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Sisters of secrecy: more facts on Eastern Star

In my previous post on the Order of the Eastern Star (OES) I briefly gave a history of the secret society, highlighted its Masonic ties, and discussed a few of the gods represented by the “Eastern Star” on which they base their name.  I will now highlight the goddesses behind the Order, some of the symbols they embrace, and their Cabalistic Motto.

Embracing the goddesses

When Rob Morris was organizing the basic layout of the OES, he decided there would be five degrees, or points, and that there would be five female figures representing the Order.  Originally, he chose five goddesses from ancient paganism as his five female figures, then had second thoughts about bringing pagan ideas to the forefront, possibly thinking that the majority of women would probably be turned off if the pagan ideas were the focus since most of the U.S. at the time professed Christianity.  So he pulled what I would call a “Constantine” by giving his goddesses Biblical concepts or names, but keeping the symbols of the women the same as the pagan goddesses.  Here they are:

  1. Jephthah’s daughter, who Morris named Adah: The OES claims that she illustrates respect to the binding force of a vow.  Jephthah made a vow to the Lord in Judges 11 that the first thing to greet him from his house when he returned from battle with a victory from God would be offered to the Lord.  The first to greet him when he returned home from that battle was his daughter, so he kept his vow to the Lord in spite of how much it would cost him.  Adah was originally the goddess Luna, the goddess of the moon.  Luna is the “goddess with three forms” and also called Diana, Selene, Artemis, and Hecate.  She is also goddess of witchcraft, sorcery, night (darkness), the lower world, and patron saint of feminists and lesbians since she perpetually shunned males.  The followers of Diana were the ones who started a riot against Paul and his companions in Acts 19 for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Ruth: She illustrates devotion to religious principles. Originally she was Flora, the goddess of springtime and flowers who was also called Chloris.  Every year in honor of Flora, the Romans held the festival of Floralia in the spring.  Floralia was much like Mardi Gras where the people participated in “merriment and licentiousness.”1 This is a nice way to say they had drunken orgies.2
  3. Esther: Illustrates fidelity to kindred and friends.  Esther was previously Hebe, the goddess of youth who was cupbearer to the gods and goddess of domestic matters.  The Romans called her Juventas.
  4. Martha: Represents undeviating faith in the hour of trial.  Her corresponding goddess was Thetis (Thesis), goddess of creation and the sea.  She was mother of Achilles and dipped him in the river Styx to make him invincible.  Thetis had the power to prophesy (i.e. fortune-telling) and was a shape-shifter.
  5. Electa: This name is not in the Bible, but Morris gave this name to the woman hosting the church in her house in 2 John.  The goddess who she replaced in the original plan of the Eastern Star was Areme, a secret goddess of the Egyptians whose name is not widely known.


Masonic organizations like OES rely heavily on the use of symbols to hide the true meanings behind the doctrines they embrace.  One Masonic publication admits,”It may be asserted in the broadest terms that the Freemason who knows nothing of our symbolism knows little of Freemasonry.  He may be able to repeat every line of the ritual without an error, yet, if he does not understand the meaning of the ceremonies, the signs, the words, the emblems and figures, he is a Masonic ignoramus.”3 So here is a look at some of the symbols used by OES:

  • Broken Column: This symbol can be traced back to ancient Egypt and symbolizes the fall of Osiris.  Some depictions show Isis weeping over the column while holding a sprig of wheat in her right hand and a canopic jar in her left with Horus (Chronos, Saturn) standing behind her while she reads in a book of incantations to try to resurrect her husband. The broken column is also a phallic symbol where the column is the male member and the circular base is female genitalia.  So here we see again how Masonic organizations are preoccupied with sex.

  • Pentagram:  The emblem of OES has a five-pointed upside-down star.  This, of course, represents black magic, the Goat of Mendes, Baphomet, or his most popular name, Satan.  They also use the right side up five-pointed star which represents white magic, the Light Bearer, or Lucifer, the other name for Satan.

  • Gavel: Symbol of power and Thor’s hammer.  Thor was the Norse god of thunder, lightning, air, and fertility.  Thor was lord of the air and the Bible reveals clearly to us who that really is in Ephesians 2:2.  Thor’s hammer was also a phallic symbol of the male member.
  • Equilateral Triangle: It is used on Eastern Star badges and represents the perfection or divinity of humankind.  Manly P. Hall, a 33 degree Mason, in his book The Lost Keys of Freemasonry (1923) states on p. 92 that “Man is a god in the making.”  This idea that man can become a god is also taught by various other Masonic authors like Joseph Fort Newton, Arthur Edward Waite, and J. D. Buck.  The origins of this doctrine go all the way back to the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3 when the Serpent told Eve “…ye shall be as gods…”
  • Hexagram: Also called King Solomon’s Seal, the Star of David, this double equilateral triangle is the joining of the “Water Triangle” and “Fire Triangle.”  It symbolizes contact with the dead (necromancy) and calling up devils.  It is also a phallic symbol of the joining of male and female genitalia.

These are just a few of the symbols Eastern Star uses.  Since they are Masonic, they also use other symbols promoted by Freemasonry.  When the whole body of symbols is taken into account, it becomes obvious how corrupt an organization OES really is.

Cabalistic Motto

Cabala, or Kabalah, or Qabalah, is Jewish-based theosophy (occultism).  Eastern Star has a motto based on this mystic cult which appears as an acronym on their seal–FATAL.  The acronym is a warning to its members about divulging their secrets but also stands for the motto, “Fairest Among Thousands, Altogether Lovely.”  This password used in Eastern Star rituals is an offshoot of phrases found in the Song of Solomon.  In Song of Solomon the man in chapter 5 was called chiefest among ten thousand and altogether lovely and he represents Christ.  The phrase was used by Christians of old to express their love for Christ.  The OES has given it a bastardized meaning.  By reciting the motto, OES believes the initiate achieves salvation.

The following statements are used with the five women in each degree mentioned above:

  • Jephthah’s daughter, because she devoted her life to preserve her father from eternal infamy, was the Fairest Among Thousands, Altogether Lovely
  • Ruth, because she forsook home, friends, and all things, in a heathen land, to seek out the people of God, was the Fairest Among Thousands, Altogether Lovely
  • Esther,  because she offered her crown and life to preserve her people, was Fairest Among Thousands, Altogether Lovely
  • Martha, because amidst all the despair of death and the woe of desolation, she preserved her faith in the Word of God, was the Fairest Among Thousands, Altogether Lovely
  • Electa, because in her martyrdom for Christ’s sake she hesitated not to sacrifice all things that love can prize or friendship cherish, was the Fairest Among Thousands, Altogether Lovely4

So the Eastern Star has turned a phrase once used to represent Christ into a phrase to represent their initiates and have essentially pushed the Lord Jesus Christ aside to save themselves by their own works so they can become a god.

Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. [Romans 1:21]

The context of the OES is found from 1:28:00 to 1:39:00


1 New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology (Prometheus Press, 1972) p. 210.
2 Charles G. Berger, Our Phallic Heritage (New York: Greenwich Book Publishers, 1966) p. 78-79.
3 Short Talk Bulletin, “Symbolism” (March 1925, vol. 3, no. 3) p. 15.
4 History of the Order of the Eastern Star (Cedar Rapids, IA: Torch Press, 1917) p. 572.

Source: Cathy Burns, Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star (Mt. Carmel, PA: Sharing, 2006).

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–

407 thoughts on “Sisters of secrecy: more facts on Eastern Star

  1. I am witnessing to a family member currently entrenched in to oes, and your post is a excellent resource that I will point her to.


    1. You couldn’t be more incorrect about your information, but ignorance is bliss . I am a Christian, active in my church for over 30 years. Im a also a member of the order .


      1. Just because you’re active in the church doesn’t necessarily mean you truly have the SPIRIT OF JEHOVAH (GOD) within you. Satan and his demons are in church too doing whatever they possibly can to prevent us from receiving the WORD by their various schemes.


      2. “active in my church for over 30 years.” Ohh yes but being in a church building 30years still doesn’t make you any less of a tare.


      3. I could not agree more. I am so glad that they posted Romans 1:21 because that describes their self righteousness perfectly.


      4. I just want to know how the Arthur comes up with statements like ” Adah was originally the goddess Luna, the goddess of the moon”. If this is written somewhere written by Dr. Morris, I would love to read it. Anyone able to confirm this or not? I doubt it….


      5. The sources that mention this are:

        Rob Morris, History of the Order of the Eastern Star, p. 12.
        Willis D. Engle, A General History of the Order of the Eastern Star, (1901), p. 27, 31, 70-71.


      6. Ignorance is only bliss for Satan who uses your ignorance for his bliss, Crystal. If you would look past your oaths to defend oes & your masonic relatives no matter what, you would experience the bliss of God’s truth over elaborate deceptions.


    2. It is hard to believe the feverish imaginations and tortured logic that find Satanism in an organization that exists for fellowship and to do good.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s hard to believe that people allow Satan to blind their minds with so much tortured logic that they fail to see his obvious hand in the dealings of Freemason orgs.


  2. That’s great, Joseph. I’ll be praying that the Lord will give you the wisdom and words to share with your family member. I’ll also be praying that your family member’s eyes will be opened to the truth that the Lord wishes to reveal to them.


    1. Much learning hath made thee mad. Since you love leaving links, here’s some for you:

      People like yourself, whether or not you are a part of organized religion, are the reason why people are so jacked up. The bible was never meant to be interpreted literally.

      The Bible is full of allegories, as it so says. Even Jesus told his disciples that his words are merely parables, yet you have people such as yourself quoting him and the writers of the NT like all of these events actually happened. Yes, it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

      Furthermore, the different events that supposedly took place in the bible were taken from early pagan rituals- from the Creation, to Jesus dying on the cross. And all of these ancient stories were written waaay before the so called Christian writers of the bible stole them, and changed them around to enslave sheeple, I mean people. Yep, believe in sin, believe in hell, stay in line or else.

      I am neither a Mason, Christian, Catholic, nor member of any organized religion, for religion is the primer for death and destruction; as well as the cause for misinterpreting the bible, and other religious documents, by relegating the symbolic events to actual experiences. So sad that you stand here on your slippery soapbox pontificating, ridiculing, and laughing at grammatical errors of some of the posters; when you are in the fact the biggest fool of them all.

      Just because you can use scriptures to justify your beliefs, doesn’t mean you are right. In fact you are quite wrong for your literal speculations of what the bible actually means. But one thing you are though, is a condescending prick. Wonder what we’d find in the history of your computer? People such as yourself are the greatest offenders of all.


      1. Dowell,

        Bitter much? It has been my observation that people such as yourself have never bothered to read the Bible for yourselves. I suspect you’re simply another example of someone who hates being told how sinful they are and how much you need to be saved, so you found whatever lies you can hunt down on the Internet to tear down the Bible without fact-checking. But that won’t let you off the hook for your sins.

        You ridicule the very idea of sin’s existence, yet at the same time contradict yourself by accusing me of the sin of lying. If there’s no such thing as sin, then there’s no such thing as lying or stealing, which you accuse the writers of the Bible of doing. Since your statement contradicts itself, the law of non-contradiction reveals that your statement itself is a lie. By default, you have inadvertently admitted you believe in sin’s existence and have exposed yourself as a liar. Thanks.

        [People like yourself…are the reason why people are so jacked up]

        Actually, people like you who purport to know the truth but openly contradict themselves by their own words so they can embrace their sins are why people are so jacked up. You are your own worst enemy. And you have no one to blame but yourself for that.

        [The Bible is full of allegories, as it so says. Even Jesus told his disciples that his words are merely parables]

        How would you know? You’ve probably never read the whole thing to know what you’re talking about. Like a sheeple, you just took someone else’s word for it. You are the blind led by the blind and both of you have fallen into the ditch of lies. Nowhere does the Bible say every single word Jesus spoke was a parable. Jesus made it clear when he was speaking figuratively versus when he spoke literally. Even his disciples acknowledged this in John 16:29 when they told Jesus he was speaking “plainly” and not in a proverb at that particular time.

        If you had done just a hint of fact-checking, you would know that ancient historical documents verify the Bible’s literal history of literal people:

        The Bible also contains literal scientific facts that are now common knowledge:

        None of the pagan writings you refer to, that you mistakenly believe the Bible stole from, have that accuracy. The Bible even predicted things that have come true–

        These facts alone show you don’t know diddly about what you’re saying. My faith is based on God’s proven facts. Your opinions are based on blind faith in lies. Pagans stole from the Bible, not the other way around



    1. What do you mean by a “tad bit”? I cite sources connected to the OES. Their own people show just how off they are to the truth. I think the real problem is that you are probably afraid to accept the truth.


      1. I agree with my siStar there is no real valid point in what you wrote. and correction Electa is in the bible. You say you took from those that are apart of the order and what proof do you have that they were. People all the time write things to gain something. This is not a cult nor demonic by any means. No one should ever bash or to tear down something based on what someone else says to be true. No one forces anyone to become apart of this Great organization. God gives us free will. And GOD IS THE ONLY GOD AND NO ONE CAN TAKE HIS PLACE. I thank you though for your blog, this shows how quick someone can base opinions based on hear say rather than personal knowledge. We as woman of the order do not by any means parade ourselves in any sexual manners. There is no need to be afraid to accept anything especially what you have wrote cause it is simply not true. Be blessed!


      2. A little full of yourself harryagaylord? What does it matter, you are also, as you say, one-sided. So would you say that a gavel used in the courtroom is sexual also? Crazy…


      3. @Anonymous,

        It’s amusing how OES types looking to defend themselves, because of your oaths and family members, tend to repeat the same topics over and over. The gavel is a topic that has long since passed in these comments as mentioned here and here. Anyone who has seen the video above and consults the Freemason sources I listed knows your attempt at criticizing me is weak at best.


    2. As a WM you are so far from the truth! And it’s people like you that give this wonderful organization a bad name with your implications of witchcraft and sexual orgies. Know your facts before you spread more lies.


    3. what is wrong with these some of christian – saved people ( and yes i am christian myself) number one just up here worrying about trying to expose all the evil in the world – and judging what they dont know about AND WILL NEVER KNOW ABOUT – number 2- instead of judging, criticizing, putting people down,dictating,or putting up ur noses at people ( at stuff u dont understand or dont know about) – whatever happen to encouraging and lifting up – huh? and for those that are so self righteous enough to judge like that have u been saved and squeaky clean for all ur life , have u done any thing that wasnt right or was acceptable to christ – i think u have – but hopeful found christ – no matter how much research u people do – u want know nothing about oes! including taking info on those so called ex- members that spoke out number 3- instead of playing the blame game – maybe u should be worrying about ur soul ! dont waste ur time worrying about this organization- our heavenly father have our back! good bye and have a blessed day!


      1. Jasmine, let’s be honest about why you & others are really upset. You don’t like it when people point out sin because it’s uncomfortable. Paul, who wrote most of the NT was responsible for the deaths of many Christians but spoke out against murder & other sins after he got saved. Just because we used to live sinful doesn’t mean we can’t speak out against sin now. The oes is evil & this post is to warn people of its dangers out of love, not self righteousness.


      2. black women are being duped by their black male partners into joining the masons now, who are, if you haven’t noticed dear, suddenly concerned about ‘accepting’ prince hall types when in it’s most powerfully numbered they were TOTALLY about seperation of races, nevermind genders! black men who join are encouraged to ‘shame’ their sisters of color to be submissive, obedient, and unwilling to date men of other races even if that means these same black men CAN and DO date outside their race. Even now, there is a campaign against all women, and women of color by and large, by black men. ..brave black women are pushing back with their own videos, and recieve death threats for it BY BLACK MEN!.please know that the white masons, who founded that cult, were happy slave owners and they want you to want their approval….DoES….hmmm, gee, that’s ‘does’, u noticed that yet? what are does? they are animals slaughtered for consumption every year by hunters, a great preponderence of whom also ‘happen’ to be masons….u might want to keep that word ‘does’ in mind, honey…does are taken the most, but not as highly prized as bucks…just like you….do you not understand the depth of your cognitive dissonance yet? for the sake of future generations of females, of all ages, you women folk better wake up because there is a serious war against women, and women’s right to equal access under the law, and a woman’s right to exercise her own sex drive for pete’s sakes!, going on….these dudes are actively trying to recruit young males through fake political groups like MRA’s….paul elam is a mason!…and they tell teenage boys that rape as a teaching method for ‘independent women’ is ok, that mother’s are ‘evil’, that the only way to control women is to a) make them fear male reprisal and b) make them hate other women….it’s literally that simple to them!…

        ladies, ask yourselves a simple question: If there’s nothing to hide from women, then why do the masons hide it? Even from Does and even from their own wives?

        ‘fraternal order’ my a***! i’m a male in my 20’s and i can’t tell you how many friends i run across at parties who REALLY believe in this ‘mens rights’ nonsense! it’s not about rights for men, it’s about fighting AGAINST the rights of women…masons know men in my age group aren’t joining and their membership is getting old and dying off, so they’re using guys like Elam and his message, notice ‘Elam’ is ‘male’ spelled backwards?, to try to ‘raise’ us and then turn us towards masonry….and don’t forget, they recruited Shaq, he’s open about it, and he’s been ‘raising’ young rappers who are coming out as illuminati fans….

        Wake up! And don’t feel alone. There are more and more male feminists ready to push back against all this anti-independent women stuff with you.

        btw, the DoES org was created to, as one old Mason told me, mostly to ‘keep the wives yaps shut about our going to meetings so we gave them the star to keep them busy!’….they’d far prefer you were content to stay in the kitchen…
        don’t believe me? run a search on google and youtube and see it for yourselves…it’s not conspiracy….it’s just the truth coming out…


      1. That’s like saying “Ooh, I wanna worship Satan ’cause that’s what my Grandmama nim did.” Jesus said “He that loveth father or mother, sister or brother more than me is not worthy of me.”


  3. I agree with my siStar. Your making assumptions based on what another individual has wrote not your own experience. how do you know what they said is valid. How do you know that they are a part of the order? Its not by any means nor do those symbols express anything sexual. We as woman of the order do not parade ourselves as anything sexual at anytime. God is God all by himself and no one can take that away. This is not a cult nor demonic by any means. You do need to research more and read your bible cause Electa is in there. To point out ignorance is accepting ignorance in one self.


    1. Your belief that “Electa” is in the Bible shows how valid my points are. There is no one named Electa in the Bible. Rob Morris made this name up for the woman who had a church in her home in John’s letter. She was never named so we have no idea what her name was. And he made the name up to put a Christian face on one of his pagan goddesses.

      If you took a look at the Masonic publications I listed, you would know that what is written here about OES is true. The reason such organizations like OES and their brothers the Freemasons can so easily dupe people like you into following them is because you are too trusting that what people tell you is true based on their outward appearances. As the old cliche goes “looks are deceiving” and this holds true for OES & Freemasons.

      As it says in Proverbs, “the ways of a man are always right in his own eyes.” That’s why we need God to give us a spiritual wake-up call to his truth. And by God, I mean Jehovah, the Lord Jesus Christ, who created the Heavens & Earth. Not the god, Lucifer, the true god behind the OES & Freemasons to whom you (knowingly or unknowingly) are referring to.

      A mason “Short Talk Bulletin” called “Symbolism” that was reprinted in 1982 states “It may be asserted in the broadest terms that the Freemason who knows nothing of our symbolism knows little of Freemasonry. He may be able to repeat every line of the ritual without an error, yet, if he does not understand the meaning of the ceremonies, the signs, the words, the emblems and figures, he is a Masonic ignoramus.” And Albert Pike, the famous freemason of the 19th century who wrote their rituals and had great influence over the OES also, said “It was never intended that the mass of Masons should know the meaning of the Blue Degrees (the neophyte degrees), and no pains were spared to conceal their meaning.” [as quoted by Mason J.D. Buck in “The Lost Word Found in the Great Work”, 1913, p. 14-15.

      So maybe you should dig deeper into the hidden truths behind the devilish, corrupt, “New World Order” organization you’ve joined.


      1. Good Grief, As one of the heroines of the order, as you refer to John’s letter, it is the 2nd epistle of John, and she was given the name of Electa, for her status as the Elect Lady who lived in the days of St. John the Baptist, and was known for her love and kindness. The unfortunate thing is that there will always be individuals who spout crap. It is up to each individual to find the truth of they are that interested in the subject. Keep babbling, there are more than you can imagine that do know the truth. I hold God close in my heart, and the history of the heroines of the OES touch my heart for their contribution to mankind in their day and time. All of them were tried servants of God.


