Korean missionary tells of torture in North Korea

Robert Park, 28, a Korean American missionary crossed the North Korea border from China on Christmas Day 2009. Park said he crossed so he could spread the message of God’s love to the North Koreans and to call on the current leaders to open the border to let in medical supplies and food relief for its citizens as well as urge them to close labor camps and stop abusing human rights.

He was immediately arrested and jailed. After being released in February 2010, Park kept silent about his ordeal until this week. According to Park, while he was in jail, the guards brutally tortured and sexually assaulted him. He was even forced to admit to a crime he didn’t commit. Park went on to say, “The scars and wounds of the things that happened to me in North Korea are too intense. As a result of what happened to me in North Korea, I’ve thrown away any kind of personal desire. I will never be able to have a marriage or any kind of relationship.”

While in Seoul, South Korea this week, Park explained how he underwent treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and would have committed suicide if it were not for his friends and family stepping in to help him when he needed it. He says his only regret is that he was forced to make a false confession for something he didn’t do, but has no regrets for entering North Korea.

My prayer is that this Korean brother will be strengthened by God’s power and will experience God’s healing in Jesus’ name for whatever scars he may have mentally, physically, and spiritually. Even if Park thinks that his chances for having a marital relationship are ruined, I pray that God will prove to him otherwise and that in finding the right woman to marry, his faith in the Lord will be that much more intense.

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–

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  1. I pray for this brave brother to feel the hand of God touch him and restore his peace. I pray that God will send to him the right woman to lift him up out of despair, and to give him the love and companionship that the Lord means for us to have.


      1. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

        My name is phathla, my country is Cambodia. i want to be a missionary man.
        i become christian two years ago.
        i want to study theology, but i can not afford it. i want to see falling snow in your country.
        Please pray for me. thank you.God bless you.


        phan phathla


      2. I pray that God will supply you with the means to fulfill your godly desires and that he will continue to strengthen you as well as other believers in Cambodia. May he also grant you the wisdom and knowledge to carry out his will in the love of Christ.


  2. To Robert Park: My prayer is for God’s love to break down all the shame and hurt that have temporarily hardened your heart. May the Holy Spirit within you strenghthen your faith to the point where your focus turns anew 100% to our Lord and Saviour, then God’s miraculous healing of turning ugly into beautiful will be able to take place. Robert, you have nothing to be ashamed of… you went to share God’s love for humanity and open their eyes and hearts. They would not listen and hurt you but in no way were they able to stop God’s Plan for your life. You must believe this, reject all doubt and wait for the Lord’s timing to show you how much He loves you and blesses you. I translated into French for you in 2008-2009 and know your passion for the Lord then… it’s still in you today! God bless you, each and every day. Patricia


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