China expands its access to world’s resources

With China’s economy growing by leaps and bounds, the Chinese government is moving quickly to gain more access to more of the world’s resources to keep up with its growth spurts.  According to The Independent of  the UK, “[t]his year alone, Chinese companies have laid out billions of dollars buying up stakes in Canada’s oil sands, a Guinean iron ore mine, oil fields in Angola and Uganda, an Argentinian oil company and a major Australian coal-bed methane gas company.”

Last week the Chinese company Sinopec, which is owned by the Chinese government, brokered a deal with the Spanish company Repsol to own 40% of Repsol’s oil holdings in Brazil.

Some financial analysts are downplaying the fears around the globe that China’s socialist government is seeking world domination.  They believe China is merely trying to ensure that it has the resources available for its future needs without having to trade on the open market.

However, since the U.S. and its European allies are in a weakened financial state and are indebted to China in a big way, there is really no one to keep China in check to make sure the Chinese are not seeking world domination.  And concerns have been raised about China’s trading partners like Sudan and Uganda when China has refused to address their partners’ unsavory government policies.  On the other hand, if the U.S. and its allies were in a position strong enough to keep China in check, they wouldn’t do it since it would go against future plans to establish the New World Order.

For years the U.S., even when our nation was financially strong, has awarded China its most favored nation status as a primary trade partner claiming that this kept the door open for the U.S. to address China’s human rights violations.  But as we see the push on the world stage to establish a one world government by organizing regional governments (such as the European Union, North American Union, Asia Pacific Union, etc.), it has become clear that addressing China’s human rights violations (such as their resistance to religious freedoms) was never a real goal.  The real goals were to see how well China would do as a model for the rest of the world as its economy mixed socialism with capitalism and to get more money and power for multinational corporations who trade with China.

This has become all too clear in recent years under both the Republicans and the Democrats.  Under Bush’s reign, we had a push for a national ID for every citizen.  Then the U.S. Supreme Court gave away the rights of Americans to keep their land if a private corporation desires the right of eminent domain over their land (Kelo v. City of New London).  Additionally, the Bush administration chose to weaken our government financially by spending us into a huge deficit and turning the other way when banks worked their way into subprime mortgages which led to the most recent recession.

Now under Obama we have socialist healthcare and an even larger deficit.  And our Supreme Court has once again thumbed their nose at good policy by removing the financial restraints on corporation campaign spending.

Are all of these just coincidences?  I think not.  Little by little, democratic republics are being whittled down to socialist hybrids.  Meanwhile, the Bilderbergers and their partners in crime like the UN who want a One World Government and to fatten their pockets are beaming with pride as they see the Chinese advance in the plans they’ve conjured up together.

But praise be to God that even with all of the plots and schemes of wicked men, the Lord has the power to step in and slow them down and although they still try to stamp out Christianity, it continues to thrive and grow in China and in places where China does business like Sudan, who share in China’s human rights violations.

Source: Sarah Arnott, The Independent, Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–

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  1. No, china is going to collect more resources so that they can set up a controlled open market.

    once they can control resources they can make their money as the leading purchasing currency.

    so people are not working for a dollar anymore but you will work for a yuan.


    1. You’re right that having the yuan as the world’s reserve currency instead of the dollar is one of their goals. Nations that are advancing or are already advanced know that ultimately there is a move by the UN to establish a one world currency so political entities like China, the US, and the European Union are all in competition to push their currency to the forefront so theirs can be that one world currency.


  2. “China’s human rights violations.”

    – I don’t think so, they did not commit human rights violation, maybe that was their nature….

    “The real goals were to see how well China would do as a model for the rest of the world as its economy mixed socialism”

    – I don’t think so, if you will study the history of this people you can understand them.

    in summary;

    because of the greediness of this worldly things you can do an oppresive actions to your neighbors that’s why sometimes you will be mistakenly branded as human rights violator.

    secondly, because of the greediness of this worldly things again, you want your position or social status to last long.

    it’s ok that economic policy will change but never the power policy.


    1. Greed and lust for power are important roles in why China is doing what they are doing, but China’s human rights violations are an integral part of their greed and lust for power, though you may disagree with that assessment. Religious freedoms and individual freedoms are seen as a threat to their ultimate goals so they try to snuff out or at least weaken those freedoms and this is well-documented fact. The government must be god in China so they can impose their socialist, one world govt. agenda wherever possible to move the New World Order forward and to make sure their own position is strong within the New World Order. Therefore, Christians and those who embrace principles in constitutional republics like ours are seen as the enemy.


  3. You’re right on the money Harry.
    China is all set to take the number one slot, The world’s biggest super power in the NWO agenda. When they were hosting the Olympics the largest stadium was the big eyeball, seen clearly from the air. Telling the world with their one eye symbol just where they stand. They have been the best role model for the NWO with no freedom of religion and their communist government which picks your life for you, lies to its public openly, poisons it’s people openly, kills it’s people openly. Meanwhile raking in the money from every corner of the world, and The United States indebtedness to this country is going to crush us. This has been the plan all along, and China stands to win big in the one world government.


    1. From a spiritual standpoint things look bleak for China for the foreseeable future, but God said through Isaiah that those from the land of Sinim, which is China, would one day come to worship him in Isaiah 49:12. This is being fulfilled in part by the persecuted believers who are multiplying now in China despite the government’s crackdown and in the future it will be fulfilled on a greater scale. Proof once again that God’s plans will always stifle man’s wicked schemes. Hallelujah!


  4. Amen!
    One of the most moving moments this year in church for me was a few weeks ago when members of our church returned from a three week mission from China.
    There wasn’t a dry eye in the sanctuary as each told their moving experiences while showing us pictures from the trip. Of course they were officially there to “teach English” to the students, and needed to use codes for Jesus and teaching the God’s word. They even incorporated a Bible study into a cooking class! 5 young people gave themselves to Christ during the mission, and it was the youngest missionaries(teenagers) that forged bonds with them and made life long friendships that made it happen. The Kids from our church all cried as they spoke of how their lives were forever changed by the experience, and how much they grew to love the Chinese people. God is working wondrous things even in China!


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