      2. John the Baptist & John who wrote the epistles are not the same person. You have revealed further how OES doesn’t really know or care what the Bible really says. I imagine you just came here to fulfill your oaths to defend the order & your male freemason relatives no matter what. Maybe you should consider that the real reason you came across this info is that the true God loves you enough to give you the truth so you can be free from your spiritual OES bondage.


      1. Just to clarify I am a sister. I HAVE NEVER PARTICIPATED IN AN ORGY NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN ASKED TO PARTICIPATE IN AN ORGY. I HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR 18 YEARS AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN ASKED TO COMPROMISE MY MARRIAGE FOR THE SAKE OF MY ORGANIZATION, NOR HAVE I WITNESSED THIS WITHIN MY LOCAL ORGANIZATION OR AT ANY FUNCTIONS. Now just to clarify I have belonged to churches where not only the preacher has slept around, but so have the deacons, the missionary, the patstors wife, and don’t get started on the corruption in Catholic churches. All these things happen in the church and millions still PRAISE THE LORD and serve GOD including myself. I too heard senseless rumors about OES. Now that I am a sister I can say the rumors are SIMPLY NOT TRUE!!! So if you REALLY SEEK THE TRUTH (which I doubt) find your local chapter and get involved. No one will hold you hostage and you can put to rest the rumors for yourself!!!


  4. All of it is true, oes having sex with masonic, serving baphomet, yeah i saw it with my own eyes it even cost me my engagement. anything else i need to add?


      1. no u are wrong. masons agree to one another not to have sex with a master masons wife, sister, mother, daughter knowing they are related. all others are fair game, so the wife of a non mason is okay to have sex with. the wife of a mason of the 1st and 2nd degrees is also fair game to them and in the masonic book morals and dogma it also states one of the purpose of oes is for sex for higher up masons…


      2. Thats a lie and I know because i have witnessed a mason having sexual relations with a woman that was married for over 20 years, she eventually left her husband for the mason. And the character that is being protected is different for every woman that joins.


    1. I am a siStar and I must say that you are right about mason’s sleeping with other oes siStar’s. I’ve been to a conference and I’ll be d%~+!d if I was going to let a WM dictate who I sleep with. I am not a whore or slut and I told them to s#!%w themselves. And the new folks that are joining the fraternity only join because they think being a mason is cool not knowing what it really is about because of the idiots that make it this way.


  5. I went to the lodge after i was informed about what went on in there and caught my fiance’ & her masonic brother having intercourse in what was supposed to be the lodge sacred room.


    1. Your eyes are opened now and your heart can be free.
      Choose to serve Christ in truth and love and be happy you found out and were spared the fiery pit.


    2. Amen Allison. And “ex-devil’s advocate,” although what your fiance did hurt you a lot, it was a blessing in disguise that helped reveal your ex-fiance’s true spirit before you made the huge mistake of marrying her. It was God’s way of looking out for your best interests, although it was hurtful. You’ll be in my prayers.


      1. i would like to say that if you caught her having sex at the lodge with a mason. then that means she has been having sex with him all along. it doesn’t matter if he was a mason or not. she found somebody that gave her a little pleasure, that will send her to hell. don’t blame everything on oes or mason because of something that one of them might have done.


    3. MAYBE your fiance’ was just a freak!!!!! So when religious officials (Pastor, Rev, ect) gets caught with another women or sometimes boys outside their marriages; have no Masonic affliation. Who do you blame then? You blame THAT person and their moral character.


    1. When it comes to spiritual matters such as these, it’s hardly funny. Especially when one considers that it’s a matter of choosing heaven or hell, spiritual life or spiritual death, and God or Satan. It’s unnecessary to be a baptist to discern that truth. It’s about knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. I have no affiliation with a denomination.


  6. harryagaylord i read everything on this page and this is like really interesting stuff that u posted i like what u have found and shared it with us and sister girls things watever u want me to call u i just wanna ask u… r u with the oes cuz it seems to me that ur deffending them alot… ex-devils advocate i would really love to hear more of ur story because for the pst month i have been doin research on masonry and all this weird stuff and u just look like u have been into the stuff once and i just wanna c if i have been lookin something that is not a lie or anything its just the people that i told them about this stuff they never believe me and ud like help me alot ty and harryagaylord thank you for actually taking your time and posting this stuff


  7. boltboy: i dont have a reason to lie, but it’s funny how they always try to use GOD in front of the stuff they do, GOD dnt tell my ex or the dude to !$%^ at an alter they did it to stay in the order, so since the order was so important to her, I slept w/3 of her sisters that’s in the same order as she is in, the best part was one of the chicks was ole dude’s wife… I’m going to get a lodge started up…lol


    1. advocate,

      you call yourself “ex-devil’s advocate” but your actions & mentality are right in line with what pleases the devil. You’re understandably angry with what happened between you and your ex, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Fornication and adultery will get you nowhere. I would even venture to guess that your life is just as empty now as when you exacted your revenge. Instead of making light of your sin, I would urge you to repent, turn away from your sin and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ who died for your sins. It is only then that you will find the peace that has eluded you in this whole situation. Then after surrendering to the Lord Jesus, the only one who can cleanse you spiritually from all your sin, try forgiving those who wronged you and apologize to those you wronged. It’s a much better and more satisfying way to live your life.


  8. Wow, Harry, this is definitely a good post and a very informative read.
    I was a very active mason in the blue lodge about seven years ago when my eyes were finally opened to the Truth. I received a great conviction of my sin by the Holy Spirit. I was somewhat like the oes sisters that previously posted….you coundn’t tell me any wrong thing about masonry…and I didn’t want to hear it. One day at the lodge after one of our weekly meetings, just as always we stood around talking. Well, I was informed and invited by another 33 degree brother(shriner) from another lodge to a weekend party….a 2-day pajama party that I might add. I won’t get graphic, but you could imagine what a pajama party with both men and women, and how it would turn out. I was still married at the time and my wife wasn’t invited and to top it off I was to tell her that I was to attend a district lodge meeting in another city, so I would be gone for the weekend.
    This troubled my Spirit badly and I when I got home I told my wife what I was just invited to by the brethren. To make a long story short……..I started doing research about masonry…..research that I have never attempted to do before. GOD (the Father of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ) revealed so much to me in my search for Truth. I walked away from masonry…God has forgiven me…and I have been trying to inform every mason that I know about the Truth.
    Some of the research that I found includes:
    * The all seeing eye, whom masonry teaches is god, is actually the god “Horus”. So, when praying inside the lodge during a meeting, this is just one of the pagan gods that is prayed to.
    * The cresent moon of the shriner is the symbol of Isis, the Mother of the Gods, that also ruled magic.
    * Freemasonry teaches that there is one God and men of all religions worship that one God using a variety of different names. In a Masonic Lodge, all join in corporate prayer to the Great Architect of the Universe, (GAOTU). This means all gods are prayed to, mostly pagan.

    There is so much more, but not enough blog space for it to fit. I aplogize for this post being so long.

    Check out this site . There is good info on this site. Take care all and may God bless you.


    1. David, this is a wonderful testimony of God’s love and how he can reach us no matter where we are. It never ceases to amaze me that even in our rebellious moments, God is so faithful to us and stands ready to draw us back to him. Thanks for sharing your story.


    2. How long had you been a Mason? Prince hall? International? It makes a difference. Revisions have been made. I’ve heard of stuff like that going on wiimth some. If you walked into a Mason lodge and she was in there….well, that was the first “no “!


  9. Harry, I’ve got a question not related to the current topic that my wife wants me to ask you. It pertains to the symbolism used by fraternities and sororities. Are these symbols derivatives of ancient Egyptian pagan gods?


    1. David, that’s a good question. I don’t think I’m educated enough on this subject to answer it. I’ve never been part of any Greek secret society and the people I’ve known who are part of it are, of course, unwilling to share much outside of the charity work they do to make themselves look legit. But based on the fact they’re secret societies, that they haze young people who want to join them, and the sexual looseness that seems to go on–all of these raise a red flag to me. Could you imagine true followers of Christ hazing people who want to come to Christ? Or playing mind games to make them look like they’re not worth anything until their initiation period is done, then treating them like royalty? Or encouraging members to sleep around?

      Since Greek societies are based on what was done in ancient Greece (from the rumors I’ve heard), and Greek society was full of pagan practices, this has always given me the desire to avoid them.


  10. God bless you David, and may you be strong in your efforts to educate other masons.
    God is so good to us when we choose to hear him!


  11. @ ex-devil’s advocate….sorry to tell you, but your former fiance was just loose. Not because she was a Star. And @ david.ex.mason and all the naysayers…..A LOT of people join this order for the social aspect and to meet men and women. Perhaps you just had people in your lodge that wanted to freak off. And maybe you should question what attracted you to them… you don’t make that mistake again. And @ gaylord- you are very disrespectful for sharing what you believe to be secrets of the order. You don’t have to agree, but why tear down what other people appreciate. OES and Freemasonry are NOT religions. And never were. There are some things about the organization that may have evolved over time…but being a woman, and not a Mason I don’t know. And If I did I wouldn’t tell….Especially you gaylord!! You think you know but you have no idea. These organizations are also responsible for giving people family, friends, purpose, and avenues to become better people. I often wonder about you folks who hear from God to avoid or leave the order. Have you heard from God before that instruction. How do YOU recognize the voice of God. What else has God told you? Does God also tell you when he’s pleased with you? Or is it always fire and brimstone……I wonder….


    1. Your feeling that I’m being disrespectful is your opinion and you’re entitled to it. Nevertheless, what I’ve shared here is taken from Freemasonry sources. I list them at the end of my post so you can verify what I’ve said by consulting the materials your own people have written. As a Christian who wants to see souls set free from bondage to sin, it is necessary to expose the lies that are taught in this world even if other people appreciate the lies they believe in.

      You are mistaken in your opinion that OES & Freemasonry aren’t religions. The people who founded them and who have promoted them through the centuries admit they are religions. Again, you can check my sources. You may give credit to such organizations for providing some benefits like friends, family, etc., but that’s not ultimately how things should be judged in the spiritual realm since cults can provide everything you mentioned. But you claim it makes people better. Maybe by human standards, but when one compares making people better based on God’s standards, OES doesn’t really make people better. It just makes them take their eyes away from what they really need–to realize they need Jesus Christ to save them from their sins so they can establish a true relationship with Jehovah, their Creator.

      I’m glad you stopped by to read what has been written and now you know the truth–that you are a sinner in need of God’s salvation which can only come through Jesus Christ. You are now responsible for what you know even if you have rejected it now. I pray that the Lord will weigh on your conscience and that all of this will bug you enough to the point where you will no longer be able to deny this truth. I pray in the name of Jesus of Nazareth that your heart will be softened to the truth that the God who created you cared enough to cause this information to cross your path so you can be saved and experience his love in your life.


      1. Harry I so agree with you! I was once in the Order and it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. and @ NAYstar- just because it’s a good thing to do, doesn’t make it a GOD thing to do! (When you speak about the good things the order and masons do). People please wake up and listen to what this man is saying! IT IS TRUE!!!!!! He isn’t judging, he is telling you the WORD OF GOD! Believe Him!!!!! Harry, continue to speak the truth, God is with you and so am I. You are in my prayers!


      2. To profess a Belief in Christ is to kneel before the cross, Do as God as Commanded, and Live in accordance with those laws. As a Christian I do this daily an continue to pluck the timbers from my eyes and not pick at the splinters in my neighbors eyes. As a Freemason, I am continually reminded to obey the wisdom taught by my faith and remain active in the religion of my choossing. to put God first and implore his aid in all of my undertakings. To never mention God’s name but with that reverential awe which is due from a creature to his Creator. That is what it means to be a Freemason; and what Christ commands of his disciples from every nation: To LOVE God with our whole heart, mind, and spirit. To avoid JUDGEMENT, VAINGLORY, and GOSSIP. to accept that I am a sinner, and need to fix myself; to avoid BEARING FALSE WITNESS against my neighbors.

        I pray one day you, each of the anti-Mason “Christian”, finds CHrist, accepts Christ into your hearts; and OBEYS Christ and ALL of His teachings. May your homes be filled will all the peace, Love, and Blessings of Heaven; and may God delight to dwell with you and your loved ones. I will continue to pray for you all.


      3. Beehive,

        Your whole diatribe is nonsense. Not only do you misinterpret scripture, revealing your lack of knowledge of the Bible, you flat-out lie about the true nature of Freemasonry. This proves once again that you Masonics hold your oaths and man-made traditions as more important than the Lord Jesus. You’re an idolater, according to the scriptures. And you obviously didn’t view the video which shows from major Masonic publications that Masonic doctrine is anti-Christ. You, like all the other defensive Masons, came here to fulfill your oaths of defending your false religion and your Masonic relatives like a programmed robot.

        Jesus told us we could help our brothers take out the mote in their eye AFTER we take the beam out of our own eye (Matthew 7:3-5). The context has to do with repenting of sin for salvation through Christ in order to see clearly to help others with their faults. Ye do err not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. No wonder you’re duped in your Masonry.

        If you put God first, then how is it you can’t even discern the basics of the Bible in comparison to the devilish doctrines of Freemasons? Christ never said we should avoid all judgment, just unjust judgment done without mercy. Christ commanded us in John 7:24 “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” 1 John 4:1 says, “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” When we “try” something, it means we test and examine it in order to make a judgment about it to tell what’s true and what’s false. Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.

        Then you end your comment by contradicting yourself. You claim to avoid judging people, then you make a judgment that anti-Masons need to find Christ. That’s a false judgment. It’s because we know Christ that we reject the devil’s religion of Freemasonry. So your contradictions make your statements nothing but lies and you’re projecting onto others what you yourself are guilty of. You’re not only deceived, but a deceiver. And if Freemasonry were so godly, why do so many Freemasons support abortion, which is a form of murder? Whether it’s Maxine Waters, Maya Angelou, Eleanor Roosevelt, the Rockefellers, Marie Pichel Levinson Warner, and a host of so many others, members of your organization promote the idea of murdering the innocent. That’s totally ungodly.


    2. @ NayStar…One of the reasons why I joined the brotherhood is because of the “social aspect” of meeting new people and those who were of status quo. Now, what attracted me to the craft is what I saw from the outside looking in. For example, on the holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas the brethren gave away food to those who were in need; formed teams to go out and mow the lawns of the elderly; showed up at schools and churches looking like examples of strong, unified men…..etc….

      The freaky stuff that you mentioned wasn’t exposed to me until I got further in the higher degrees.

      To answer your question about hearing from GOD:

      Here are some common ways God talks to us:

      •His Word
      In order to actually “hear” from God, we have to know some things about God’s character. We have to develop an understanding of who God is, and the way He does things. Fortunately for us, all that information is available in the Bible. The Book goes into a lot of detail about how you can expect God to react, what kinds of expectations He has for us, and most specifically, how He expects us to treat other people.

      •Other People
      Many times God will use other people to try to get through to us. It’s possible for God to use anyone at any time, but I find more messages coming from people who are practicing Christianity than non-practicing ones.

      •Our Circumstances
      Sometimes the only way God can teach us something is to allow circumstances in our life to lead us to and through the very thing we need to discover.

      •The Still Small Voice
      Most of the time God, uses a tiny voice inside us to let us know when we’re not on the right path. Some people call it “the voice of peace.” Whenever we’re contemplating something and we don’t have peace about it, it’s a very good indication to stop and carefully look at the options. There’s a reason you don’t feel peace about it. This is what I experienced when I was involved in mansonry.

      •The Actual Voice
      Sometimes we’re able to “hear” something in our spirit that sounds to us like an actual audible voice. Or all of a sudden, you just know you heard something. Pay attention to those occasions because it is very likely God trying to tell you something.

      “To know God is to love Him”…….This passage of Scripture is aligned with Satan’s unending effort to hide the truth about God’s character of infinite love and justice. We must ask God to give us the wisdom to interpret and the knowledge to understand His Word so that we might investigate the various errors and assumptions Satan has used to hide God’s truth and bind the minds of people in superstition, error and tradition.

      I pray that all who are against the truth when it’s brought forth whether it be by voice or via this blog, should not get upset at the messenger. This is one of satan’s crafty schemes…to keep them from believing or even wanting to hear the truth. This is not my saying, but it’s said in God’s Word. So, if anyone who rejects the truth, don’t get mad at me….take it up with God.

      Check out this interesting article I came across…

      God bless!


      1. @David I’m in these “upper houses” that you speak of and I can tell you that what people do behind close doors it what they want to do and it has nothing to do with the order. I’m sure there are folks in the chruch lying to their spouses about going to save souls when they are really making new sins in the motel. You just got caught up with the wrong type of people in the Masonic family.


  12. @ txstar357….So, are you saying that what the Spirit of God (Father of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ) revealed to me about this pagan practicing organization is wrong? If you and anyone else are calling God wrong, then you may need to examine yourself.

    God bless you….


  13. If you love jesus, you’re usually an ahole believing eveyone else is worshipping, the devil. There is no The Devil and quite often, there is no worshipping.


  14. I had previously in life experienced fear and hate.
    Then the Holy Spirit within in me spoke and I listened once more.
    Christianity is Love and Peace.


    1. Amen. The previous commenter was convicted by the truth and lashed out against it when their conscience was pricked. Hopefully, they will be convicted to the point of realizing their need for Christ’s salvation.


      1. Harry A. Gaylord you are an idiot. I suggest you do more research and not accept information from ex-members as gospel. And before you pass judgement on others, I also suggest you start in your own back yard. Have you seen the news lately? No mention of the atrocities of our Catholic Church? Why not?


      2. I’ve never been Catholic but I have mentioned plenty of times on this blog about their corruption so your comment is moot. But this post is about the corrupt OES so trying to throw up a diversionary tactic like mentioning Catholicism doesn’t change any of the facts on OES. You took an oath to defend them no matter what–not to mention your family ties to it. Too bad you’ve chosen to cover your eyes and ears to the truth. Considering where you’re “coming from” with your remarks, I’ll take it as a compliment.


  15. Ok I had a ? Why is it that when me & my wife have an argument her OES sisters butt in our marital issues? I have already warned them about getting involved in issues that do not have anything to do with them. I’m trying my best to keep my cool but its gonna come to the point where I’m to going expose their a#! and secrets.


    1. My advice would be that if you don’t know Jesus as your Lord, confess your sins to him, apologize to him for your sins, and accept that he died for your sins and rose from the dead. This should probably be your first priority. Then start reading the Bible to find out more about Jesus Christ and why it was necessary for him to come to Earth. As you get to know God better, and find an encouraging group of Bible-believing Christians to worship God with, you will find that your arguments with your wife will diminish over time because God will give you a new truthful perspective on what your attitude should be in these situations.

      Women butting into the marital affairs of their friends is not isolated to the OES. But in the case of the OES, they tend to have major control issues because their ultimate goal is to rule the world with their Masonic brothers. This leads them to seek as much control as possible in their communities at all levels–whether local, state, or nationally and in private as well as public organizations. When you get to know Jesus Christ personally, his Holy Spirit dwelling in you gives you the power and wisdom to place your household under his control by fending off the spirits that are driving your wife’s OES sisters in their attempts to control your house. Jesus is the one who can deliver your wife from being influenced by the OES mentality and the evil spirits behind the OES. You’ll have to pray to God for yourself, for your wife, and for her OES sisters.


  16. Being that I am an Eastern Star your blog and info is so untrue. Its ppl like you who give organizations like ours a bad name. Personally I say ask one before spreading info u know nothing about. We r probably the best organizations out here. You need to do more research Cause u suck.


    1. Since I have no part of your organization, I’m not the one giving OES a bad name. It’s the practices of the OES that give them a bad name. Just as a person doesn’t have to become a witch to know witchcraft is wrong or a person doesn’t have to kill an innocent person to know murder is wrong, it’s not necessary to become a member of OES to know that it’s wrong. You really have no grounds to argue against the info I’ve presented because I list and quote OES publications that prove how evil OES is. But I just shot up a prayer to God for you that you will see the errors of OES and you will embrace God’s light instead of the darkness of Freemasonry. I love you with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.




    1. Anything that secretly promotes submission to Satan is hardly beautiful. You are indeed free to believe as you wish, but you can’t say you were never warned about going down the wrong spiritual path.


