Rich playwright gets saved after son gets healed

In 2008, Manoj Raithatha and his family faced a frightening circumstance.  According to him, “My two-year-old son was taken to St. Thomas’ Hospital in London with severe breathing problems…” Manoj at that time was a very successful playwright with the awards to prove it and was a successful real estate broker.  His acclaim in both fields brought him great wealth.

After his son was taken to the hospital, “Christian friends set up a prayer vigil. After five days in the intensive care unit my son suddenly bolted upright in bed. Miraculously he was healed,” stated Manoj.  Out of respect for those Christian friends, Manoj and his wife started visiting their friends’ church, Soul Survivor Church in Watford, England.  Weeks later, they confessed faith in Jesus Christ and joined the church.

Manoj is happy to admit, “It was by God’s grace and love that my son now lives and it is also by God’s grace that I’ve been given an altogether new direction in life.”  That new direction includes his studying theology at St. Paul’s Theological Center.

His passion now is to bring together 75,000 South Asian Christians who are born in Great Britain so they can “more effectively represent their concerns to government and the media, and also encourage and support one another for missions as part of a nationwide Church.”

Manoj acknowledges, “At one time my main focus was on making money and being successful in business. Nowadays, my ambition is to bring together fellow South Asian believers as well as connect with people of other faiths.”

Source: CPO central

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–

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