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Anthropologists critical of calling fossils “human ancestors”

In a report today at, biological anthropologists from George Washington University and New York University were critical of their colleagues as jumping the gun when it comes to fossil discoveries they claim are human ancestors.  Professors Bernard Wood and Terry Harrison have submitted their findings to the journal Nature which is scheduled to appear in the next issue.

The paper by these two co-authors takes aim at the discoveries of Ardipithecus (commonly called “Ardi”), Orrorin, and Sahelanthropus which have been dated as far back as 7 million years ago.  They argue that the scientists who made the discoveries were so quick to assume the fossils were ancestors of humans that they failed to take all vital scientific evidence into account.

Harrison says regarding these fossils, “…their status has been presumed rather than adequately demonstrated, and there are a number of alternative interpretations that are possible. We believe that it is just as likely or more likely that they are fossil apes situated close to the ancestry of the living great ape and humans.”

To back up this claim, the co-authors point out the cases of the Ramapithecus discovery in south Asia which was touted in the 1960s and ’70s as a human ancestor and Oreopithecus bambilii discovered in Italy which was assumed to be a human ancestor because of some of its skeletal features.  After more detailed research was done on both of them, both were found to be fossil apes instead.

Harrison and Wood, whose paper is called “The evolutionary context of the first hominims,” have inadvertently shown what lengths evolutionists will go to when they can’t find transitional fossils to prove their theories and when they want funding.  There are no transitional fossils to show how humans evolved from any form different than what we are today because we didn’t evolve from any lesser being.  The same form we humans have today is the same form we have always had since the time God created us in the beginning. 

But with the pressure these delusional scientists have placed on themselves, they have to fabricate findings every now and then to pass themselves off as legit and to avoid the obvious fact that we are created by a Higher Power, otherwise known as Jehovah.  “It is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves,” [Psalm 100:3]. 

Source: Fossils may look like human bones: biological anthropologists question claims for human ancestry, ScienceDaily, February 16, 2011.

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–


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