      1. I am a christian and a Star! I do not server two masters only one my lord and savior Jesus Christ. So in saying that it also says in Luke 6:42 how can you say to your brother ” brother let me take the speck out of your eye” when you fail to see the plank in your own eye. If you believe what you wrote then pray but attacking a person is not the way to go nor is it christian behavior. It also says to speak from a position of love if you are telling yoour brother/sister guidance. It does not say judge. I have never seen anyone in the chapter engage in behavior that is sexual in any nature and i will tell you that human behavior is what it is and people in the church participate in actions such as sleeping with another in church… Jesus knew these actions and he dies for all of our sins and whether i am a christian or not I am not ever going to do anything to earn that salvation he gave it to me out of his love for me. Now i am called to see the light of his word, his love for me and the behavior i am supposed to do as a christian through the word of christ. I have grown closer to my lord and savior JESUS through OES. I have studied the bible more, fellowshipped with other sisters in christ and grown. Understand regardless if you are a star or a christian or a whatever if you are going to do something you have to take responsilbility for the actions you take. IT IS NOT OES MASONRY or anything else which is making you choose to do whatever.. for the guys whose fiance slept with another man.. she was a HO so guess what that is her and not OES. call a spade a spade and make her take responsibility for her actions in hurting you. dont put it off on anything but. if your heart is bad its bad no matter what you belong to nor is it OES fault .


      2. All of us are truly responsible for our own actions, but that responsibility extends to what organizations we choose to be a part of. I noticed you claimed to be closer to Jesus through OES. That’s a sign to me you’re not being truthful. People get close to Jesus by listening to the Holy Spirit, to the Bible, & to other true believers, not through an ungodly organization. You can’t get good fruit from a corrupt evil tree.


    2. Yuade,
      If you are a Christian (which probably led you to this site) you should read a book entitled “For God I Live: Quiet Deception of the Eastern Star” by Celeste Taylor. There is an eternity of difference between freedom in Christ and freedom to ‘believe whatever it is we want”


  18. I have a relationship with God. His light will guide you through all you believe. As a member with all my knowledge I KNOW THE TRUTH HERE, THE ORDER AND ITS BEGINNING. NEVER FALL SHORT OF OBTAINING KNOWLEDGE EVEN IF YOU ARE MY siSTAR!


    1. [I have a relationship with God]

      If you do, it must not be a strong one since you’ve allowed yourself to be blinded enough to be part of Satan’s Social Club. Anyone can say they have a relationship with God, but we can discern who’s telling the truth by the fruit they bear. An evil tree cannot bear good fruit. Neither can a good tree bear evil fruit. That’s what the Lord Jesus said. The tree of OES is full of evil fruit exactly as I pointed out in my post above. And BTW, Jesus said “He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth.” OES is much like the Pharisees when Jesus stated “…for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves,” [Matthew 23:15].


  19. Another thing, siSTAR you should know things vary…..u know what I mean ….but that’s no different from any other group. God first his light will show you everything! So I see many have not grown within Bcuz if you did this wouldn’t offend you. For everything given to you has a starting point, find it!


    1. “God first…”? Really? If you were truly concerned about putting God first, you would see that there is no such thing as OESlight, because OES is full of darkness. Isaiah spoke of people such as yourself, “Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept [doctrine] of men:” [Isaiah 29:13].

      Paul also spoke about people like those in OES–“Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,” 2 Timothy 3:5-6.


      1. I’m not an Eastern Star, but you along with some others are corrupting the Word! I encourage ALL of you to study the Word of God because YOU are taking parts of Scripture to prove your point and that is wrong…that is part of the PROBLEM with Christianity… the very things secular Christians judge others on are the things they are guilty of…God and God ALONE justifies the heart and soul of any man or woman! That is why Paul said we must work out our OWN faith with fear and trembling…so I say may God have mercy on any of our souls if we are wrong… everything is NOT in the Bible… so remove that judgmental plank from your own eye before you try to move it from someone else’s.. .study please! stop quoting the same Scripture over and over and truly study the Word…there was a lot that God said…Christians quote some other speaker in the Bible than they quote God!


      2. Anonymous, the reason you accuse our stand against oes as corrupting the word is that you don’t know the word yourself or how to apply it to everyday life. The word is for reproof and correction according to the NT which means one must make proper judgments on right vs wrong.


  20. You paid no attention to what I said. You biased the content. The name is two separate words. Just put together, look deeper into its presentation. It’s funny how ppl know so much about Christ but quote things yet forget what he himself taught. Where I’ve been and who I am is two different things. 🙂


  21. We must be careful not to judge others. Man has no heaven nor hell to put anyone in.I relate to your verses and know them very well. I’m a spiritual Christian, not religious! Jesus never spoke of religion but of faith. Whatever you believe, if you do not have a spiritual relationship with Christ, there’s no relevancy. When you have this relationship, discernment will come….light shows darkness as darkness bears no light. Pay attention to what I’m saying. It’s not for anyone to judge why andwhat a person does. I believe you are misinterpreted what I was saying or else your comeback wouldn’t have been that way.


    1. [It’s not for anyone to judge why andwhat a person does]

      That’s not what Jesus taught us. The “judge not, lest ye be judged” that Jesus talked about was referring to judging someone unjustly by not basing your judgment on the genuine truth of scripture. In fact, by telling me it’s not for anyone to judge, that statement is a contradiction since you have made the personal judgment that people should not judge.

      Jesus said “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment” [John 7:24]. That means we need spiritual discernment about whether something is good or bad because looks can be deceiving. And OES is the perfect example of that. On the outside it looks like a decent, helpful, godly organization, but behind the scenes, its teachings & practices are pure idolatry.

      Jesus also said in Matthew 7:15-20, which is the same chapter as the ever popular “judge not” verse, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” In order for someone to “know” and “beware” and determine good fruit from bad fruit, they have to make judgments based on God’s word about what a person does and why they’re doing it. So Jesus’ words show you are incorrect in your assumptions.

      And you haven’t even followed your own advice on not judging anyone. When you joined OES, you made judgments about what they were doing and why they were doing it. That’s why you joined in the first place! But you made incorrect judgments, since their fruit is evil.


      1. The point is youre not God. And your attack on others is hateful. You believe what you believe and others believe what they believe. Doesnt give you the right to be acting as if everyone that practices differently from you, that its your “right” to dictate your beliefs your way or the highway. Worry about your salvation


      2. Really, witchness?

        Judging right from wrong is not playing God. Even you’ve judged what you consider right vs. what you think is wrong in your comment. All I did in my post and comments is point out things that are objectionable. That isn’t hateful. If it’s hateful, then why are you attacking me and judging me for what I’ve said? You claim I have no right to dictate my beliefs to others, but you are dictating to me your own beliefs that what I’ve said is wrong. You say I have no right to judge while you take upon yourself the right to judge me. What hypocrisy.


  22. This is a classic example of why Fraternal organizations lie to and manipulate the standard member, such as saying they are a “Christian” organization and all the other secrets and half truths they use on all but the few who rise to the very top. They love the confusion it causes and they can keep making money off the “unenlightened” members.
    If you are a Christian, you simply cannot defend these organizations that hide who they are by doing public good works on the outside, and occult satanic worship with New World Order goals on the inside. We are called as Christians to point out evil disguised as good. If you do the research, its not hard to see the truth.


    1. I want. To know when were you a member of oes to know what it teaches? Anddddd, aside from the fact that I could care less what anyone thinks, I can see why ppl are offended by your comments. It’s not what you have to say it’s how you come across. Don’t. Catholic pray in front of of statues? Hmmmm. I mean do what. You do, everyone gonna do what they do


      1. [aside from the fact that I could care less what anyone thinks]

        If that were true, I’m sure you wouldn’t be coming here time after time to leave comments.

        [It’s not what you have to say it’s how you come across.]

        Obviously, based on your comments, it is in fact what a person says because I presented facts from people who founded your organization and established your practices in OES. If you were concerned with how people come across, then you would know how to express yourself better. With your poor sentence structure and bad grammar in your comment, you really don’t represent your organization very well. In other words, you come across as if you lack education.

        I’ll also add that you don’t have to be a member of OES to know it’s evil. Just like you don’t have to join a coven to know witchcraft is evil. You don’t have to join a terrorist cell to know it’s evil.

        [Don’t. Catholic pray in front of of statues?]

        Aside from your poor sentence structure here, you’ve misapplied Catholicism in your argument. In fact if you knew your history and the Bible, you would know Catholicism has more in common with your evil OES. Catholicism, like OES, claims to be Christian outwardly, but inwardly is full of wicked practices which are diametrically opposed to what the real Bible teaches. As a matter of fact, several of the men who’ve had a hand in Freemasonry and its rituals were Jesuits. So it appears you don’t even know the history of your own organization, yet you question how someone outside of OES can really know what it teaches.


    2. Your satan is from your faith. Not everyone believes in satan. Its funny how xtians like to tell others what they believe and should believe as if god didnt give them free will.


      1. witchness,

        Your evil wiccan beliefs are proof that Satan exists. You do evil, and try to make it seem the evil you do is right. The Bible says that’s what Satan does. If Satan weren’t real, why are you doing the things the Bible says is typical of Satan? It seems to me if you wanted to prove Satan doesn’t exist, you would make it a point to prove us wrong by NOT doing things the Bible says are satanic. Denying Satan’s existence doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist. It just means you’re deceived and are deceiving others.

        By your comments, you prove there is good vs. evil and an ultimate source for both because you’re saying I’m evil but that you’re good. You are therefore assuming a set of universal moral standards of right vs wrong. Therefore, if you are assuming such standards, you are assuming a source for such standards. So ultimately, by default you are admitting Satan exists. But, of course you know this because you worship him as he is reflected in your god/goddess deity.


  23. In accordance with strict grammatical usage these words of address may be translated in three ways:

    “to an elect lady” (which as an address is too indefinite); or, both words being taken as proper names, “to Eklekte Kuria” (an improbable combination of two very rare names); or “to Eklekte, lady” = anglice, “to the lady (or `Madam’) Eklekte.”

    The other translations which have been given–“to the elect lady” or “to the elect Kuria”–are open to objection on account of the omission of the article; but this violation of rule is perhaps not without parallel (compare 1 Peter 1:1).

    The translation adopted will partly depend upon whether we regard the epistle as addressed to an individual or to a community. Dr. Rendel Harris believes this question to be settled by the discovery in the papyri of numerous instances which prove that kurios and kuria were used by ancient letter-writers as terms of familiar endearment, applicable to brother, sister, son, wife, or intimate friend of either sex (Expositor, March, 1901; see also Findlay, Fellowship in the Life Eternal, chapter iii). In the light of this suggestion we should naturally translate, “to my (dear) lady Eklekte.”

    Grammatically, this is strongly supported by 1 Timothy 1:2 and 2 Timothy 1:2 (Timotheo gnesio …. agapeto …. tekno = “to Tim othy my true …. beloved …. child”); and the fact that the name Eklekte has not yet been discovered, though Eklektos has, offers no grave objection. This is the translation favored by Clement of Alexandria, who says of the epistle:

    scripta vero est ad quandam Babyloniam nomine Electam, significat autem electionem ecclesiae sanctae (“It is written to a certain Babylonian, Electa by name; but it signifies the further election of the holy church”). It seems doubtful whether he means by the last clause that Electa is simply a personification of the church, or a real person whose name was derived from the Christian idea of election. Either way the rendering, “to the lady Electa,” is suitable, and upon the whole it seems the best. Eklekte is not an adjective but a noun. If a person is intended, it is “the lady Electa”; if a church, it is designated, not “the elect Lady,” but “the lady Elect.” The mention of “thy elect sister” in 2John 1:13 does not hinder either supposition.


    1. Sierra, your comment is reflective of the common practice nowadays. People question, then twist the meaning of the words in the Bible so the Bible can say whatever they want it to say with their arguments that go something like, “A better translation for this word is…” or “the Greek or Hebrew really says …” or “the translators misunderstood and should have rendered this word as…” It’s all smoke & mirrors.

      Paul warned us about this several times as follows:

      Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Ephesians 5:6 (among “these things” Paul mentioned were covetousness, idolatry, and fornication, all of which are part of OES)

      2That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ; 3In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.4And this I say, lest any man should beguile you with enticing words. Colossians 2 (but the OES would have us believe all treasures of wisdom & knowledge are hid in their organization, thereby attempting to replace the Godhead with enticing words)

      He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings, 1 Timothy 6:4


  24. I would also like to lead you to the following website:

    There you will find a more comprehensive look at biblical references about Electa.

    When dealing with topics such as these, it is lucrative to have done some post-graduate research about the Bible before making assumptions. Is all of your Biblical study independent Mr. Gaylord? Do you at least discuss your thoughts among peers or like-minded individuals? I think we can all agree that if you put 10 strangers in a room and they read the Bible, they may all have a completely different interpretation of what they have just read. It is important to have a guide, a learned Pastor or Biblical scholar to lead the way. Either that or fasting and prayer. If you want the real answer, just ask God to give it to you. Mr. Gaylord have you fasted and prayed about the finger you are pointing?

    I know one thing: I LOVE my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I also know that he wouldn’t have blessed me the way that he has if he thought I was a member of the occult. HE KNOWS MY HEART.

    I am not at all angry at you for assuming I am a member of the occult, or judging me without knowing me. I am sure you are a delightful man.


    1. Sierra,

      If you loved the Lord Jesus as you claim, why are you eating at the table of devils? “Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils,” 1 Corinthians 10:21. And which Jesus are you talking about? He warned us in Mark 13:22, “For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.”

      And there’s a huge ding in your armor if you’re standing on what you’ve learned at the website you gave in the link. It is relying solely on what Clement of Alexandria said, not what the word of God actually says. Clement of Alexandria mixed Plato’s idolatrous philosophies with Christianity. Clement believed Christians could reach deification and assimilate into God. But that’s no surprise since that is what OES and other freemasonry organizations teach. It appears that you and the teachers you embrace are “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth,” 2 Timothy 3:7.


    2. @Star…Lol, I pray that veil is snatched off of you and those involved in that mess. I feel sorry for you. We are praying for all of you. May YHWH and His son Yeshua enter your lives and take over.


  25. The scripture on false prophets could very well be describing you, couldn’t it?

    I am not at all impressed by your endless knowledge of scripture. Lucifer himself knew the Bible. I am surprised how quickly you do reply with them though! Not even my Pastor who has an advanced degree and preaches 3x on Sunday can do it as fast as you can.

    Why do you skate around my direct questions to you? I already know how you feel about the OES and freemasonry. It is abundantly clear, sir. This knowledge of yours…where does it come from? Have you fasted and prayed about your assumption? Have you asked THE ONE directly for your answer? Or are you relying on your own self-proclaimed insightful knowledge about the Bible and all the inner workings of Christianity? Notice, I am not calling you names. I am not claiming that I know who you are, when I most certainly do not.

    Have you ever sinned? Do you sin now? Or are you so close to Jesus, you consider yourself His mirror image?

    What of Christmas trees? Do you own one? A modern day Asherah pole! When do you keep the Sabbath day? I am just curious to know where you are in your faith.


    And yes, I LOVE HIM. I have a fantastic relationship with Him…and it is proven by my “fruit”!


    1. [The scripture on false prophets could very well be describing you, couldn’t it?]

      No, it couldn’t because anyone who truly knows the Lord, knows that I have rightly divided the word of truth. The fact that you actually can’t tell speaks volumes about your lack of spiritual discernment and disregard for the truth.

      [I am not at all impressed by your endless knowledge of scripture. Lucifer himself knew the Bible.]

      My knowledge of scripture isn’t endless, but I know enough to know what’s truth and what’s a lie, which is why I wrote about OES. Lucifer may know the Bible, but he’s not living it nor does he quote it in the correct context to give the correct meaning, as I have by God’s grace. As a matter of fact, he twists it in much the same way you did in your comment about “Electa.” Satan was the first one who questioned God’s word in Genesis with his “yea, hath God said…?” and you have carried out his tradition by questioning what God’s word said about the elect lady in 2 John who is never named, in spite of what Clement of Alexandria said.

      [Why do you skate around my direct questions to you?…Have you fasted and prayed about your assumption? Have you asked THE ONE directly for your answer? Or are you relying on your own self-proclaimed insightful knowledge about the Bible and all the inner workings of Christianity?]

      My statements aren’t assumptions, they’re facts. And like I’ve said before, which people like you choose to ignore, I’ve given sources who are Freemasons for everything I’ve presented. Your questions are nothing more than the same tactic that the woman of Samaria used with Jesus in John 4. When Jesus confronted her about her sin, she tried to turn the conversation to an argument about “religion” and where or how one should worship. Jesus didn’t fall for it, neither am I. Again, you are showing your lack of spiritual discernment between what is true and what isn’t. You have exchanged the truth of God for Satan’s lies and are too blind to see it.

      Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. That is how I know what spirit you are truly of, in comparison to what God’s word says. You have compared me to your pastor, when you should compare me to God’s word. You have promoted what the false teacher Clement of Alexandria said as opposed to what God’s word truly says. You have questioned God’s word when you should accept it like anyone who listens to the Holy Ghost would. That’s how I have judged you by your statements with the righteous judgment Jesus told us to use. And “THE ONE” you refer to in your statement is the same phrase that people in the new age movement use to refer to their new age messiah who is a false Christ. They often call him “THE ONE,” which brings me again to ask, which Christ are you following?

      [What of Christmas trees? Do you own one?]

      No, I don’t own a Christmas tree and I don’t celebrate the Catholic Christ-mass. If you took the time to do a search of my blog (upper right hand corner) of “Christmas”, you would know what I’ve said about the Christ-mass.

      [I have a fantastic relationship with Him…and it is proven by my “fruit”!]

      Jesus did actually say we can judge a tree by its fruit and the fact that you cling to doctrine that is opposed to his tells us a lot about your fruit and the true nature of your relationship with him.


      1. And your comments are written by a man–you. So if you’re saying we cannot trust anything written by man, we cannot trust any religious writings, including those of Wiccans. We cannot trust laws against perjury, obstruction of justice, murder, or those that protect the environment or set speed limits on roads since they are written by men. And we cannot trust your comments or your opinions, since they are man’s. See how ridiculous your statement is, witchness?

        If a person’s writings or statements are backed by valid historical, scientific, and spiritual evidence, then that person’s writings or statements or beliefs are true. That’s the type of evidence proving the Bible is true.


  26. Hello everyone, I just stumble across this blog. Why are you all continuing this dialog? There will always be those who join the craft whether the Masonic lodges or Eastern Star Courts that find some reason to get out. Remember everyone that join is due to their own free will and accords. There will be those to practice what the craft teaches (and it is not religion) and those that do not. This is similar to a person that believes in a Supreme Being and those are are an atheist, creation verses evolution.

    Now for all you that joined those organization in one reason or another it was your choice (free will). Also, I am very sure you all joined fraternities or sororities in college; likewise took an oath or obligation as such. I did not read any displeasing information about that organization and they have secrets as well. If you are disappointed with one organization and want to expose it, then expose all of your other little (organizations) secrets. Otherwise, be at peace with your decision you made by removing yourself and let it be. My advice to all who are members of the Masonic lodges and OES Courts, stop adding fuel to his ridiculous fire and it will extinguish itself. Thank you.


    1. [Why are you all continuing this dialog?]

      They continue to dialog because their hearts are pricked by the truth that OES is of the devil, but they (like you) are kicking against the truth in an attempt to justify themselves in their sin. The “craft,” as you call it, is crafty like Satan and masquerades as light, like Satan does, but it is full of darkness. You really can’t bring a valid argument against the truth shared here since I quote from the liars who laid the foundation of your false religion and I compare your false religion to the undeniable truth that only Jehovah is light and in him is no darkness at all. People have continued the dialog because something within them is yearning to be free and they can’t help the curiosity of wanting to find out if they are truly on the right path, which sadly they aren’t if they cling to OES & Freemasonry.

      [stop adding fuel to his ridiculous fire and it will extinguish itself]

      God forbid. The fuel behind this fire is the Holy Spirit of Jehovah and this fire is a truth that can never be extinguished by any of your feeble man-made arguments.


  27. As I stated I just came across this blog only a few days ago. At what point did I say I was a member? Because I know the terminology does not make me a member. You spoke about false religion. How many churches does it says Christ started? Just to paraphrase, upon this rock I build my (one) church; now how many different churches are in your city? Did Christ build/commission multiple churches? Far as I know you may be worshipping in a false church. So why put other organizations down just because YOU believe they are wrong? You can’t get the splinter out someone else eye, when there is plank in yours. Now sir/madam have a pleasant life and there will be no more fuel this fire from me.


    1. Please spare me your smoke & mirrors arguments. In John 4, when Jesus confronted the sins of the Samaritan woman at the well, she did the same thing you’ve done trying to turn the conversation away from her sin to who had the right religion. If you really knew what truth is, you wouldn’t come here to defend the lies of OES. I haven’t hidden my beliefs since they’re just a click away at the top of the screen on this blog. If you can’t tell truth from falsehoods, that speaks volumes about your lack of spiritual discernment.

