Trucker calls 911, rescues trafficked kids

Back in the 1980s and ’90s when I read Revelation and it mentioned that there would be bondmen, or slaves, present in the last days, I doubted how that would be possible given how far mankind had come and how slavery was outlawed worldwide.  However it is now clear that slavery in the form of human trafficking has made a comeback in our technologically advanced age of information.

It’s sad that it now happens on every continent from the most advanced nations like the U.S. to third world countries.  This was once again brought to light recently when a truck driver spotted two teenaged females at a truck stop where he was.   They were frantically going from truck to truck and appeared to be in fear for their lives.  As a concerned citizen he called 911 to report what he was seeing.  Little did he know the domino effect his call would have.

When the police came and found the girls, it was discovered one was 14 and the other was 15 and they were cousins who had been kidnapped.  Their kidnapper forced them into prostitution and the girls were able to lead the police to 7 other kids who had been forced into prostitution as they had been.

The investigation eventually led to nabbing 31 human traffickers and stopping a prostitution ring stretching across 13 states.  One of the rescued girls told of how she was simply walking to a store down the street from where she lived and was grabbed off the street to then be forced into prostitution.

Thank God for this truck driver who took the time to care enough to call the cops which led to kids being rescued from the hands of evil people.

Source: Aimee Herd, What Can One Person Do? One Trucker’s Phone Call…, Breaking Christian News, Sept. 6, 2010.

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