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Hidden camera catches Planned Parenthood acting illegally

Planned Parenthood of New Jersey was recently captured on video participating in illegal activity with regard to offering services and advice to a man, acting as a pimp, and a young lady, acting as a prostitute, who wanted abortion services for minors. You can watch the video here, but be aware it has some graphic language.  The undercover individuals made it pretty clear they trafficked minors for sex, but the manager of the Planned Parenthood facility gave them plenty of advice anyway and went so far as to tell them how to get around any legal concerns.

The sting was carried out by Live Action, a pro-life group who has done several sting operations on Planned Parenthood facilities.  The video was released today by Lila Rose, 22, who was in charge of this sting.  Pro-life groups across the U.S. who are armed with this information and the videos are now pressing Congress to rescind the family planning funds of Planned Parenthood that it gets under Title X to the tune of $350 million dollars.  

Abby Johnson, formerly of Planned Parenthood but now a pro-lifer, states, “As a former Planned Parenthood director, it is not surprising to me that this organization would protect individuals involved in sex trafficking. It actually seems like a natural fit. Planned Parenthood is involved in the violent killing of children and has no regard for life. People who traffic these young women for sex have no regard for their lives and are often involved in violent crimes. As someone who has witnessed this connection first hand as a clinic worker, I am so thankful Planned Parenthood’s connection to this industry is being exposed.”

Source: ChristianNewsWire, Feb. 1, 2011

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–


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