      And your misapplication of the “upon this rock” scripture would be amusing if it weren’t so sad. Jesus established one universal church with some members in heaven while other members are on Earth. Jesus said “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations,” Matthew 24:14 and “… ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth,” Acts 1:8. So he has believers, and therefore churches, all over the world. But since you despise Christianity, I can see why you got it wrong.

      I already have the plank removed from my eyes, which is how I can see clearly that any organization embracing Satan is against God, like the OES. So maybe the plank that needs removing is the plank that is blocking your vision.


  28. I am leaving OES. I was a star point, I’m very unhappy with my experience in OES. The most unfriendly, self-serving and arrogant women I have ever met. The OES states it is non-denominational yet touts its Christianity all over the place. They say “All you need is a belief in a higher power” but being Jewish I endured their insanity and felt like an outcast. I was afraid to tell anyone I am Jewish because all the opening brouhaha ceremonies were all about Christian this and salute the Christian flag and “Onward Christian Soldier” and “The Old Rugged Cross”. I just couldn’t take the LIES any longer nor the deceit. So off I go, forlorn and extremely disappointed. An extremely hurt and discarded Star Sister


    1. Although some groups may “tout” Christianity, it’s just for show or because they are ignorant of what OES is really about. They are like the Israelites God spoke to Isaiah about in Isaiah 29:13 “…this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men.” But your comment brings up two questions. Why would you be afraid to say that you’re Jewish? And why do displays of Christianity turn you off?


    2. Anonymous–I am very sorry you had such a bad experience in OES. Those women are supposed to be your sisters, and it is a shame and a disgrace that they behaved to you like self-righteous jerks. Most chapters are not like that, and it is not in keeping with the non-denominational spirit of Freemasonry for them to behave like that. That said, it is true that the majority of woman in a lot of OES chapters are Christian.

      I have had a Worthy Matron who was Jewish, and my own beliefs lean toward mysticism. I read ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ and knew that I had found my home in faith, so I definitely understand the sense of exclusion you appear to be feeling. I am fortunate to belong to a wonderful chapter with a lot of fine members who have made me feel very welcome. I truly wish that had been the same for you, my sister.

      With Kindest Regards,



      1. [I have had a Worthy Matron who was Jewish, and my own beliefs lean toward mysticism.]

        So that means you outright lied in your previous comment here when you stated that oes was an extremely Christian order. If it were extremely Christian, they wouldn’t let in non-Christian Jews or people into mysticism. Liar.

        And if they were really Christian, they would heed these words from Paul in 1 Corinthians 10 since Freemasonry is of the devil: “But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils. Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.”


  29. Their displays of Christianity turn me off because they are NOT suppose to show allegiance to ANY religion…only a “Higher Being”. My Father was a past Master of his Lodge. I learned alot from him. I hesitate to say I am Jewish, (was raised Catholic by my father’s wishes and my Mother was Jewish which I later embraced also) because its always about Christianity at meetings…as I said, the Christian songs, the referances to the Bible, (I am an Old Testament Lady). I don;t even think they realize why the building is called a Masonic “TEMPLE”, a TEMPLE!!! I embrace ALL sects w/great respect and find it utterly and passionately to have someone share and speak to me about their beliefs whether Hindu, Muslum, Shammam, Pagan etc. So, having expounded I say amoung many other unintellagable and ignorant pontifications I have heard from SOME of them, (there are one or two whom I have come to truly love), making it KNOWN to everyone they are CHRISTIANS, (I was given a pamphlet written by a passed Grand Sister which outlined specifically the Christian behavior of OES members). The evening my initiation and prior to that when they come to your home, I was asked if I had a belief to a “Higher Power”. I was told that was all I needed to have among other things I am sure. I do not even think they realize that Masons were originally Jews. I have no problem with the members being Christian. My outrage is that they make it known, as in the pamphlet, We are a Christian organization”. Thats a no no among all the other hypocritical behavior contrary to the Oath I took the evening I was Initiated.


    1. Thanks for explaining. However, your anger toward OES is for the wrong reasons. As I stated before, OES masquerades as if they’re Christian, but they aren’t. Your animosity toward Christianity is also for the wrong reasons. You said you were “an Old Testament Lady,” but did you know the prophecies about the Messiah in the Old Testament have been fulfilled by Jesus Christ? Therefore, at the risk of offending you even more, I would say that if you were to gain a true understanding of the scriptures, a true understanding of the Tanakh, you would see that there is none other name under heaven, besides the name of Jesus, given unto men by which we must be saved. This is the faith Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all had. As a matter of fact, Abraham & Jacob met Jesus (before he was born of Mary) face to face in the Old Testament.


    2. Anonymous–Whatever that pamphlet is, it’s not giving out accurate information. OES does use the Christian Bible, but it is not supposed to espouse any particular religion any more than Freemasonry is supposed to. I was told as an initiate and made clear as an Assoc. Conductress to an initiate that a member must believe in a higher being of some sort, period, that we make no further religious demands than that.



  30. I’m not really AFRAID of saying I am Jewish, I meant that in a way of shunning me. This concern of mine happened about 4 months ago then I realized recently I needed to go.


  31. I do not have anger toward The OES. I have grave disappointment in them for their “Masqierade”. I only know of Yewah-Elohem and the Tree O Life. I have heard that “Jesus” is in the Old Testament, however I am a Gnostic/Kabbalist. The OES is just another disappointment to a seeker with passion for the “Truth”. So, to me they have turned out to be no better than “Organized Religion”. Another word I have no respect for. Here is a 10,000 year old truth you may consider pondering:

    “When the Soul is elevated above itself in mystical contemplation by Union with intellect (Spirit) it becomes identified with the Pure Thougths or Words of God, where NOTHING mortal can approach and no sound is to be heard, for all processes or temporal activities are transcended, and the Soul abides serene in its immaculate simplicity before the presence of the Silent One”.

    This is my “Frustration” with OES not “Anger”. Dont “Tout” yourself and praise your organization for “Higher” teaching and in actuality be a snake in the grass. One final offering to you from the same ancient teachings:

    “That ‘Truth’ is at the bottom of a well, is, with some people a sufficient justification for allowing it to remain there”. Perhaps OES might consider this.


  32. You have not offended me in the least. Your verbiage is quite refreshing in that, you speak with a true and honest and educated offering of which I respect because it is all I am seeking between all people. My frustration has always been with such sayings as, “One cannot ever discuss religion or politics”. To me that is a great wall we put upon one another as I believe, that we need to be abe to “discuss” and speak our mind with one another no matter what. Although to you this may seem ‘idealistic’ it is in essence the thing I strive for with each person I meet. So, thank you for being what I had so naievly thought I would share and receive from OES. My “animosity” is in truth something I am working on to dismiss from myself as it is a negative force. However, it is with the Church and organized religion, there is that word again, ‘religion’. In reverse, make no mistake, I embrace the “Teachings” of Christ because He was Jewish and taught Judaism not Christianity. Constantine started this after the crucifixtion. Martin Luther explained to him that we do not a ‘Man” or an organized group of self appointed Higher Ups. Hence Martin Luther left, and we saw the Lutherins. We Historically also have the Essenes, another group who existed outside ‘organized religion’ and achieved greatness among God. So, to me Jesus was a Prophet…one who also achieved greatness . OES who ‘touts’ Jesus might realize a beginning would be to recognize that He was a Jew and consider acting in His true Teachings, “That we love one another”.


  33. Anonymous , If you are a Kabbalist, then in fact your views are right on par with Masonic views.
    The lower local levels may tout Christianity, but they are doing so while using occult practices just the same. I had a lightbulb moment when my Mom asked me to participate in a Women of the Moose ceremony in which she was being initiated into a higher seat. We were in a large circle, we walked five points, while a little bell was rung I forget what other ritualistic things were done. I realized later we were walking the shape of the pentagram. My Mom was a Christian also, but that ceremony was not from God. The Bible also warns us about Jews who stay in their old occult pagan ways, and promises to deal with those who call themselves Jews but are not. Revelation 2:9 “I know thy works and tribulation, and poverty,(but thou art rich)and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan”. I don’t want to offend, but these are the Kabbalists and Zionists who are descendants of the Khazarian Empire Jews who persecuted Christ. The ones who still practice in the occult and the deceptions of Satan. Also, the Christian Church was formed well before Constantine mixed in pagan beliefs to control people. What would you call the first Jews who were baptized in the name of Jesus before the crucifixion? These are the ones who did believe the Messiah had arrived, they rejoiced, did not reject him, and turned from their pagan ways. All roads do not lead to salvation and eternal life with God. A prophet would not have been resurrected after being witnessed as dead, then witnessed as alive in the flesh, and while still bearing the marks upon his body, showed himself three separate times to his deciples in a period of days, ate with his deciples, performed miracles which were witnessed, and then ascended into Heaven. Jesus Christ is the only way to be forgiven of sin and receive The Lords Holy Grace.


  34. If Christ is the only way to His Father then what shall we say to the Buddhists, Hindu, Seik, etc., Precisely my agruement with Christian thinking. I am not the Kabbilist of the myth of Satanic Kabbalist who run around drawing circles an bay at the moon. The Jewel of Judaism is the Kabbala, a sacred and blessed set of living practiced by Jesus Christ Himself, for those teachings of knowledge is what led the Elders to recognize Him as the Messiah and embraced Him by taking Him into further lessons of the Kabbala.

    Some cannot account for these precious years when He we are led to believe He “went away to become a carpenter” Absurd! It was the Teachings of Christ that I sought and broke away from being a Lamb led to the slaughter by organized religion. I am made in Gog’s image not that of any Church. Can I walk on water, no. Can I change water into wine, no. But through the knowledge of the Essenes and other beautiful Jewish sects who LIVED Kabbala, I no longer ‘believe’, I know. I know through ‘experience’, minus dogma, minus dancing around and drawing circles and all that Satanic goolish stuff. Which by the way does work if one chooses immediate gradification and one wants to sell there souls.

    I prefer to go the way of the Kabbalistic Christ as the teachings of Judaism insist upon it. Jesus did not die on the cross. Those are New Testament hundred year old rantings of gossip. I totally respect and your “beliefs”. Perhaps you may want to give some time to the Nag Hammadi Library which includes, “The Gospel of Mary” and so many more Gospels that the church fought and lost to surpress from the the Christians at Large. Elaine Pagels a Harrington Spears professor at Princeton University was asked many years ago to come and join scholars from around the world to help interpret these lost Gospels which are Copticand which were finally released in 1971 after being discovered in Egypt at an old momastery sight when the church was committing another Genicide of people who had “knowledge” they didn’t want YOU to know about.

    “The Gnostic Gospels” is an award winning text by Pagels among four more books on the truth about what really may have happened. If I “Believed” Jesus is the only way to salvation then all my sisters of other sects are really in trouble. To me He is Light, a Way, another wat to the road we all travel. I am a seeker of truth, not fantasy. I embrace what works for you and I am passionate to know it does. For me, I must go with TRUE teachings He was taught by His elders who made Him the Man He was.

    The Jews whom you say killed Him were political mice, we see them in all religions. Don’t let yourself get caught up in Mel Gibson’s jargon. I wish you universal Love and ‘knowledge of self’ and embrace your comments as a gift to me.


    1. Anonymous, you have let your true colors shine through. It has now become clear that you were drawn to my site not because you wanted to complain about OES, but really wanted to work in your false doctrines. You are truly like the people Paul warns us of in Galatians 2:4 “who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage” to the false doctrines you cling to. Jesus Christ is the only way, the only truth, the only life, and no man comes to the Father, Jehovah, but by him. So what we say to the Buddhists, Hindu, & all other religions including yours is that “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him,” [John 3:36]. A day of judgment is coming for all men, and those like you who do not believe in the true Christ, which is the Lord Jesus Christ of the New Testament, will spend eternity in hell.

      ALL kabbala is of the devil. Your claim that your kabbala isn’t is much like those in white witchcraft (Wicca) claiming they aren’t like black witchcraft that worships Satan. All of them are the doctrines of devils. Spiritually speaking, the spirit behind your kabbala is the same spirit behind all the other kabbalas. You all bow down to the god of this world, the prince of the power of the air, called Satan. I have covered the lies taught by Hinduism, the lies taught by Buddhism, and lies of other religions. You claim there is no absolute truth and that truth is relative with your statement “embrace what works for you,” but those are faulty & contradictory ideas. If there is no absolute truth, then that means the idea of “no absolute truth” cannot be true itself because it claims to be absolutely true. It breaks the law of non-contradiction.

      The Bible has proven to be completely true scientifically, historically, and spiritually. How do we know it’s true spiritually? By the lives that have truly been changed and by the prophecies it predicted centuries ago that have been fulfilled. This tells us these people truly heard from God. Your Essenes & Gnostic gospels & the gospel of Mary don’t even come close to matching the truth of the Bible. Your Kabbalistic Christ is a false Christ. You deny Jesus died on the cross, but there are 10 reliable ancient historical writers from the late 1st century to early 2nd century that prove that he did indeed die on the cross. Those ancient historical non-Biblical documents even prove that the facts stated in the New Testament are completely true, which prove the gospels & the book of Acts were accurate eyewitness testimony.

      You claim to know things minus any dogma, but the Gnostic gospels & the Essenes ARE dogma. You even admit they’re dogma by stressing they are “TRUE teachings.” Dogma is “a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.” So you have contradicted yourself. People who contradict themselves are double minded and “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways,” [James 1:8]. That means what you say cannot be relied upon as truth. You are deceived and are trying to deceive others with your false teachings.

      So cling to your “experiences” all you want. I’ll take my FAITH in the true Jesus Christ which is backed up by the FACTS of history, science, and spirituality as found in both the Old Testament & New Testament.


  35. I do not question your Faith. I am not arguing with you. In 1945 in Egypt , 50 codices were found. I spoke about them above. Again I say to you, Jesus was Jewish. He was taught by His elders from “The Jewel of Judaism”, The Kabbalistic “ancient” teachings which He Mastered and became one of our most profound and perfect Human Beings. I do not have “beliefs’. Nor do I have Blind Faith. I ‘know’ through my committment to ‘knowing self’ and there by getting closer to God. Again I make an example of all my brothers and Sisters in this world, whether Christian or not, that their practices of getting close to God are respected by me and find those of other practices on the road to knowing self will all get there by practicing the teachings of a Kabbalistic Christ. You are arguing with yourself. The facts the Lost Gospels found in 1945, (The Nag Hammadi Library), dispell your “Beliefs”. They are Coptic which is “Law”. They are true penned words of Jesus that the Church tried to surpress and failed. We now know so much more about the Bible and it has been most helpful to those who needed much questions answered. Who are YOU to make such accusations upon me, “Judge not, lest ye be Judged”! What Kind of God is your God who would condemn true people of committment to their beliefs because they are not YOURS. YOU are the one I speak about above. The one of false tongue who condemns others for their ‘Different’ teachings’. History? It is your kind through History that has shed blood all over the place for NOT excepting Christ as their savior. The Incas, The Spanish Revolution. What right has anyone to force YOUR teachings down someone elses throat! I will pray for you my Brother that you may learn to accept ALL men and women in this world no matter what they practice to find God. For this is the very Essence of Jesus’ teachings. All are brothers. Also, you might try to re-educate your Christian “Beliefs” as “The Gnostic Gospels” are all about Jesus, The Doubting Thomas, Mary and more. You are in my prayers and I thank you for expressing your views.


    1. The Jesus you’re talking about is not the Jesus Christ of the Bible. I never said Jesus wasn’t Jewish. He wasn’t taught, nor did he teach the falsehoods of the Kabbala. It really doesn’t matter when the codices were found that you’re talking about since the New Testament is backed by over 5700 manuscripts that hold up what it says and that’s a whole lot more than the manuscripts backing your false gospels, and much more than the number of manuscripts about Julius Caesar, Plato, & Socrates. Whether a false gospel was found in 100 AD or in 1945, it’s still false.

      You just returned to spew more of your worthless unclean vile dogma. All the evidence I provided in my previous comment to you is enough to put your false doctrines to shame several times over. You are ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth because you’ve allowed Satan to block your spiritual vision. And when you return like you have to somehow defend your doctrines, you just inadvertently give more evidence of how contradictory & unlearned you are. Check your history because the religion you’re talking about that was spread by shedding blood wasn’t Christianity, it was Catholicism. Catholicism is much like your Kabbala. Kabbala claims to be Jewish when it has nothing to do with the laws of Moses. Catholicism claims to be Christianity but has nothing to do with the true Lord Jesus Christ. Kabbala has a false Jesus just like Catholicism does. It was the Vatican who sent soldiers out around the world to hold inquisitions to force people to bow down to the Pope. The true Bible has never taught that & true Christians have never done that because the New Testament clearly says “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.” Get your facts straight.

      And your quip about “judge not, lest ye be judged” is so amusing & contradictory. You came here with comments of judgment against OES and how wrong they are, and you make a judgment against my beliefs and then you make the judgment that your beliefs are better, yet you tell me I shouldn’t judge after you’ve made judgments yourself. How hypocritical & contradictory! The fact you contradict yourself just shows you really don’t know which way is up. Professing yourself to be wise, you have shown yourself to be a fool. You are ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. As I said history, science, & the spirituality of prophecies with their fulfillment all point to the fact that the Bible is true from Genesis to Revelation. Your Gnostic gospels & other false writings can’t boast of such a spotless record. Your path promises life but leads to death & gross darkness.

      And don’t bother praying for me. Since the Bible says those who are not part of the faith of the true Lord Jesus Christ are “giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.” So I really don’t need someone like you praying for me when you have a huge plank in front of your eyes.


      1. light .Harry I know both sides of the star. Some oes organization do participate in paganism sex and all the hula. My oes organization doesn’t. We can’t even haveour shoulder uncovered or breast revealed to not temp the brothers. I appreciate they try hard to keep Rob Morris cover up and try to make it Christian. They don’t teach us electa was and actual person etc. From the beginning of my comments never was I in the dark about this. They talk about the kaballa for just what it is. I’m good where I’m at with it as long as there is no chanting unknown speaking and funny stuff lol. And to comment on the comment made about the guy who fiancee was doing what she did with the other guy…did someone Really justify she was a freak? That tells me you who commented have already been there in the circle of that and your down with stuff like that. You have also identified yourself to what section of the eastern star


  36. Excellent response Harry.

    Anonymous, I would simply like to highlight one of the things that you said. “Jesus did not die on a cross.” While certainly Harry covered that in his response. May I please encourage you to investigate this deeply, for if you can see that most certainly Jesus did die on a “cross” then you may start to doubt the other false things you have come to believe. I could recommend hundreds of resources, but from reading your comments, I can see that you are a highly intelligent individual and can certainly locate and investigate this critical “fact” for yourself.

    It is true that the entire Christian faith “rests” on the resurrection of Christ. The Apostle Paul said “If Christ be not risen then our faith is in vain.”

    I wish you well.


  37. I wish you all well…especially you Harry. You are the person my Jesus told me needed the most peayer. I will pray for you in that your ignorance atests to what these 1,600 year old Gospels that were discovered teach us about “Those who will offend your Soul, if you let them”. …


    1. Incredible. You tell me not to judge & yet you’ve returned again with your own judgments. Not only that but you’re projecting. You call me ignorant when you’re the one guilty of ignorance. I’ve backed up everything I’ve said with links to where you can find pure, unadulterated FACTS to prove my points & yet you come back with your unfounded opinions without a shred of evidence proving any predicted and fulfilled prophecies from your false writings, without any historical facts from your false gospels, and without any scientific facts from your false gospels. But we’re just supposed to buy into what you’ve said on blind faith just because you’re the one who said it. Satan really has you hook, line, and sinker. I rebuke you & your false teachings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and pray you will see the true light before its too late.


  38. If Freemasonry and O.E.S. are so full of brotherhood and light, why does evil Hollywood in both the film industry and music industry force rising celebrities to join in order to advance entertainment careers? Why are they all masons? Buddah I would encourage you to try some real research into this evil organization, and the truth about what they represent. Or hey just throw up a triangle hand sign like Jay-Z and join and pick your master. We all are going to end up on the side of either God’s Holy Grace, or Satans deceit and Hell. If you really study all this from all the angles, you will see the truth emerge. If you read the Holy Bible, and begin to study whats really going on in this world, you will see how Gods word is meant to guide and protect us through all this deception coming at us in so many forms from every direction. ” Beloved believe not every spirit, but try the spirits, whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world”. 1 John 4-1.


  39. No one in Hollywood forces ANYONE to Join the Masons nor OES. There are diverse beliefs, Mostly Jews, of course Ron L. Hubbard and more.


