New theory on how Red Sea parted

The media outlets are going ga-ga over a new scientific theory of how the Red Sea parted.  I have to admit that after hearing the theory and reading about it, I had a good laugh.

Carl Drews of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), who claims to be a Christian, created a computer simulation showing that it was possible for a strong wind of 63 mph to blow in from the east where a river met a lagoon.  The wind, if it lasted for 12 hours, would have pushed the water away from where the two basins met to form a land bridge of dry land to give Moses and the Israelites safe passage.  For more details, you can read the article at

Drews’ model is now supported by the National Science Foundation.  The theory is plausible for how the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, and I applaud scientists on showing how such a story is believable, but such theories are usually embraced to try to minimize the possibility that a miracle occurred by the power of a Supreme Being more powerful than man or nature, and that’s what I object to and laugh at.

The theory is good for explaining the specifics of how they crossed, but doesn’t explain several things such as:

How was it that at the specific moment  the Israelites were on the shore with Egyptians approaching that a wind came along to push the water back?

How was it possible for the Israelites, the majority of whom were on foot, to outpace Egyptians who were in horse-drawn chariots?

Why is it that the water fell back in place at the specific moment that all of the Israelites reached the other side of the sea?

Why is it that none of the Egyptians made it over?

Archaeologists, Egyptologists, and many other scientists doubt the plausibility of what happened in Exodus because they haven’t found enough, if any, physical evidence to back up what is written.  Since ancient Egyptians did not make it a habit of recording their defeats, physical evidence may never be found in Egypt to verify Exodus, but that’s fine with me.  There’s enough overwhelming information in the Bible that has already proven to be true that I am completely convinced that Exodus’ account is completely true.

Scientists may embrace their theories to try to do away with the idea that miracles happen, but my faith, based on what God has already proven, is what I cling to and I will forever believe that the God I serve is a miracle-working God who works miracles on behalf of his people, not only in Exodus, but even in today’s times.

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–

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  1. Ahh science, they never give up trying to disprove Gods truth.
    The agenda must be met for everyone to turn away from the true creator and savior and they are stepping up the pace these days. Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that Steven Hawking made his claim on how the universe didn’t need a creator? He has gone back and forth how many times now on whether God exists or not. Gee I wonder who is signing his checks these days. People say they believe Darwin’s theory, yet there are no real missing links ever found.
    But God real? That can’t be true, although biblical prophecy has been proven accurate time and time again. God HAS worked miracles in my life, and Moses parted the Red Sea by the hand of the Almighty himself at the precise moment that it was needed to save his people from the Egyptians.


  2. A recent earthquake in the heart of the Red Sea has no doubt helped to reignite this debate. It all gets down to science’s need to find “proof”. And I am not against science and research. Works of science have provided many positive outcomes. However in this case as you have pointed out, many questions crop up about the Exodus, which is a Biblical saga that simply begs us to consider the miraculous. Nonetheless, by nature of their work, scientists hunger after PROOF. This often negates and overrides any possibility of FAITH.

    Sadly, even the people of Israel after being rescued from the Red Sea and experiencing the miraculous first hand, turned their backs on God to worship idols. Without the power of God’s grace, we become proof-finders instead of people of faith.

    I find it almost laughable that scientists today are also spending a great deal of time, research, and $ hoping to locate large meteors that may be on a trajectory towards earth, in order to blast them from the heavens before they strike. As ludicrous as these science projects may sound, what is tragic at the heart of them is a refusal on the part of human beings to acknowledge even the slightest possibility of God.

    As it says in Romans 1, God gave us every opportunity to witness the reality of His presence through His marvellous works of creation and mighty acts. God also gave us our very breath of life. We ought to stand in awe, but as Revelation 9:20 points out(paraphrased)”…even after all of these disasters take place, people will still refused to worship God…”


  3. A wind at least 63 mph from the east … right? Well it would not be impossible to walk into that head-on, but it would be something you wouldn’t soon forget. The other thing to remember is that in addition to the 12 hours required to dry up the land bridge, that wind would have to continue the whole time Israel was walking the bridge.


  4. You wrote: “Scientists may embrace their theories to try to do away with the idea that miracles happen…”

    I’m not certain that the point of the article – sparked by Carl Drews’ research for a master thesis in atmospheric and oceanic sciences – was to “do away with the idea that miracles happen”.

    To quote Mr. Drews “What this study shows is that the description of the waters parting indeed has a basis in physical laws.”

    While the model which Mr. Drews posits doesn’t match up with the Exodus miracle, I must say that even if it happened exactly as his model describes – it’s still a miracle of Divine timing.

    But sure, the differences are glaring. The size and scope of water needed to drown the cavalry of the known world’s largest empire, the fact that the ground was dry, etc. Very different in Exodus.

