increased pressure from liberals to legalize narcotics as a false remedy since the liberals will use the higher numbers of addicts and homicides to “prove” that the war on drugs is a failed policy.
  4. Erosion of the sovereignty of individual nations.  Let’s be honest.  NAFTA and everything tied to it, including this trucking agreement, are orchestrated by the Bilderberg Group and their partners of the NWO to form their North American Union to eventually overturn the constitutions of  Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. so its citizens will bow down to one world governance.
  5. An uptick in traffic accidents involving trucks.  Since the cartels are into trucking and have no regard for the law or for government unless they’re bribing officials, they will find ways around abiding by U.S. safety standards and accidents on our roadways will take place no matter what guarantees our government promises.
  6. Easing of U.S.-Mexico border enforcement/protection.  The U.S. government has for decades neglected to protect the U.S. border with Mexico with the urgency that they should.  The hearts of both Democrat and Republican administrations aren’t really into protecting the border because it would go against the orders they have been given by the NWO to eliminate North American borders at some point in the future.  This new agreement will be used to promote Mexico as our responsible, trustworthy neighbor and to pooh-pooh the need for strict border controls.

I pray that none of these things will come true, but judging by the path America is going down, it won’t surprise me if these things happen, and it will disgust me as well.

“…thou hast taken usury and increase, and thou hast greedily gained of thy neighbours by extortion, and hast forgotten me, saith the Lord GOD. …

Her princes in the midst thereof are like wolves ravening the prey, to shed blood, and to destroy souls, to get dishonest gain. …

The people of the land have used oppression, and exercised robbery… And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.” [Ezekiel 22:12, 27, 29, 30]

Source: Howard LaFranchi, Landmark US-Mexico trucking agreement resolves 15-year conflict, Christian Science Monitor, July 6, 2011.

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–


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