    1. Anonymos,

      All non-Christian belief systems are intertwined. There are only two belief systems in existence–God-based or man-based. The spirit behind the man-based system is Satan and they all have at the core the questioning of God’s word that Satan started in the Garden of Eden, “yea, hath God said…?” [Genesis 3:1].

      “16They provoked him [Jehovah] to jealousy with strange gods, with abominations provoked they him to anger. 17They sacrificed unto devils, not to God; to gods whom they knew not, to new gods that came newly up…” [Deuteronomy 32:16-17] This is the heritage of all false belief systems. So in the entertainment industry you will find Kabbalistic Jews who are also Freemasons & OES. You will find Scientologists who are also Freemasons & OES. You will find artists accepting awards at awards shows who thank “Jesus” who are Freemasons & OES behind the scenes. There are Buddhists in Hollywood that are also Freemasons & OES. That’s how Satan and his godless followers work.

      Since your heart is hardened against truth, I know you won’t accept this, but it’s fact.


  40. Harry A. Gaylord

    May God continue to increase your insight to spread the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ. Hardened heart of unbelievers will continue into that direction until they are ready to hear the truth, otherwise we can only pray for them. Unbelievers only will continue to find ways to make their liar appear as truth and try to use God’s word to defend their lie while the TRUE is so clear.

    May God Bless you.


  41. Wow! this is a fantastic site. I’ve learned a tremendous amount of information. And it has only increased my faith and certainty that God’s word (yahweh/ Father God of Jesus Christ) is power and gives us a clear path to follow.


      1. we as christians do not however have the right to judge ones heart. and that mr gaylord is what you have personally done to my posts. Only God knows a persons heart and what his motives and beliefs are. You do not. So in your trying to enlighten others be careful and mindful that you do not JUDGE someones christianity because not one beside jesus was blameless. Nor does any of us have the right to judge others morality nor their spiritual walk with jesus… i believe thats gods job and i am pretty confident that he knows perfectly how to do it. You can put the facts you belive out there but you have to be very careful you dont think you have the right to judge another because the word of god is very clear in that…. you will have to answer for yourself to god on judgement day just as i will for the things i have done in my life.


      2. Sonja,
        Jesus said we would know a tree by its fruit. Good trees give good fruit. Bad trees give evil fruit. We are also commanded to test the spirits & to exercise spiritual discernment in the Bible. That’s why the apostles wrote the epistles. By telling me not to judge actions & doctrines you’re saying I should accept whatever comes down the pike. Sorry but your premises are wrong.


      3. yes you can judge a tree by its fruit but you neither neither me nor my fruit so judging someones christianity is wrong not my premisis. You do not know any fruit in my life nor who i am as a person. You judge me by what you think you know based upon the fact I am a Star. I am very active in my church and in my community and in MY walk with god. What i am saying if you can read it correctly is dont attack someones faith because that you do not have the right to do. By all means put out what you think you know in regards to OES you have that right and apparently you feel that responsibility but you dont need to say someone isnt walking with god when sir you do not know their heart or their faith walk. the problem with people today is they judge so much they forget to take the plank out of their own eye. I am not going to debate what you feel about OES that is your right. I will say that judging someone when you do not understand nor know them based upon how you feel about OES is wrong and unjustified. If you have a biblical reference to how god says you are to do that then by all means show me because sir i have my bible right here and i see where it says your not suppoosed to.


      4. Sonja,
        The fact you defend oes when they use satanic symbols & ungodly oaths speaks volumes about your alleged walk w/God. How Peter handled Simon the sorcerer is one example of how Christians should judge. Simon acted like a Christian but thought he could buy the Holy Spirit’s power. Peter told him “your money perish with you since you thought the gift of God could be bought. You have no part in this matter because your heart isn’t right w/God.” That’s a paraphrase from Acts 8. Simon was judged by his words.


      5. i was interested in joining the OES, but with the information I’ve learned about the society I’ve decided that it’s simply not for me.


  42. When it’s all said and done …and down to that final hour & day of judgement….” …..every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Chist is Lord”. Even Satan himself will bow to our Lord Jesus Christ. So, to all of the naysayers and unbelievers, the day will come when You too will realize that all Harry & us others were only trying lead you to the true light of what the Word of God says. It’s pretty simple….you can choose to believe it or not. As the Almighty God puts it “Woe to those………”


      1. then again dont even worry about express how u feel – it doesnt matter –


      2. sister go find a book on witchcraft rituals and look up the ritual drawing down the moon and compair it to somthing u had to do on the star,,,find the true meaning of sacred prositute,,i not saying u r on the corner,,,i’m talking about the spiritual practice from back in pauls’ days


  43. The language of war – who can know it but the ordained? Let grace rule over the law, the belief that Jesus Christ came to earth in the flesh as our testimony we are of God, and let love testify of the outworking His Spirit.

    Let us also remember that angels walk among us – give them hospitality. They are not from here and may seem to speak strangely at times being committed troops with strict Operational Security needs – often doing the dirty work we feel is beneath us – remember their suffering on our behalf and hospitality to all.

    Perfect love should cast out all fear – some of His servants are strange – lets not cast upon anyone more then they have earned. Do not surgeons get bloody treating the sick? Can you minister to a warlock without learning his name? Publicans, Sinners, Prostitutes. Would you supp at their tables? Who will love the Pagan? You? With such fear, how can there be room for even yourself in your heart? Face down your fear and you will have faced the Devil.

    Shall we act as though there are things that have somehow fallen out of the plan of God? With similitudes He will confound the wise. Be humble and avoid being confounded. Live like we are in a movie with a happy ending.

    Be sure that the harvest goes on at it’s appointed pace – the scales being much used.


    1. Mark,

      [Perfect love should cast out all fear]

      Since that’s the case, this means the “sisterhood” doesn’t have love since they are threatened about not revealing the secrecy of their organization, whereas Jesus warned about groups like OES when he said, “Wherefore if they shall say unto you…behold, he [Christ] is in the secret chambers; believe it not,” [Matthew 24:26].

      [Who will love the Pagan? You? With such fear, how can there be room for even yourself in your heart?]

      There’s no fear here. And the reason I did this post is because I love the people trapped in this satanic organization enough that I reveal the truth so someone will possibly see the true light & flee from the dark place of oes.

      [Shall we act as though there are things that have somehow fallen out of the plan of God?]

      Not everything that occurs in this dark world is in God’s plan since we are beings with free will. However, God’s plans can counteract the plans of those who resist him. God is not willing that any should perish. That wasn’t in his plan, but he knew that there WOULD be people who perish because of their own choice. OES is clearly not in God’s plan since it’s of the devil.


  44. One of the most encouraging blogs ive ever read,keep it up Harry Gaylord!your labour in the Lord is certainly not in vain,God bless you and your ministry.


  45. Anyone can interpret any idea or concept any way they wish. I am Worthy Matron this year, my 5th year as a Star. The Masons who support our Chapter treat the Stars with love and respect. We perform our work inside the Chapter and in our Community for God’s glory. As far as any secrets, if you stop to think about what was going on with regard to Christians in KIng Solomon’s time, Christians were marked for extermination by many. Nazi Germany, under Hitler, wished to exterminate the Masons. The way the world is going at present, Christians are danger again. To those who are sinning under the Masonic/Eastern Star name, shame on you!


  46. i am in love with a professed mason. this info is a bit confusing to me. i believe in love that God the father gives us. i give my love to my man.


    1. I assure you this info is correct. If he’s a mason, he knowingly or unknowingly has taken vows which violate godliness & sometimes he is required by masonic vows to lie to you about secret things he may be called upon to do for his masonic brothers & OES sisters. Let the Lord lead you on how to handle your relationship.




    1. Jasmine, like so many others, you’ve taken the Matthew 7 “judge not lest ye be judged” scripture out of context. Jesus was saying that only after we repent of our own sin can we see clearly enough to address others’ sins. He didn’t mean we should never ever judge the actions of others. That’s why he also commanded “Judge not according to appearances, but judge righteous judgment.” So Jesus did command us to make judgments. He also told us to judge trees by their fruit–whether the fruit is good fruit or bad fruit. Basically, you just gave your own private interpretation of what you want the Bible to say, not what it actually means because you love your sin & don’t want anyone to make you feel uncomfortable with your sin. OES & Freemasons are part of the world system that is working to bring forth the Antichrist & one world government, which are part of Satan’s plans, so how is it you want to eat at God’s table but at the same time eat at the devil’s table? Friendship with the world is enmity with God. He that would be a friend to the world makes him/herself the enemy of God. [1 Corinthians 10:21, James 4:4].


  48. As members of the Order we are aware of what outsiders may think! Unless, you have been to a meeting then you Would not know what goes on behind closed doors! We believe in a higher power – mine is Jesus! I cant believe that ex-members would speak of the Lodge in such a way! OES and Masons help any and everybody they can!


    1. A Star, as I said before, all the info I gave is from the foundational documents of your unholy order, not from ex-masons. The fact you defend the oes in spite of the facts shows where your true loyalties lie.


    1. Stevie, you can call me Harry.

      To answer your question, yes the masonic orgs are part of the whore of Babylon since they are trying to bring one world religion with one world government and one world leader.


  49. chek out on youtube masonic secrets from their’s about 2hrs 20min long and it covers everything. they believe they can become gods and it shows how the conjour up demons. it’s mind blowing.


      1. i’m sorry mr. harry i’m not that computer knowledgeable,,,but if you go to youtube and type in the search for “masonic secrets from their own books” it will come up


      2. Stevie,

        I finally got around to watching the Youtube video you mentioned above. It was very enlightening, methodical, and detailed. I’m including it here for anyone interested in watching it.


  50. Although I realize that I am posting this some time (years) after this discussion began…read these Biblical passages and discover the “star goddess” exodused out of Egypt with the children of Israel.

    “Though you offer Me burnt offerings and your grain offerings, I will not accept them, Nor will I regard your fattened peace offerings. Take away from Me the noise of your songs, For I will not hear the melody of your stringed instruments. But let justice run down like water, And righteousness like a mighty stream. “Did you offer Me sacrifices and offerings In the wilderness forty years, O house of Israel? You also carried Sikkuth your king And Chiun, your idols, The star of your gods, Which you made for yourselves. Therefore I will send you into captivity beyond Damascus,” Says the Lord, whose name is the God of hosts. (Amos 5:22-27 NKJV)

    This story is retold in the Book of Acts chapter 7. It was King Solomon that reinstated these pagan practices in Israel. His idolatry insulted YHVH and made Him angry enough to impose a divided kingdom after Solomon’s reign as king. Here’s a question that you must ask yourself…can a Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim or a person of any other religion be affiliated with your organization? If so, then Jesus is not LORD in that institution. I could ask many other questions for you to ponder over. Personally, I have witness many former members of the “secret societies (to include collegiate fraternities and sororities) renounce their alliance to these institutions and re-establish a true and right relationship with God (YHVH).




  52. I feel like I just caught up on a few years of missed Bible study. Although I have to agree with Crystal, at this point it is surely pointless to argue such a menial fact. So I will say this with all due respect, I have never seen such a dedicated cause to a history book with a moral compass calibrator. Commendable. (if your leading a crusade) I find it a little hard to believe that “God” could be jealous or even wrathful as this is a perilous contrast to the teachings of Christ as to the way we are to conduct ourselves.

    SO WHAT if some “historically obscure” woman named Electa might have taught me to be a little more friendly or giving. This can’t be too disgraceful in the eyes of the Creator, can it? For Unity, Peace, and Goodwill couldn’t possibly be purgatorial sins? I will always follow the path of light whatever that might be so that I can be a light to others and in my deepest desires, maybe they will admire my actions enough to emulate them.

    I can’t say If believe Jesus rose from the grave or not. After all I find that a little hard to believe being that I have yet to see, hear, or read anything speaking of bodies disappearing from grave-sites on their own accord. I think maybe something as little as grave robbers MIGHT have caused the bodies disappearance. After all if that did happen, I think I would like to see George Washington reanimated. It would be rather amusing to see him and the author of this blog debate it out.

    I suppose the Masons and their Sisters of The Order of the Eastern Star are like any other organization, you will have good people and you will have a doofus or two in the bunch. As for now I will join the Masonic Order and I will see the truths for myself. If there is something “Hinky” going on then its not like I can’t do an “about face” and walk away right? This is all we “imperfect” beings can do.

    If that apocalyptic day comes and “Jehovah” and the Creator are one in the same, then I too will bow before that great light and pledge my allegiance, but until then I had rather not think of being a piece in a chess game with the forces of perceived good and evil as the players. I can do much better with my time than that.

    On that note I resign with these words:

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind always be at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    and rains fall soft upon your fields.
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.


    1. Thank you Bearer of Goodwill….aside from the many posts made by other Stars like myself, this is the first post that makes sense. It seems some of the people are only here to force others to see things their way. There will always be things on the internet and in books that are misleading. So until these people find out the truth behind Freemasonry & OES, they can think what they want. And for those of you who find time to call the women of OES whores out of your so called Christiabougn mothes….you neeed more of a blessing than some. I was raised Christian and still am. We do not worship any other God in our meetings than the one we came in worshipping nor do we practicee religion. However, he is the center of my life and he is the only one we pray to.. So please get your facts straight.


      1. @Anonymous,

        Satan masquerades as an angel of light and so do his ministers in Freemasonry and the OES (2 Corinthians 11:13-15). O foolish Anonymous, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth…? (Galatians 3:1) Why do you love OES more than Christ when OES is obviously of the devil? “Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils,” (1 Corinthians 10:21).

        No one is being forced to see things a certain way. You came here of your own free will and left your opposing comment of your own free will. Unfortunately, your will is not in alignment with God’s will, so you should come out from among them and be ye separate–that is, if you’re really a Christian.


  53. i have only found out about the society. my grandmother was ruth and she was one of the most christian ladies that you could ever find. you want to preach about Gods love and the bible, well that was man made. the church is the one who decided what went into it. in some peoples mind christainty is also a cult and can list a long list of reasons why it is. I believe in God but i also have questions that the bible can’t answer.i find it very disrespectful that you who are not to judge others think you have the right to.


    1. [i find it very disrespectful that you who are not to judge others think you have the right to.]

      And yet your whole comment is full of judgments. If you find judging to be disrespectful, then why are you judging me, the church, the Bible, and Christianity in your comment? You have just called yourself disrespectful and basically admitted you’re wrong.

      But aside from that, your comments reflect the wrong information you’ve been told that you just accepted as truth on blind faith in whoever you heard it from. If you did your own research on the Bible, you would find that it was compiled by the end of the 1st century, not long after Jesus walked the Earth. It is backed by over 5700 ancient manuscripts. That’s more manuscripts than we have telling us about Plato, or Socrates, or the Roman Caesars. And 2nd century believers like Polycarp & Clement of Rome quoted heavily from the Bible that we have today. That’s how we know about the Bible’s authenticity. It’s more reliable than what history books tell us about Greek philosophers and Roman Caesars.

      Just like the evidence overwhelmingly proves the Bible true, the evidence about OES overwhelmingly proves how evil it is. It doesn’t matter how “Christian” you think your grandmother was, especially since you lack knowledge about what Christianity actually is. Your grandmother is not the standard by which we will all be judged. God’s word is the standard and if something doesn’t line up with God’s word, then it isn’t true. Period. So I would suggest that you make sure you have your facts correct before you make judgments about the Bible or Christianity.


      1. I was just wondering if the Rainbow Girls, who are overseen by the OES, are as demonic and corrupt as the OES? Thank you for your time.


      2. Janie,

        The short answer is ‘yes’ to your question about the Rainbow Girls. It is run by the OES to deceive young impressionable minds into believing the devilish doctrines espoused by Freemasons.


  54. i’m sorry, i just have to add that i cannot believe how much these women are talking about ‘not judging’. they have had community harassment and gang stalking done to me where i am called names on a daily basis by slandering me EVERYWHERE. people are told that i’m a prostitute, gold digger, whore, even a child abuser, in order to get food handlers to spit in my food and YES, it has happened. they will dismiss this as paranoia or a conspiracy theory but i’m telling you, one of their biggest secrets IS gang stalking. it is an invisible prison that they use to punish anyone who dares to question their ‘authority’. Jesus LOVED the sinners and spoke so graciously about throwing stones but these people adore themselves and their ‘good works’. talk about judging, well what’s with all the badges and labels. and why do you ‘investigate’ someone when they apply. i can’t tell you how low these people have gone to make my life a living hell but it has only given me MORE faith in God when i found out they were behind it. …

    -thank you, thank you, sooo much gratitude and blessings to the one who created this site so that this could be expressed, may God protect and bless you richly for helping others.


  55. I must say after rading all of these posts I can only come to one conclusion, it depends on the lodge you are with. There are many forms of Order of Eastern Star Organizations around the world, mines in particular I will say is a degree higher than the European OES. The star points do have a deeper meaning, which makes sense since the bible ITSELF is symbolic , using fictional charachters and twisted/stolen stories, then why wouldn’t the names used in the Order be? That’s just common sense. It’s the ATTRITBUTES and MEANINGS that are important, don’t get caught up in the names, SINCE NAMES CHANGED throughout time, from Pre dynistic Egypt to dynastic Egypt, Mesopotamian and Babylonian, to Greek and Latin down to our current day and age, WHO’S KEEPING TRACK? YOU BETTER BE LOL. As different names have been used to describe the SAME ATTRIBUTE (s).

    As for the sisterhood being demonic and/or obsessed with sexuality? Again I will say that there are some pockets of OES , and other masonic orders who do their “own thing”. Don’t let the rotten apples spoil the whole bunch. There are some genuine lodges and chapters out there who’s sole purpose is community service and to seek the truth. Others are into that demonic worhsip, because remember these orders HAVE BEEN INFILTRATED from centuries ago.

    The true meaning of a Mason is “builder” thats all it is, it’s that simple. Keep that in mind, study up and then you won’t get lost in the BS. This article isnt COMPLELTELY false, but it’s no where near the truth. You cannot apply one instance or a few testimonies of supposed masonic members to the WHOLE concept and practice of Masonry. That in itself is a fallacy and ignorance at it’s best.



    1. […the bible ITSELF is symbolic , using fictional charachters and twisted/stolen stories…]

      Anonymous, your statement reveals your lack of knowledge when it comes to Bible history. The Bible discusses real characters and real situations. The book of Revelation, Jesus’ parables, and some other things in the Bible are symbolic, but the bulk of it is real history. Archaeological discoveries have proven that people such as King Omri, King Ahab, King David, King Solomon, all 12 disciples, the prophet Daniel, Paul the apostle, Pontius Pilate, Caesar Augustus, King Herod, and a whole host of other people in the Bible actually existed and did things the Bible says they did.

      I guess if you believe in the fiction that you promote in your statement, it’s real easy for you to be duped into believing the OES is harmless.

      [Don’t let the rotten apples spoil the whole bunch. There are some genuine lodges and chapters out there who’s sole purpose is community service and to seek the truth.]

      But the OES tree has rotten roots which makes the whole tree evil. There’s no such thing as a genuine lodge. All of Freemasonry is based on the doctrines of devils. Satan and his fallen angels masquerade as angels of light and so do his ministers of unrighteousness and the OES is proof of that. You’ve allowed yourself to be deceived and are in turn deceiving others.

      [You cannot apply one instance or a few testimonies of supposed masonic members to the WHOLE concept and practice of Masonry.]

      The arguments against OES aren’t just based on testimonies, they’re based on the foundational writings of Freemasonry–the Freemason sources I clearly quoted from and listed above. For you to deny their validity is just the typical M.O. of Freemasonry–lie & deny.


  56. My fiance is currently being “raised” to be a mason and I am considering joining the order. I can say even though I don’t know much about the order, I can call some of what you say b.s. First of all Satan is not another name for Lucifer. Satan means betrayer, it is not a proper noun. We made it that.

    As far as the symbolism, don’t Sheriffs wear a pentagram in a circle? Are all cops devil worshipers too? I have taken notes and will continue to research.


    1. Mandi,

      Split hairs all you want but Satan & Lucifer are one and the same person. As far as your pentagram question goes, the use of one pentagram doesn’t necessarily mean Satanism, depending on the context. But when you take into account that the OES uses a whole host of symbols which all point to Satanism, then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they really worship the devil.


  57. Another blog from someone who was probably denied admission because of his poor character. So to make himself feel better he makes up lies and spreads false tales.
    “A serpent may bite when it is not charmed; the babbler is no different” Ecclesiastes 10:11.