    I’m curious about the rush to scoff at educated men attempting to show how these events might have worked and the laws of nature (which were established by God) may have been used.

    “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein


    1. You may criticize my statement about scientists using theories to do away with miracles, but I base the statement on historical record. Darwin, Hawking, Dawkins, and others have attempted to use science to do away with all things divine, including miracles.

      This article may not deal with this aspect, but these findings were also reported in news segments on TV where they used Drews’ findings to take subtle jabs at Christianity.

      I don’t scoff at educated men and their VALID findings (and by valid I mean if they aren’t used to contradict Yahweh), but I do reprove interpretations of findings that are used to attack God, what God says, and what God does. God did indeed establish the laws of nature, but he has the capability to do amazing things outside of them. That is why he is so awesome.


  5. I agree Harry.
    And you can bet we are going to hear more and more “science” being put out in the public to further confuse people.
    Anything to cast doubt on the Holy word. It’s the same game that has been going on forever, and I think they are going to step it up more and more.


  6. Mr. Gaylord –

    I am indeed a Christian (Anglican). You should read this article at the Denver Catholic Register (December 15, 2010):

    Boulder scientist’s research affirms parting of the Red Sea

    “From a faith perspective, it has always made sense to me that God uses natural action to carry out His plan if He so chooses,” said Drews who originally grew up Lutheran. “In this case, He sent the wind and the wind moved the water. God is using natural means to bring out what He wants to have happen, which is to save His people. In this case, God is directing all things.”

    Great are the deeds of the Lord! They are *studied* by all who delight in them. -Psalm 111:2

    If you were to reprove all findings that someone, somewhere, interpreted somehow to attack God, there would be very few findings. The likes of Richard Dawkins should not prevent Christians from living out Psalm 111:2.


  7. My theory is more realistic. There is a major tectonic plate running the length of the so-called “Red Sea”.The continents in the southern hemisphere are slowing north, in a clockwise direction.( Northern hemisphere continents are also moving south but in a counterclockwise direction). The “Parting of the Red Sea was caused by a massive,dual techtonic shift. The first “earthquake” caused the Arabian Peninsula to suddenly shift westward, coliding with the main African continet. This allowed the period of “dry land and holding back of the sea”. A second powerful techtonic shift caused the same land bridge to shift back to its original position, resulting the sea to rush in. A look at a map of Africa show this clockwise rotation, note the southern tip of Africa and the fracturing and pulling away of the Aribian Peninsula on a present-day map.


    1. I disagree that your theory is realistic. The Bible has always been a clear, truthful, and accurate account of historical occurrences. There are so many archaeological findings that back up what it says in so many places that we can believe whatever the Bible says about what happened and how, when it comes to the parting of the Red Sea. Having said that, Exodus 14 clearly states the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind. No tectonic plate shifts were involved. Dr. Drews’ theory gets that part correct.

      But his theory can’t explain why the Israelites weren’t affected by such a strong wind that held back the sea to their right and to their left (Exod. 14:22). It can’t explain things such as how all of the wheels on all of the chariots of the Egyptian army fell off simultaneously. The Bible explains both things. God’s presence in the pillar of fire and the pillar of the cloud protected the Israelites from the affects of the wind, from any sea spray that would have resulted from the wind colliding with the sea, and from the Egyptian army. Science explains only a small part of the incident. God’s power over all of nature explains the whole scenario.


  8. The widely held theory that the continents of earth were formed from one giant land mass and slowly broke apart to form the present day continents is wrong, in my opinion. Instead they were formed from two land masses, one broke apart from the north pole, the second one came fron the south pole region.The northern continents are moving south in a counter clockwise direction, likewise the southern continents are moving northward in a clockwise direction.( note the trailing southern tip of South America. As the north and south land masses approach the equater, they slow down because they have no place to go.( Example: A weight tied to a string will rise upward as it is rotated but the rate of rise will slow and stop, once it reaches a horizontal plane. No additional force can make it rise higher, neither can the continents. Africa is bending westward, and so is South America as they near that similar horizontal plane.God uses the Universal Forces of Nature that he himself put into force, we humans call them miracles. The lack of understanding is our fault, not his.


    1. You imply God doesn’t call his wonderful acts miracles, but that it’s just us humans who call them miracles. This isn’t true. God told the writers of the Bible what to write through his Holy Spirit who was in and on them. He told them to call his wonders miracles, such as in Numbers 14:22 and Mark 9:39.


  9. What about the mud at the bottom of the Red Sea that would have been present when the sea opened. No way it would have dried fast enough by the winds to allow anything to get across much less the amount of Jews that crossed with their elderly, children, sickly, carts, animals etc. God opened it and dried it immediately.


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