Doctor testifies that he rose from the dead

At a Christian conference for medical professionals in Brisbane, Australia that took place June 11-12, Dr. Sean George gave his testimony about a miracle from God that he experienced three years ago.  He was driving along on the south coast of Australia in his car with an intern on October 24, 2008 when he began feeling chest pains.  He pulled over and called his wife, who suggested that he return home immediately.

Dr. George, however, felt prompted to stop at a clinic that was closer to his location and 31 miles from his home.  Using an electro-cardiogram at the clinic it was clear he was having a heart attack.  A few minutes later, he went into cardiac arrest.  A team of doctors and nurses at the clinic worked on Dr. George with chest compressions and electrical shocks for an hour, but he didn’t respond.  He was pronounced dead 10 minutes later.

A few minutes after being pronounced dead, his wife arrived and was given the bad news.  When the medical team ushered her into the room to see his body, her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ took over and she prayed a simple prayer over her Christian husband while holding his lifeless hand–“Lord Jesus, he is only 39, I am only 38 and we have a ten year old boy. I need a miracle.”  As soon as she finished her prayer, Dr. George’s heartbeat and breathing returned.

He was taken a few hours later to Royal Perth Hospital for emergency surgery to clear a blocked artery, but the odds were against his survival.  On Sunday, three days after his surgery, his eyes opened.  The following day, he was able to move his limbs. That Wednesday, he was fully awake and his lungs and heart were working on their own. Two weeks later, the hospital discharged him.  Then three months after his being discharged, he returned to work full-time.

During his testimony, Dr. George presented his medical records to prove that he was telling the truth.  “It has proved to me that Jesus really is Creator God and Sustainer of life and that He hears and responds to the humble prayers of His servants. I now also understand that eternity is only a breath away,” stated the doctor.

This is overwhelming proof once again that God truly exists, that what he says in the Bible is the truth, and that he is still performing his wondrous miracles on behalf of his saints today just like he did for his saints thousands of years ago in biblical times.

Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this? [John 11:25-26]

Source: The Doctor Who Came Back From the Dead, Breaking Christian News, June 15, 2011.

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–

2 thoughts on “Doctor testifies that he rose from the dead

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  1. How amazing and beautiful.
    She believed that God would hear her and respond to her plea. That is all that he asks from us, our sincere trust and belief in him and his almighty power. The rest is a free gift of love, mercy, and grace from him. Oh why can’t more people understand that?


    1. I’m glad God showed through this situation that elaborate prayers aren’t needed in emergency situations and he hears even the simplest prayers of his saints. Those who harden their hearts and fail to have understanding are missing out on a whole multitude of God’s blessings.


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