    1. Rafe,

      I’ve never had an interest in joining any secret societies. The facts about Freemasons from the Freemasonry sources speak for themselves about how wicked they really are. Only someone who chooses to be ignorant of those obvious facts would call them lies.


  58. Go and look around at ur Old Buildings in your city, inner cities where you have these ugly looking people or gargoyles, animals, and fruit on them. these figures represent greek and or pagan gods. a lot of things are hidden in plain sight but to the uninitiated (those who don’t have the light of freemasonry) we will never know the true meaning of these things but don’t worry because most masons don’t know either. The more light they get, the more evil/satanic it becomes, WE’RE NOT JUST TALKING ABOUT SOME BOYS CLUB, THEY’RE ACTUALLY DEALING WITH satan in there. Check out the secret archtitecture of Washington D.C. on youtube. but let’s not forget, Got is still in charge–Genesis 1, Psalms 24. Call on the name of the Lord and be saved, Acts 16:31, or if you’re in these groups, REPENT and come out from among them. Jesus Loves you and He is the Light of the World,John 8:12,the TRUE LIGHT. Please remember that satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness (Matthew 4) with the promise of an earthly kingdom but Jesus has a kingdom that is not of this world that He wants you to be a part of. Jesus said store your treasure in Heaven for a reason because this earth and everything in it will one day be burned up, 2 Peter 3:10. that’s all the kingdoms on this earth, including the NWO and the ILLUMINATI and everything that is ungodly. REPENT…and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Have mercy o Lord….


  59. Wow!! This site is good. I think the comments back and forth were the best. I am a member of the order. I thank everyone for the comments they put up.


  60. I have really enjoyed reading the comments that I have read. I enjoyed them because it reinforces the fact that everyone has their opinion about everything in life. However, I would like to say that I do see both sides to the stories of OES. I am an inactive Sister of the Order and I left my group of sisters because of one reason and it wasn’t because it was a devil worshipping cult like some people think.

    When I got involved with the Order, it was because I wanted to be around like-minded women who were willing to aid and assist those who are less fortunate and grow into a greater, spiritual woman. Unfortunately, there were women who did not ant that. I have been inactive for a while, but I have been doing some research so I can get another chapter started.

    Yes, I have heard all of the comments before regarding devil worshipping. My point of view is this. Even though it “may” be a cult to some people, the sisters who gave me information and taught me about the Order, brought it to me in a way that was loving and spiritual. It was about helping people. It was about a supreme being (whoever you believed in) but we studied the Bible and we went to church.

    So to each his/her own. You make it what you have it to be for you. As for me an my Sisters (and the brothers we are under), we are serving our Supreme Being the Lord Jesus Christ.


    1. Paulette,

      You make it sound so sweet and innocent. To paraphrase your comment, “It doesn’t matter which supreme being you worship. We accept the validity of all deities, so to each his/her own.” This is the typical ungodly world system way of promoting the all-religions-lead-to-the-same-god nonsense.

      14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 15 And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? 16 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?… 2 Corinthians 6

      By swearing an oath of allegiance to those who have fellowship with darkness, you are placing your selfish desires above God’s commandments. Paul spoke these words as a command from God, not as a suggestion or his personal opinion. And choosing to ignore them reveals that you are truly NOT serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

      4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. …7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4

      But instead of obeying the Holy Spirit-inspired words from James, you’re trying to be friends with the world and are embracing the devil by default. Your heart isn’t right with God and you need to repent of your evil. From the abundance of your heart, you have spoken and your words reveal you are full of pride. Don’t you know pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall?


  61. we all were given brains to agree or disagree which means we are not going to see eye to eye with each other all the time ,even when faith is thrown in. my grandma would say to each his or her own and leave it alone. my wife would say god gave us all a brain to agree to disagree,as far as black and white magic its all around us doesn’t mean its bad. walking on water ,coming back from the dead turning water to wine opening the sea for people to flee harm this to me would be considered divine magic. have a good one


    1. The miracles God did in the Bible aren’t magick. Magick is using the power of the devil to create signs & wonders in order to deceive people into turning away from the one true God. The fact that you are unwilling to see the difference just means you’re blinded to the truth that only Jesus Christ died for your sins & is the only one who can save you from those sins. If you don’t believe in the Son you will die in your sins & end up in hell. There are consequences in the next life for what you believe in this one.


  62. devil this devil–we need to find different answers to things and stop always saying its the devil fault. I think we use devil as a way to do bad things and at times we hide behind the lord and still do bad and when we are caught we say devil very quickly I even see the devil in the church all the time. this doesn’t mean i’m for the devil just speaking the truth and I’m not concerned about who agrees or who doesn’t.


    1. Arthur, it’s true people often put the blame elsewhere–devil or God–for their bad behavior. We all have free will to make choices for ourselves. Those choices can be for good or bad, depending on whether or not they please God. And when it comes to oes, they blatantly choose to follow the devil and show this openly by the symbolism they use.

      But in your previous comment you placed the devil & God on the same level by claiming that miracles in the Bible can be attributed to magick and had stated that whether it was called black magick or white magick didn’t mean it was bad. Your attempts to blur the line between what God did versus what the devil does borders on the blasphemous. What we judge to be good or evil affects our beliefs and those beliefs have consequences. Revelation & Thessalonians & Daniel all warn us that Satan will do supernatural wonders in the last days through the Antichrist and his false prophet, so we have to make judgments about whether the wonders we see are from God or the devil.

      The fact you responded to my response to you shows that you are indeed concerned about who agrees or who doesn’t. If you weren’t concerned, I doubt if you would have returned to reply to my comment.


  63. trust me i’m not concerned at all but I still value you and everyone’s opinion ,I have my own views as so do you. i’ll even value a person’s opinion even if I don’t agree and far as saying god and the devil are the same that’s not what I meant. you took me wrong. all im saying is church folk act like if they go to church that everything they have done from Monday thru Saturday is fine even if they have done things which are wrong. I see people in church playing the lotto, watching porn, cheating on wives and husbands, but I guess that is fine as long as you go back to church on sunday yeaaaaaaah.


    1. Arthur, you’re right. There are a lot of hypocrites who act as you’ve said. But there are also a lot who don’t. Thank God that he sent Jesus to die for hypocrisy just as he died for our other sins. All of us have been hypocritical at some point in our lives, and God will confront all of us about it sooner or later. Those of us who are truly humble will repent. God’s mercies are new every morning, according to the scriptures.

      However, we must all decide for ourselves if we will obey Christ. After Christ’s resurrection, when he appeared to the disciples by the sea, he told Peter, “Follow me.” Then Peter got up & followed him, but so did John. When Peter saw John following also, he asked Jesus, “What is he going to do?” Jesus responded, “If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.” In other words, Jesus told him “Don’t worry about him. You just do what I told you to do.” That’s the way it is in Christianity. Yes, we can confront people about wrongdoing but at the end of the day their sins don’t negate the gospel truth, nor do they give us an excuse to avoid what God has told us personally to do. We answer to God for our own actions.


  64. May our Savior Yeshua keep you in His hand. Its time to pull sheets and expose these people for who they really are. The word says that he will send strong delusions on those so that they will believe a lie. You are planting the seed. YHWH will water it if it falls on good ground. As I learned, some of these people were predestined for this condemnation before the foundation of this earth. While there are others who are “blind” to the truth about these organizations because of the leaders. These demonic entities running these organizations know who they will allow to ascend the higher degrees. These demons know not to allow “true servants of YHWH” into their societies. If you are full of the light of Yeshua, they will FLEE from you. I just had an “apostle”, a woman, condone and endorse oes. Email me so I can tell you what happened. YHWH knows who will accept the truth and who will not. Leave them to their gods who can not save them, nor was it EVER in their will to bless them but to ensnare them in the trap they are in. I know ALOT of masons and oes and they are 1 and the same. Luciferians under the guise “christianity”. Peace and blessings upon you and your loved ones. D.A.E.


  65. I joined masonry in 2005 then left the order due to ruumors of satan. Then in 2010 I went to seminary and realized I should have never left. At this point it is comical how every facet of masonry, oes is “satan”. I won’t say too much but masonry, oes honors rites of passage, antiquity, paganism (which mean rural religion, not evil religion) and afrikan cosmologies which are all written in code in our bible. Learning and operating on the blueprint level of understanding raises ones conscious awareness to spiritual forces,and it does not draw one closer to satan, it teaches you how to defeat satan for real… and I can confirm this by being a budding theologian and exegetical researcher, as well as a mason. Love GOD, love everyone people!


    1. Ahmad,

      Your comment reminds me of what Paul warned the elders at Ephesus about in Acts 20:
      28 Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.

      29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.

      30 Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.

      31 Therefore watch, and remember, that by the space of three years I ceased not to warn every one night and day with tears.

      The apostle Peter also warned us about people like you in 2 Peter 2:1, “But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.”

      You’re the perfect example of why I don’t place my trust in people who attend seminary or pass themselves off as a “theologian.” Your embracing of damnable heresies and belief that the Bible embraces paganism in its “code” highlights how you are of the devil and the truth is not in you. You are deceived and love deceiving others, which is the hallmark of how your spiritual father, Satan, operates. If oes/freemasonry were truly of God, they wouldn’t be using symbols which shout loudly “WE LOVE SATAN!”

      Your false beliefs reveal that freemasons, like other new world order (nwo) organizations, go into our seminaries, christian colleges, churches, and evangelical ministries to spread your hellish doctrines in order to brainwash people into exchanging God’s truths for your lies to get people on board with hellish nwo goals.

      I feel sorry for anyone who would look to you for any spiritual advice because it’s people like you who “compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves,” [Matthew 23:15].


  66. I, like Lily have been a target of the OES/ Masonic persecution due to connections in my life that had privileged knowledge of my insecurities and personal failures in life and faith. These same” light bearers” hide in the shadows as they systematically dismantle my life. The purpose is not only monetary reasons but for the feeling of power it gives them. This display often is used as a recruiting tool for other lost souls. These souls join the ” Craft” to give them the sense of being the “chosen” ones that will rid the earth of the sinners and weak. The glee and smugness of the members as they accomplish this is obscene in it’s wickedness. The most basic principal of the New Testament is that GOOD wants GOODNESS, even from sinners but takes no form of EVIL in exacting this GOOD from those sinners.
    OES and the all the ” international” groups associated with the Masonic Lodges are simply a front for the implementation of the NWO by means of uniting spiritual cults under one banner thereby fulfilling prophecy. The problem is that the sense of privilege associated with the intellectuals as well as the uninformed members, dehumanizes all those that are not part of the “CRAFT”. We will never understand because we are not worthy of understanding. I do understand that I can not hate those that are persecuting me as they hate and mock me. I appreciate your site as all others addressing this topic disappear unless they are the ones planted by the Lodges. So?


  67. Well I don’t believe in the bible, there is no satan, no devil and no jesus. The bible was produced by man, to control man. The whole bible one big lie. Now I do believe in “God”.
    God is the creator of the universe. Your satans and devils are all these evil people we see everyday. This includes your preachers, with their spiritual warfare dance, they invoke spirits with it. The same as witchcraft……….they are both the same. Church just sugar coat their rituals.


    1. [The bible was produced by man, to control man.]

      So basically you’re saying anything produced by man can’t be trusted. If that were the case, you must have refused to go to school since all of your textbooks were produced by man and all of your teachers would be human. You must not watch or listen to the news since it’s produced by man to control man. And you never bought anything you saw in a commercial since the commercial was produced by man to control man into making man want to buy their products. And you must not be a law-abiding citizen since laws were created by man to control man. Maybe you should stop listening to what your mind tells you, since your thoughts are produced by you (a human) to control a human (yourself). Then I can just dismiss your comment since it was created by you–a human–to try to control everyone who reads your comment.

      [The whole bible one big lie.]

      Interesting. If the whole Bible is one big lie, then why does it name empires that actually existed like the Hittite Empire, Assyrian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Egyptian Empire, and accurately names their kings as proven in various tablets & hieroglyphs discovered in the 19th & 20th centuries? If it were one big lie, Psalm 8:8 would not be true since it tells us there are “paths in the seas” which were later discovered by Matthew Fontaine Maury. If the Bible was one big lie, then it wouldn’t tell us that the Earth hangs on nothing in Job 26:7, which was later discovered to be true. If the Bible was one big lie, then it would not state the fact in Jeremiah 33:22 that the stars in the sky and the sand of the sea cannot be numbered, which has now been proven by modern science. If the Bible were one big lie, then it would not speak of Jesus of Nazareth’s existence, which has been proven in the historical record by Josephus, Suetonius, Celsus, Thallus, and many other writers in the 1st & 2nd centuries.

      I think I’ve made it pretty clear at this point how ridiculous your comment is. The Bible is backed by historical, scientific, and spiritual facts so the one big lie is actually your comment.


  68. I just cannot express how relieved I am that, starting when my siblings and I first heard of the Rainbow Girls, our father told us that it was a very odd club. Why, I wanted to find out for myself, rather than take his word. Over two years ago, I heard of “Freemasonry Unmasked.” Freemasons are very pleasant people, sociably and philanthropically speaking, but they also have a hidden mission which is to do away with Christianity. Afterward, I did further research and found out that the Rainbow Girls, Job’s Daughters, Eastern Star, White Shrine, Daughters of the Nile, Heroines of Jericho, Blue Lodge, and DeMolay are co-Masonic. Anyone I walk by who is considering becoming a DeMolay member, a Rainbow Girl or Job’s Daughter will be hearing from me, all that I described plus much, much more.


  69. Well, I have considered joining. I’m currently doing research on its history. Interesting that I stumbled on the blog while doing so…wow. Its alot. I just wanted to join for social purposes, give back, and just be apart of a sisterhood I’ve never had. I dont wonna get caught up in the “unknown” part of it all. You know just do good, stay out of trouble, and continue to serve Jesus Christ. But the “unknown” makes it sooo complicated. Uhhhmmmmm, maybe I can start my own.


    1. Chosen One, I don’t believe it was just a coincidence you came upon this information. This may not only be God’s way of warning you of the dangers that go along with OES, but may also be a confirmation that God may want you to start something better to fulfill goals that please him & genuinely help you & others.


      1. Chosen one, here is a little advice. Google Order of Former Freemasons, read what former Freemasons have to say, and go from there. For now, I will tell you that they all said that they were excommunicated from Jesus Christ. Also, if Christ is ever mentioned at meetings held by Freemasons,


      2. I apologize for the cutoff, Chosen One. If Freemasons say anything about Christ at their meetings, they say things that mock him. Freemasons get excommunicated from Jesus Christ.


      3. Gaylord….”wow”
        You could possibly have the nature of a narcissist ! You are completely comsumed with yourself … you are so prideful that you think you are 100% accurate in every argument and in all historic facts….your not even leaving a window for Gods own infinite, omnipotent knowledge, wisdom & purpose….. where is your since of divine understanding??? No man knows Gods ultimate plan, we simply just do our best to be in good correspondence with it.. righteous in our actions aswell thought ” we might see his every move but we dont know his plot”
        Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not to thine own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path… im sure you know this. “Stay in your own lane” God has a plan for us all whether that mean some go to heaven and some to hell… read romans 9:11. If you think these orders have certain motives and agendas then let them! If God is for You then who can be against you?? Govern yourself accordingly because truthfully none of us were there when these things took place and documents were written…. so potentially could we all be false witness?? Quick to call someone else wrong….you been on this blog three years talking about the same s#!t, honestly as much as you would like to disagree but inwardly you are curious and find these orders of your own special interest.. You my brother keep the flame of these oders burning bright, your combative, inquisitive spiriIt gives the energy that perpetuates its existence ” like a hater” you seem to not to show ANY love, compassion, forgiveness or at least give credit to the sincerity of certain members who spoke with all of the above. You sound like a computer with an automatic rebutle system, “people dont care how much you know until they know how much you care” now f@$k grammer… this is real life s#^t, get to the bottom line and stop being petty bro. Appreciate and give thanks to everything that GOD has created, the GOOD, BAD & the UGLY. Did evil create itself or did God Create everything? If you were drowning and seen someone there to rescue you, would ask for all of his credintials or be thankful god sent that person to save you.??? You dont know how God intend to use a person or people whether good or bad.. all things work for the greater good to all who love him… every member expressed they’re love for jesus as well faith in God… ” what more do you need???” Still not satisfied, mabey ask god if there is something you are missing because truley you are intelligent and debate well on some issues, but lacking understanding in some areas. Exemplify the characteristics of christ ” who might have been considered radical in his time” find peace in not knowing gods ultimate plan but understanding it. Be wise in passing judgement because everything has a unique relationship with God because God is from whence EVERYTHING came and oneday will return…


    1. Actually, witchness, you should re-check your historical accounts since what you give are inaccuracies. The temple of Artemis was destroyed by fire in 356 BC by pagan arsonist Herostratus before Christianity. It was rebuilt and then destroyed 600 years later by the pagan Goths.


  70. hello MR. HARRY if you have not seen ” order of the eastern star: ladies of the labyrinth ” by Bill Schnoebelen plzs go to youtube and watch a former member of the oes tell all ,,, he even goes in detail about drawing down the moon in witchcraft ,,yes he even goes there ,,so it is out in the open ,, knowing how you only want to teach people and not embarris em a lot of oes ladies will not like it if you talk about ritual sex


    1. As with any thing under the sun you have light and dark. It is the individual who perverses the order and its teachings. Do more research there are many different sects of masonry and o.e.s who the leader is and their ideologies will depend on where & wwhat you are dealing with. On the subject of the bro. Pike he is a grave embarrassment to mankind and a known racist who served the south for its devilish purposes just like phony pastors and deacons who only look to profit off of God’s conscious like it is a two dollar whore to pimp…… Next time you need medical assistance be mindful that st.Jude as many others are sponsored by the same ones you call demonic……Hotep


      1. Anonymous, there is no light in Freemasonry. Freemasonry is totally based on lies and as 1 John 2:21 tells us, “…no lie is of the truth.” If Pike were an embarrassment, then Freemason organizations would completely toss out their oaths because he is the one who laid the foundation for those oaths. Some oaths may have been very slightly tweaked, but they are still mainly Pike’s writings. And Pike is still greatly revered in Freemason circles for his accomplishments on behalf of Freemasons, even though he was a no-good Satanic white supremacist.


  71. Wow! Awesome blog. Very informative. I have been a Christian since 1975 and love studying the Bible and researching areas beyond as well. I have been researching on and off for the past several years regarding paganism, the masons and eastern stars just for information purposes. I have also invited the Jehovah’s Witnesses into my home for a study. Again, just for information purposes. I stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love it. I research so I can use the information as a witnessing tool. I have a close relationship with the Lord and feel that I am strong enough not to fall for these false doctrines. But I really want to understand what they believe so that I take the information and allow the Holy Spirit to use me to be an effective witness to whomever I come in contact with.Thank you, Harry.


    1. Harry, what are your references to your opinion on Bro. Pike? And please, don’t embarass yourself by quoting “Morals and Dogma” out of context..


      1. Pike is covered in the video. Funny you should call him “Bro. Pike.” He was a known Satanist and klansman. ‘Morals and Dogma’ is still used as a guiding reference by many master masons today and one doesn’t have to quote it out of context to know Pike was a child of the devil.


  72. Happy Easter to all! Also, an infinite word of thanks to Jesus for dying to save us from our sins! I just can’t ask for more! 🙂




  74. To all my masonic family, fraternities, and sororities; more light is what we all strive for. On the square please STUDY the 10 part lecture on the “Moorish Paradigm” on utube by Hakim Bey. Act in accord with the truth therein and govern yourselves accordingly. ” If you don’t do anything else, Proclaim your Nationality”…..Noble Drew Ali. So Mote It Be!


    1. Keith,

      As long as masons refuse to renounce the blood oaths they swear to, they cannot act in accord with real truth. That goes for you as well. Your “truth” is nothing but the lies of the prince of darkness who you’ve sworn an oath to. Unless you repent of those oaths by calling on the name of Jesus of Nazareth to rebuke your ungodly oaths in the name of Jesus, your blindness will remain and your path, which ultimately leads to hell, will continue. If the blind lead the blind, they both will fall right into Satan’s ditch, just like you have. Repent of your sin before it’s too late.


      1. Can you please define these “blood oaths” you speak of ? I have yet to shed blood in the name of Masonry..


  75. Krishna is “1” of 16 crucified that supposedly lived several hundred years before the birth of this person you call Jesus (J wasn’t a letter in ancient hebrew). Deal with the truth below if you can handle it! So call Jesus share their story.! Paul is guilty of copying material from the other dieties

    In Hinduism, Krishna is believed to be the eighth avatar of Vishnu, the second aspect of the Hindu trinity. Almost every correlation between
    Krishna and Jesus can be traced to Kersey Graves, a 19th century author who believed Christianity was created from pagan myths. Though his
    works have been proven by scholars to be false and poorly researched (Source), many still ignorantly refer to his arguments not knowing they
    are easily disproved by simply comparing the Bible to the Hindu texts.

    THE DEFINITION OF KRISHNA Although many critics allege Krishna means Christ, Krishna in Sanskrit actually translates as Black (One) as
    Krishna was believed to have blackish-blue skin. The word Christ literally translates as Anointed One. When skeptics, in turn, spell Krishna as
    Chrishna or Christna, this is a blatant attempt to spread more misinformation and reinforce their erroneous theories.

    A VIRGIN BIRTH A virgin birth is never attributed to Krishna as his parents bore seven previous children. Furthermore, the virgin birth was
    not a new concept invented by Christians. The book of Isaiah (written about 700 B.C.) spoke of a Messiah who would be born of a virgin. This
    prophecy was in circulation 700 years before Jesus and at least 100 years before Krishna. (Isaiah 7:14) Critics claim Krishna was born to the
    virgin Maia but according to Hindu texts, he was the eighth son of Princess Devaki and her husband Vasudeva: “You have been born of the
    divine Devaki and Vasudeva for the protection of Brahma on earth.” Mahabharata Bk 12, XLVIII

    INFANT MASSACRE Critics claim a tyrannical ruler issued a decree to kill all infant males prior to Krishna’s birth but the Hindu legend states
    Devaki’s six previous children were murdered by her cousin, King Kamsa, due to a prophecy foretelling his death at the hands of one of her
    children. Unlike Herod who issued a decree to slaughter all the males under two years old, the Hindu version tells us Kamsa only targeted
    Devaki’s sons. He never issued a decree to indiscriminately kill male infants: “Thus the six sons were born to Devaki and Kamsa, too, killed
    those six sons consecutively as they were born.” Bhagavata, Bk 4, XXII:7

    PARENTS FLEE Critics claim while Krishna’s parents fled to Mathura to avoid Kamsa, Jesus’ parents fled to Muturea to avoid Herod. But the
    Bible tells us Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt- not to some unknown place called Muturea. Furthermore, the Hindu texts tell us Krishna’s parents
    never had a chance to flee- they were imprisoned by Kamsa so he could kill Krishna once he was born: What faults had [Vasudeva] and his
    wife Devaki committed? Why did Kamsa kill the six infant sons of Devaki? And for what reason did [Vishnu] incarnate Himself as the son of
    Vasudeva in the prison house of Kamsa? Bhagavata, Bk 4, I:4-5 and Source

    SHEPHERDS, WISEMEN, A STAR, AND A MANGER No mention of shepherds or wisemen appear at Krishna’s birth. Krishna was born in a
    prison (not a stable as critics suggest) where his parents bore him in secret. It is unlikely such visitors would arrive only to alert Kamsa to
    Krishna’s presence!

    CARPENTER FATHERS Like Jesus’ earthly father, Krishna’s father was also said to be a carpenter. Yet nowhere in the Hindu texts does it say
    Vasudeva was a carpenter. In fact, we are told he was a nobleman in the courts of Mathura as he was married to Princess Devaki. When
    Krishna fled the wrath of Kamsa with his foster parents, we are told his foster-father Nanda was a cow-herd: “Thou art the most beloved of
    Nanda, the Cow-herd” Bhagavata, Bk 8, I, pg 743

    THE CRUCIFIXION Though critics claim Krishna was crucified, this is mentioned nowhere within the Hindu texts. Instead, we are told exactly
    how he dies: Krishna is mediating in the woods when he is accidentally shot in the foot by a hunter’s arrow. Skeptics really try to streeetch
    this one by claiming the arrow that shot Krishna impaled him to a tree, thus crucifying him. They also point out the similarity between his
    wound being in the foot and Jesus’ pierced hands and feet. However, if I was carving my initials into a tree and accidentally impaled my wrist,
    the idea of saying I was crucified would be absurd. This story relates more to the death of Greek mythology’s Achilles than anything else: “A
    fierce hunter of the name of Jara then came there, desirous of deer. The hunter, mistaking [Krishna], who was stretched on the earth in high
    Yoga, for a deer, pierced him at the heel with a shaft and quickly came to that spot for capturing his prey.” Mahabharata, Book 16, 4

    THE RESURRECTION Although critics claim Krishna descended into the grave for three days and appeared to many witnesses, no evidence of
    this exists whatsoever. Instead, the actual account says Krishna immediately returns to life and speaks only to the hunter by forgiving him of
    his actions: “He [the hunter] touched the feet of [Krishna]. The high-souled one comforted him and then ascended upwards, filling the entire
    welkin with splendour… [Krishna] reached his own inconceivable region.” Mahabharata, Book 16, 4 Some obvious differences between the
    resurrections of Jesus and Krishna are as follows:

    Jesus’ resurrection defeated the power of sin and death. Krishna’s resurrection had no real affect on mankind.

    Jesus appeared to approximately 500 eye witnesses in the New Testament. Krishna appeared only to the hunter.

    Jesus rose from the dead three days later. Krishna immediately returned to life.

    Jesus did not ascend into Heaven until after the Great Commission. Krishna immediately “ascended” into the afterlife.

    Jesus was aware of what was to take place. Krishna had no foreknowledge concerning his death.

    Jesus ascended into a physical realm (Heaven). Krishna transcended into a mental state (or inconceivable region). The concepts
    between Heaven (Christianity) and Nirvana (Hinduism) differ greatly.

    THE LAST SUPPER Krishna is said to have celebrated a last supper but two reasons offer evidence this event never occurred:

    There is no mention of Krishna having a last supper celebration in any of the Hindu texts.

    Because Krishna had no foreknowledge of his death, there is no reason he would have celebrated such an event!

    DEPICTED AS BRUISING THE SERPENT’S HEAD Genesis 3:15 is a metaphorical Messianic prophecy which refers to Jesus’ spiritual
    battle with Satan. Though critics claim Krishna was also referred to as the seed of the woman bruising the serpent’s head, this phrase is never
    used as a reference to Krishna. The only thing that occurs is a literal battle Krishna encounters with actual serpents. Mahabharata, Bk 7,
    LXXXI and Mahabharata Book 8, XC


    Krishna was the human incarnation of Vishnu. This appears to be somewhat accurate but the actual Hindu triad consists of Vishnu,
    Shiva, and Brahma. Not Vishnu, Krishna, and a spirit deity.

    Krishna was of royal birth. (While Krishna was directly born into the noble court of Mathura, Jesus was from the royal Davidian line
    but born into poverty under the parentage of Mary and Joseph.)

    Krishna was seen as a Savior. (While Jesus was an eternal-spiritual savior who saved His people from damnation, Krishna was an
    earthly-warrior savior who freed his people from the tyrannical reign of Kamsa).

    Krishna often fasted in the wilderness. The only possible reference I could find to any such thing was that he often retreated into the
    forest to meditate.


    Krishna was born in a cave. Actually, neither Jesus nor Krishna were born in caves. Krishna was born in a prison cell and the only
    reference to Jesus being born in a cave is in noncanonical writings.

    Krishna lived a sinless life. Whereas the Bible makes it clear Jesus committed no sin during His lifetime, The Hindu texts admit to
    Krishna’s promiscuity and numerous sexual affairs.

    Krishna was born on December 25th. Actually, Krishna’s birthday celebration, known as the Krishna Janmaashtami, is celebrated in the
    Hindu month of Bhadrapadha which corresponds to the month of August. Furthermore, it is unlikely Jesus was born on this date.
    Christmas is only celebrated on this date due to tradition.

    Krishna moved a small mountain to protect a village from disaster. Jesus states if you had faith as a mustard seed you would say to the
    mountain uproot yourself and be cast into the ocean. Other than the concept of moving mountains, anyone can see that these two
    statements have nothing essential in common. One describes a physical feat while the other uses moving a mountain as a metaphor
    to the power of faith.

    CONCLUSION The Hindu texts have admittedly been altered and added to over the centuries. Many comparisons of the newer and older texts
    regarding the story of Krishna reveal many tales being added in later texts known as the Puranas (400-1000 A.D.), Bhagavata (400-1000 A.
    D.), and the Harivamsa, (100-1000 A.D.). These texts have been proven by scholars to have been written after the life of Jesus.

    Skeptical Interjection: According to Hindu tradition, the Bhagavata Purana is believed to have been written by Vyasa in about 3100 BC. It
    mentions the Vedic Sarasvati River about 30 times which was believed to be dried up around 2000 B.C.
    Answer: This is often cited as an argument for an earlier date of the Bhagavata. However it does not hold up for many reasons. The fact that
    the Bhagavata Purana mentions the non-extant Vedic Sarasvati River is no more proof of an early date of authorship than it would prove an
    ancient date of authorship if I were to write a novel centering around the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The mention of the ancient river proves
    nothing more than the knowledge of its historical existence. There is also no record of any of these texts existing prior to the first century A.D.
    Even when the older Hindu texts were in circulation, the books regarding many details about Krishna’s life were not included. Finally, the
    language and grammar of the Bhagavata Purana is not consistent with the more ancient languages of India.


  76. You people are just full of yourselves, you are NOT members of the Order of the Eastern Star and KNOW NOTHING you are spread a diease among other who do not know; this is article is SO out of context it not even funny. Why attack and spread needless fear…….. you are just crazy and I’ll bet you won’t post this message!

    Signed: A member for 40 years and am PROUD of it!


    1. Being proud of your sin is nothing to be proud of. The facts speak for themselves. The facts in the video are undeniable. So deny the truth all you want, but the truth will not cease to be the truth just because you’re comfortable with serving Satan & living in slavery to your sin. Your heart has been pricked by the Holy Spirit, which is why you left the comment you did. As the Lord told Saul on the way to Damascus, “it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks” when you know the Lord has pricked your conscience. I pray in the name of Jesus of Nazareth that you will be set free from your bondage & spiritual blindness.


    2. a virgin being desecrated in a ritual is a slap in gods face,,, find a book on witchcraft and look up the ritual drawing down the moon or the great rite and compare it to a rituall you did as an initiation and open your eyes


  77. mr harry plz explain why or what is sacred about a virgin,,, why only a virgin could give birth to jesus,,why is a virgin the christian religon and why does satan has this need to desecrate a virgin in his wicthcraft and satanic rituals ,,,???? this should get some of these oes ladies thinking…. and i hope you saw order of the eastern star : ladies of the laybirnth on you tube,,, bill tells all


  78. In this world today, people will see what they want to see. My Lord said, “Seek and ye shall find”. If instead of repeating things you read on conspiracy websites, and saw on homemade youtube videos, you did a little research for yourself you could transform yourself into a somewhat respectable human being, with a partially substantial opinion..and because I know you won’t actually look into the truth behind our beautiful system, I’ll go ahead and inform you that many of the correlations you fabricate between Masonry, OES, and satanism are not true. Many of your symbols of “witchcraft” and “black magic” have been used for several different things since the beginning of time, but most have only been used from the 18th century to today. Free Masonry is olderthan you care to know, and I take great offense to you disgracing my Craft with your ignorance..


    1. Brandon,

      Your craft has disgraced itself with its false gods and satanic roots. I had no part in disgracing it. So freemasonry is old. That doesn’t make it legit. The god of freemasonry is old too. But he’s the same evil being today that he was eons ago when he got kicked out of heaven.


  79. Just a question, why do these organizations have to incorporate mystical beliefs to do a good deed. Can they all just help people without the symbols and extra stuff. In todays world that in it self raises eyebrows. I mean nothing wrong with a logo but to use symbols and lengthy rituals etc to explain some stage of enlightenment is religious. Im not taking anyone’s side in this. What I don’t understand is the secrets. If something is so good and wonderful why is it a secret. If its all great wouldnt you tell and want others to experience its greatness. Today I dont think alot of people are joining, most are born into these organizations. Now I do understand if this is all you know and the family has done it for 3 or 4 generations it maybe hard to go against the tradition or “grain.” Much like people/families who feel loyal to the military or church. Its important that people find themselves and not do what grandma or mama did. Some stuff they did becauses of the trial of their era. We must not repeat things that may lead future generations in a direction that time is no longer going. Why not start new organizations without the symbols and rituals, a black people looking to identify with something because thousands of years of culture was stripped away. Create something new and current, stop the rituals, sex, and whatever else and become a 21st century example to the community. Thats for the masonics, eastern stars, its orders, including churches and other religious groups. Its time for black people to have a 21st Century Identity because we now have the chance.


  80. I’m in no way trying to be rude or disrespectful when I say this, but I kept chuckling as I was reading through this post. There are so many misconceptions here it’s ridiculous. For instance, your issue with the gavel. Wow! Is it really that serious that we use a gavel? Any presiding officer over any kind of meeting would use a gavel, including a judge in the courtroom. But you decide to take that tiny insignificance and use it to try and tarnish our image. The Order of Eastern Star is NOT a secret organization. I am Prince Hall affiliated. I know some affiliations may do things a little different. But in my chapter, everything we do is for the community. All of our fundraising and charity work is done WITHIN the community. The only things we do in private (not secret) is have our stated meetings and initiations. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s no different from having a private department meeting at work. And the initiations are private purely for identification purposes; so that we can identify each other as Eastern Stars. There are some people that will try to pass themselves off as members when they are really not. They may have been denied membership for some reason. And that reason has to be a valid and sensible one to deny their request to join. As others have said, how can you claim to really know about the Order if you yourself have never been a member? Plenty of our members also belong to churches, some are pastors and ministers. There is no way that a member cannot know exactly what the organization is about, what its purpose is, and more importantly, its origin. All of that information is taught to us during the interview and investigation. Your issue with “FATAL”? Seriously?? We DO NOT teach that this organization will give you salvation. That is craziness. Why didn’t you mention anything about Matthew 2:2??


    1. PHA, about that gavel. If it were as innocent as you claim, why do your people refer to it as Thor’s hammer? Good deeds don’t mean diddly if they’re done from an evil heart. God considers all acts of righteousness as filthy rags when done from an impure heart that has no reverence for him, according to Isaiah 64. If your organization is so innocent, would it use such a vast array of symbols that are historically known to be occultic?


      1. You are totally ignoring my questions/points, and you are still on this gavel thing! I have never once heard of the gavel being referred to as “Thor’s Hammer”. We call it “the gavel”, WTH!! God also tell us “judge not, that you will not be judged”. And that’s exactly what you’re doing – judging, without correct knowledge at that. Yes, we do use symbols. Are they occultic? No. Why is our star considered occultic, but the Star of David is not?? All those symbols within the star are just a representation of each heroine from the bible. Our organization having a symbol is no different from a company having one! The Christian church uses the cross as a symbol! The United States uses the flag or the bald eagle! What’s the big deal? You still have not mention Matthew 2:2, which is a clear indication that you don’t know what your talking about.


      2. Your denial about your symbols being occultic show either that you’re willfully ignorant or you’re just lying. Matthew 2:2 has nothing to do with OES & I covered the subject in the post that came before this one here:

        Your “judge not” argument is really played out. People like you who don’t want to be confronted about your sin should try a different angle instead of misusing this same old worn out false argument. I judge based on the facts and on the truth. Jesus said “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” Yes, the Lord told us to judge. And the context was that we should judge when we get all the underlying facts together, which I’ve done. You are the one judging according to the sweet, innocent outward appearance of the masons. I have chosen to judge based on what lies behind their masked outward appearance. Their doctrines are contrary to God’s word & so are their occultic symbols. Your attempts to point to others who use symbols doesn’t detract from the fact that the OES is occultic in how it uses it’s symbols.


    2. Pha sister I think you better do your homework . Maybe you haven’t traveled enough to know but what I will say is I’m not prince hall affiliated but you should know better than what you are doing…by the way know your bible before you respond. Why don’t you know the meaning of symbolism? Harry is right about that. Oes does not necessarily say that but your study should tell you. Don’t be a puppet.


  81. My Grandmother was a WM. I have all her books/rites etc. I even have her gavel (including the strike plate). If any of you would like to know what’s in these documents, feel free to ask.


  82. This is ridiculous, and grossly inaccurate. The broken column for example, is meant to symbolize someone whose life was cut short. The ladies in my chapter are all very kind, devout, churchgoing women who do a lot for the community. Unless you yourself have been a member, then there is no way for you to be certain of the information you are putting out for public consumption, which is incredibly irresponsible.


  83. A couple of other things:
    1) Never have we referred to the gavel as “Thor’s hammer”
    2) We do not refer to Martha, Electa, Adah, Ruth, and Esther as goddesses
    3) OES doctrine is not contrary to God’s word, as all of our symbols and our ceremonies are based on teachings found in the Bible.


    1. OES2013, if you think your organization is based on the Bible then you don’t really know your organization or the Bible or history. Or you’re just flat out lying, which people in masonry have been known to do. The symbols you use are historically occultic. And the Bible teaches against swearing oaths like you people do. No matter how many times you people want to come here & repeat comments like yours, it will not change the fact oes is of the devil.


      1. “16 Crucified Saviors” by Kersey Graves tells us that Christianity as we know it is FULL of the paganism and symbolism that Harry Gaylord is referring to in OES AND MASONRY!!!


      2. Anonymous,

        I can understand why you left the anonymous comment about the Kersey Graves book. The information he puts in his book has been debunked. Secular, atheist, & Biblical scholars don’t accept this book, written in 1875, as valid information. He was one who espoused that Jesus of Nazareth was never a real person. That has long since been proven wrong by historians based on Roman documents from the 1st and early 2nd centuries. Graves also tried to tie Egyptian myths to Jesus Christ, i.e. Jesus was copied from the Egyptian god Horus. That has also been debunked in this video:

        So if you’re implying that Freemasonry symbolism is ok because Christianity does the same thing, you’re mistaken. If Christians use pagan symbols, like many do during Christmas & Easter (I personally have disavowed and criticized such practices in past posts at this blog), they should stop & two wrongs don’t make it right for the Freemasons. Freemasonry has always been and will always be of the devil. An evil tree cannot bear good fruit.


      3. Mr. Harry – Your spew of hatred for the Masonic Family is quite comical. God never calls us (Christians) to hate anyone. The assure you the secrets of the Eastern Star are no different than any other club or fraternity or for that matter upholding a confidentiality agreement at your place of employment. Before your continual spew of hatred toward my response, perhaps you should do a little more research or heck, even join the F&AM and see first hand for yourself. OES members and our masonic counter parts are not satan worshiping folks, we don’t cut out each other tongues, gauge out eyes or any violent behavior of the such. We are loving, kind, civil, servant hearted organization that promotes the love God through our words and actions and ask for nothing in return. We maintain a service mentality not a “Serve us” mentality.


      4. Amy,

        Satan has blinded your mind. That’s why you came here to bear false witness. All I’m sharing is the love of Christ to warn people and tell them they don’t have to be in bondage to Satan’s oaths as carried out in the freemason network. The only one spewing hatred is you. You have shown that even though the truth I’ve shared is backed by your own freemason sources, the word of God and the included video (which uses freemason sources), you are so blind as to reject the truth and spew your hatred for God’s truth.

        You claim to be Christian, yet defend the devil’s instruments. You claim to be Christian but violate Christ’s commandments with your ungodly oaths that tell you to even lie to defend the Satanic freemason network. Jesus said in Matthew 5:34-37, “But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God’s throne: Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King. Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black. But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.”

        Yet you swear by taking your evil oaths, blatantly disregarding what Jesus commanded. Jesus asks, “And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?” Luke 6:46. You are like the women Paul warns about in 2 Timothy 3, a silly woman laden with sins, led away with divers lusts. Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of truth. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.

        You have no concern for the things of Christ. You’re just here to defend your freemason family members and your lying man-made oaths. Jesus said in Matthew 10, he that loveth father or mother, son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. He also said in John 14, “He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings.” So you’re an impostor. Passing yourself off as speaking for Christianity when you are just spewing devilspeak. Repent and get right with God.


    1. OES2013,

      I’m talking about the statements you recite in your ungodly rituals that throw Biblical names & phrases around to make things look Christian when they’re actually just mocking the scriptures. So don’t try to play stupid as if you don’t know what I’m talking about. You people are such liars. If you were really on the up-and-up, there would be no need for you to lie. Do you know who the father of lies is? Hint: it isn’t God or anyone on his side.


      1. What’s awful is that your resentment and bitterness is toward God and his word. Your prayers are vain because your heart is hardened against God as you defend the works of the devil displayed in the symbols and oaths of the Satanic freemason network.


  84. Harry- may God continue to bless you in your endeavors and thank you for posting and speaking the TRUTH. To “Christian” Masons & “Christian” OES members:
    The very fact that your temples are constructed to face the East, supports the association of Sun (RA) Worship. Solomon’s temple was designed to worship God and face the west, turning the backs towards the Sun. Read the 8th Chapter of Ezekiel and what God revealed to him in a vision concerning these men that do things in the “dark” chambers: 12 Then said he unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery? for they say , The LORD seeth us not; the LORD hath forsaken the earth. 13 He said also unto me, Turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations that they do . 14 Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD’S house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz. 15 Then said he unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations than these. 16 And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD’S house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east. 17 Then he said unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? for they have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke me to anger : and, lo, they put the branch to their nose. 18 Therefore will I also deal in fury: mine eye shall not spare , neither will I have pity : and though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them. (Ezekiel 8:12-18). Lastly, can any OES or mason, explain why the initiation ceremony of “Riding the Donkey” for OES is not unholy?


  85. This is complete and utter ridiculous! My goodness! I am not surprised though. America, especially those of certain races, have a long history of fearing (and creating lies about) what they don’t know. I often wonder why people are so intrigued with what is perceived to be secrecy within the order. If you were a member of a sorority or motorcycle club our any other type of organization do you discuss all of your meeting business and such? And, if so, what’s the benefit of being a member if I know everything without becoming one? There is no need for anyone to respond to my post because I refuse to participate in this foolishness but it is so unfortunate that people allow fear of an unknown to bring you to a place of spending your free time to tear something down. At this point I’d say you’ve become too consumed with an organization you know nothing about. I’d suggest either inquiring with a real member (instead of taking publications and quoting out of context) or finding a better hobby.


    1. @ProudA.M.,

      [There is no need for anyone to respond to my post because I refuse to participate in this foolishness]

      And yet, by leaving your comment you have already participated in what you call ‘foolishness.’

      Your outrage over the truth about your Freemasonry/OES organizations won’t change the facts. Your false accusation that this information is a lie won’t make it a lie. The primary sources are listed at the end of the post and the video shows primary sources from members of your organizations that prove the claims. So if you’re calling people in your organization liars and you deny what they’ve said even though it’s plainly in black and white, then you by default have stated that your organization isn’t trustworthy. But, of course, your outrage is a charade to hide the fact you take vows to protect your organization/religion at any cost, including lying if you have to.


  86. I am a Christian and I am a proud member of the Order of Eastern Star. There is absolutely nothing evil about this organization. People often state opinion about the things that they simply don’t understand or refuse to accept and that is all this is; someone’s opinion and massive google search results that they have turned into a blog.

    Good job on getting feedback though. You knew exactly what to write that would drive traffic to your blog so kudos to you on that and the feedback you have received. Other than that, everything else that is written in this particular post is pure ignorance.


    1. Proud OES member,

      I believe the word “proud” speaks volumes about your attitude. “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall,” according to Proverbs 16. If your conclusion is that there’s nothing evil in OES then you either didn’t read the post above and didn’t watch the video or you choose to be willfully and woefully ignorant. The facts about OES, given the primary sources included here for anyone to look up and view in the video, speak for themselves–especially since the facts come directly from OES and Freemasons. Your comment doesn’t hold water and just shows that OES members like you love to lie even in the midst of your evil being exposed for everyone to see.

      God has used this post to call you to repentance from the dead works of the OES.


  87. and @PSALM 1 are you a member of the Order of Eastern Star? I highly doubt it because if you were, you would not have mentioned anything about riding a donkey in regards to an initiation. LOL! That is one of the most comical things that I have read thus far today. I have never in my life “rode a donkey.” Get your facts straight before you start quoting bible scriptures and inaccurate information.


  88. Oh my, you are really twisted. I am a member of OES we believe in God, we say the Lord’s Prayer at every meeting, we use Bible based stores to encourage virtues in our members. Some of the names are in the Bible and some are simply names we have decided to represent those stores of woman whom the Bible does not name.

    We do are not a cult. Most of us have a Church we belong to and are active within it. We are good people, trying to be good stewards with what God has given us. We do good for our communities and the world. If you think that raising funds for less fortunate, wounded veterans, money for cancer research and honoring our American Flag with the pledge, singing the Star Spangled Banner at every meeting; and caring for our own is Devil worshipping…… then so be it….

    I think perhaps you need to search for that “Plank in your Eye”.


    1. Anonymous,

      In all your boasting about what you do in OES, have you stopped to consider that you did not mention any love for Jesus himself in your comment? “Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble,” James 2:19. So what have you done that goes beyond that?

      Tell me, has Jesus Christ been raised physically or was he raised as a spirit? Who is Jesus Christ to you & what did he do? “…except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven,” Matthew 5:20.

      20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

      21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

      22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

      23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Matthew 7

      Since I clearly see who the Lord is and my need for him with a repentant, contrite heart, this means there is no plank in my eye. Yet you willfully ignore the evil doctrines, oaths, and symbols that OES embraces. Did you come here to consider the facts? Did you observe the sources and writings of your own people that were pointed out? Or did you just come here because one of your outraged sisters told you to so you can get in your praises for your organization and earn some brownie points with them? There are many who were in OES & Freemasonry who have been shown the facts such as these about OES and how it’s rooted in the doctrine of devils and if they claimed Christianity they repented & left OES because they were real Christians.

      As an OES member, a male in your family is/was a Freemason, which helped you get in & why you defend it. But have you considered these words from the Lord Jesus in Matthew 10:37? “He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”


    2. so u havn’t done any weird ritual on initiation…something u were uncomfortable with, something u just didn’t get or understand, and u r going to pretend nothing happened.


  89. Y’know, it’s amazing how many idiots proclaim the message to coexist. Religious tolerance, latitudinarianism, moral relativity, whatnot… In the same breath these ‘minions’ for the cause of evil attempt to shame those who bring evil acts to light, while they cling to secrecy as some ‘divine’ right. Then they have the unbridled audacity to suggest they are the truly enlightened ones! Anyone who wishes to be properly understood doesn’t speak in codes and symbols. If someone wishes to deceive you, you’re an idiot to think there is some good purpose behind it. According to the Bible the wheat and tares will grow together. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the truly evil from the persistent dumb …asses! (I mean like the donkeys, naturally.) <
    Can you felines not tell there is something nefarious about any organization which is closely associated wit the terms hoodwink, doublecross and hex? It ain't brain surgery.


  90. oh my… first for anyone to find your information you obviously have doubt… I should have never joined this organization.. but what got me was “Christian” and the great charity work after years in I started to feel and see things different.. dealing with “higher up leaders”…however I was in denial like most on your blog… I LOVE JESUS CHRIST son of GOD ,,, as you are in this organization after time you will see I noticed the good spirit I have is being sucked away… the truth of the matter is never join something you know nothing about their are hidden meanings with everything.. conventions I have went to many and started seeing behaviors that are not CHRISTIAN like… I want out….I noticed my friends and family members being pushed to the back burner I am getting back on track and I am praying everyday for direction…..Years ago you couldn’t tell me anything bad but I had to experience it for myself. The thing that made me think it was ok their are a lot of Mason and Stars in the church…..When you start questioning things that’s when its a major problem…..


  91. TO the author can you confess to your own sins. The weakness of your own flesh? None of us are blameless rather if people are leaders in a church leaders in an organization or leaders in the world. Confess to your sins on this page then address the sins of others with full knowledge making sure you provide where you draw your proof and make it a credible source of authority on the subject. I know I am weak in flesh and I pray for strength and I pray my enemies into the hands of God and his son Jesus. As for the author confess then address others sins.


    1. [TO the author can you confess to your own sins. The weakness of your own flesh?]

      I can and I have. That’s how I became a Christian to begin with and how I have been able to grow in my relationship with the Lord and the spiritual truths he reveals to me, as exhibited in various posts at this blog.

      [None of us are blameless…]

      This is just the same old rhetoric that people such as yourself use to encourage themselves in their own sin. When God confronts you with spiritual facts to let you know you need to turn away from an evil practice you’re doing, you are responsible for how you react to the information. God holds you accountable for what you know and he will not accept the excuse that “None of us are blameless,” as if that just erases our blame for willfully continuing in our sinful practices when we have the power to say no to them. “None of us are blameless, so I might as well keep on committing this evil even if I know I can walk away from it,” is basically what you’re saying and it’s unacceptable to God and I’m not accepting it either.

      I would love to see you make such an argument to law enforcement if you’re caught breaking the law. “I know I was speeding, officer, but none of us are blameless so please don’t right me a ticket. I’ll keep on speeding anyway.” Or how about, “Yes, I beat up my (boyfriend/girlfriend), judge. But none of us are blameless, so I’ll probably just do it again and you can’t really pass sentence on me since you’re weak in the flesh, too.” Yeah, right, like that’s really gonna fly.


      1. Mr. Harry – How are you being a good Christian? Spewing hatred is in what scripture? Judging without knowledge is in what scripture? Name calling is in what scripture? You obviously just want to be a bully and pick a fight. Have you considered the laws of the scriptures you are stating? Seems like you are reading your Bible with a sharpie and a red pen drawing arrows and re-writing scripture to trying to back your argument. Levitical Law, Historical Law, Ethnic Law, New Covenant Law…you are blurring the lines and pasting things that don’t go together. Your demeanor and approach is what gives Christians a bad name. I am a Christian and I am a member of the Eastern Star. You are choosing not to listen to reason or reality in your spew of hatred. You are going simply on hearsay only. My prayer for you is that you become a Christian.


      2. [ How are you being a good Christian? Spewing hatred is in what scripture? ]

        You’re the one who hates. You hate God’s truth. You didn’t even watch the included video. It uses all Freemason books and points out how they agree with Satan and not with God. You are spiritually blind and your blindness has led you to bear false witness by saying I’m spewing hatred. You in your blindness wouldn’t even know what a “good Christian” is. You’re much like the Pharisees and Sadducees who told Jesus he wasn’t God, didn’t represent God, and was a liar when in fact he was God, represented God and spoke nothing but the truth. So take your own advice and repent of your sins and pray to God so you can become a genuine Christian who isn’t so easily duped by your family members and the Satanic oes.


  92. I would like to know what the induction process is to get in to the E Star
    what is the title that you give to your deity, like in freemasonry they call him the great architect of the universe


  93. I have been an OES member for 5 years now and my fiance for over 10 years. We do not engage in or witness any of the proposterous activities that some of you speak of. My chapter meets regularly to have bible study. We worship One God. I don’t know what’s going on in your chapters and lodges but we don’t “get down” like that. We participate in community service events regularly (feeding the homeless, Christmas giveaways). We go to conventions and don’t hear about any orgies going on. Of course over the years I know of people that have cheated on their mates but not because of the order. It’s because they are weak and it would’ve happened anyway. If someone wants to cheat, they’ll find a way and blame it on someone or something else. So if you guys are part of an organization that is not making you a better person by all means, GET OUT! God Bless.


    1. [I have been an OES member for 5 years now and my fiance for over 10 years. We do not engage in or witness any of the preposterous [sic] activities that some of you speak of]


      That’s probably because they’re duping you. OES and Freemasons don’t reveal all of their secrets to their followers right away or to those they feel aren’t ready to receive knowledge about the entities behind the curtain of their secrecy. You and your fiancé lack spiritual discernment and are operating on false assumptions. Therefore, it is easy for these people to deceive you. All of the info & the videos here provide proof enough for the wickedness of OES. So if you choose to ignore them, you will discover soon enough that you are your own worst enemy and will have no one else to blame for your ignorance except yourself. I would urge you to repent and embrace true light, not the fake angel of light behind OES.


      1. All this crap is “man made” including RELIGIONS. If there really is a God he’s probably disappointed in us…


  94. oh my all this debate…well this post is like old and I am not very wise with the bible. My grammar may not be hot and all that but I have some input of my own. God is not a God of secrets my personal opinion not one of you was satisfied with Jesus you have to go and join a “secret” organization just for what? I am not sure. What happened to being happy with Jesus alone? All this eastern star stuff about orgies, helping the poor, and whatever other stuff you do because its not clear to me. We are supposed to be ONE in Christ so why all the division? This is why I hate religion how can we say we love Christ and we cant even agree on one thing? “Christians” bashing one another saying things they think defends Christ…
    All that wisdom turns to folly when we think what we are saying is right. Everyone on here talking about who is being “judged” and “oh this organization ain’t like that?” “Jesus didn’t say this and God is the judge of that” Did any of you bother to come together on one accord and pray together with “brotherly love” and say Lord is this your will? Am I doing what you have me to do? Is this the work of Satan? Did you fast? Then you all go on and talk about who is right who is not right!! Its tearing me apart! Is this what Christ wants? In fact when He himself tried to speak truth he too was rejected. I can’t believe any of you!

    Philippians 2:14-16
    Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life-in order that I may boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor for nothing.
    Galatians 5:22-23
    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.
    Deuteronomy 4:2
    You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God that I command you.

    All of you SEEM to have come here to defend one something or biggest wish is for every commenter to come back and apologize to the other…and say I was wrong for lashing out at you, I was wrong for defending an organization I know no truth about, for not seeking God first, for not showing any love in my comment.

    Proverbs 15:1
    A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

    Im done here may you all be blessed. If I am wrong just tell me..


  95. Ya’ll need to do some research. I’m A Pagan, My Wife is Pagan. If my wife EVER caught me with some other woman for any reason, well…….Remember Lorain Bobbit? She Doesn’t have anything on my wife!!! Also y’all are sick twisted individuals and should be ashamed especially those of you that give up our secrets! My Mother was a JOBS my Grand Mother was OES and White Shrine and your telling me they were just a bunch of blasphemous Whores? Where are your Christian Values as you claim to be? If you were a true Christian you wouldn’t be spouting such venom. This is all I’m going to say just check yourself get your facts striaght and always search for the “LIGHT”!


    1. Jesus is the light of the world. True Christians who obey his commands are lights. Pagans have no spiritual light so before you try to tell others to search for light, please consider the fact you live in darkness without Jesus. He’s the only one who can save you from your sins.


  96. Mr. harry…i love you…..please accept this with love…….i understand you want to expose the devil on the worldwide circuit…BUT…..pharisee spirit i rebuke you…….let the wheat and the weeds grow together and let God do the separation…we shall know the truth and the truth shall “MAKE” us free…..fasting and prayer and supplication with thanksgiving making your request known…….you gain enlightenment…even the way you are to handle life and situations…..God is not the author of confusion…….but of peace…and F.Y.I. Jesus DID NOT COME TO THIS WORLD TO DIE…..BUT TO SAVE THAT WHICH WAS LOST…….THAT WAS HIS MISSION…IN THE EVENT OF HIS MISSION…..THEY KILLED HIM…….THEY WERE SUPPOSE TO… HE COULDN’T FINISH THE MISSION WITHOUT IT…..CAUSE THE MISSION WAS TO SAVE THAT WHICH WAS LOST…….i like corn and pomegranates…(hint,hint)…..God bless you Mr. Harry…….


  97. Neither the church or any other “organization of people” is without flaw. We as christians must not down others in attempt to show them the way. Truth i always welcome to those who abide in truth. But there is no need to place our opinions of others in the voice of our ministry. God bless ALL!!!


  98. I don’t understand… if its such a great thing then why secrecy? the greatest and best thing of all is to be accepted into our heavenly Father Yawehs kingdom. and that can only be done through Jesus Christ . there are no secret societies in Christ or Our Fathers Kingdom. if our heavenly father gives knowledge wisdom and understanding FREELY then how is it that only those in masonry(men&women) be Christians and know something learned in an organization that isn’t for other Christians to know or even access?


  99. I was going to join the OES about 10 years ago (but, never did) and informed my 65 year old paternal aunt on the weekend that I was going to be initiated over the phone. After I explained to my aunt that I had volunteered for a charitable cause and even went to church with the OES before I was to be initiated, her reaction was shocking to me. She, quickly, told me not to join because she was an Eastern Star, my paternal grandma was an Eastern Star, and my paternal grandfather was a mason.

    My aunt had a total of 13 other brothers and sisters, all from my grandma and grandpa. I do not know what compelled my aunt to tell me the truth (I sense that it may be that she was still bitter from the outcome), but when my grandmother and grandfather passed away, my aunt told me that the Order had a huge life insurance policy on my grandmother and grandfather and when they died in a tragic car accident, that not one red penny of the life insurance money went to the 14 kids and they all had to be split up and raised by different family members.

    She, also, told me that after my grandma and grandpa died, that the surviving family members had no idea of the dark stuff that my grandma and grandpa were into until they went through their belongings, which the masons came to get back, afterwards. My aunt told me that Eastern Stars and masons, basically, “pimp” or dupe the other low-level and trusting members out of moneys collected for dues and live off of them, that during initiation, they see who will spit on a cross or blaspheme in order to see who will rise up in the order, get the best jobs, and who will be, most likely to embrace Lucifer, and they say that people have to ride the goat to get into the order at initiation. From what I was told, the lower level ones do not get told about the truth and advance in life with better materialistic stuff unless they come to accept the darkness and Lucifer.

    I have a maternal great uncle who is a mason and deacon in the church. He used to rape my maternal uncle when he was a little boy and my family would defend and hide his behavior. My uncle who got raped ended up drinking himself to death. My other masonic uncles raped used to rape their own daughters and my mom when she was younger and when she would run away, they would find her and hold her down and beat her for telling the truth about what happened to her. We have a lot of incestuous history in our family and births resulting from incest, which is one of the secrets that is supposed to remain hidden. However, they say what is in the dark will come to the light.

    This same great uncle that raped my mom’s brother when he was a kid would come and take my older girl cousins for ice cream in his pick-up truck when I was a kid and never take me. I can remember the sad feeling that I had a kid feeling left out that he never took me for ice cream. Well, come to find out, once my younger girl cousins got older, they ended up telling that he was taking them in his truck and raping them and getting them ice cream to keep them quiet.

    Based on what my aunt told me, all Eastern stars and masons are supposed to cover and protect each other, no matter what, even if they have to lie or worse. I think she is bitter and angry about being split up from her brothers and sisters when they were younger and telling me the truth gives her some relief.

    I did my homework on the Eastern Stars and masons and it wasn’t biased homework, meaning I, only, searched for information that I wanted to see or believe. I read the good and bad and based on my conclusions, these are not organizations that I want to be a part of and they are an abomination unto God. From what I was told by my aunt, lower level Eastern Stars or masons only advance higher in life with materialistic stuff and the best jobs if they show that they are “worthy” to be trusted with the dark secrets of the order, embrace Lucifer, and get new members. I figure if this stuff is supposed to good, then what’s with the secrecy? If something is good for one and all, then there would be no need for secrecy.

    I am constantly being persecuted by family members who have joined the Eastern Stars and masons because I will not. They try to mistreat me and exclude me from family functions and make me feel like I do not belong. It has been a longstanding family tradition on both sides of my mom and dad’s side of the family to join. It is comforting and easy for them to defend what they benefit from whether it’s a feeling of belonging, materialistic gain, power, or control. I am going to stand steadfast in my belief, despite my persecution that God sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to die and save us from our sins. I will believe this until the day I die or the day that they (slowly or otherwise) try to kill me.

    @Harry A. Gaylord, you did well in trying to quench the fiery darts of the wicked. I commend you and job well done!!!


    1. Tessa,

      Thank you for sharing that testimony. It’s really sad that your family has been through such turmoil and that some of them choose to treat you the way they do. But with Jesus Christ in your life, you’re part of the family of God, which is far better. Your words remind me of what Jesus said in Mark 10:29-30 about those who are willing to leave their earthly family & possessions in favor of Christ’s kingdom will receive much greater things in this life and also in the life to come. You’re in my prayers.


  100. You are so far off base it’s comical. Next time I see a judge in an American courtroom, I think I’ll tell him he’s holding a phallic symbol. Masons sex-obsessed? I think you’re the one who’s sex-obsessed!
    OES does not teach that it is a means to salvation. Only Jesus Christ is the way to salvation.
    Whether Rob Morris used goddesses originally or not is irrelevant (I can’t see where you get your so-called “facts”). The FACT is that Biblical women are used to teach life truths NOW. If all scripture is God-breathed, then these lessons are valid.
    Easter Star and Masons are not secret societies, they’re organizations with secrets. Big difference.
    People who call themselves Christian but devote themselves to bashing others do not follow Christ’s teaching to love one another. Get your mind and eyes back in the Word, not in the internet spouting off about things which you know nothing about.


    1. [I can’t see where you get your so-called “facts”]

      Victoria, that’s only because you don’t care about the facts. If you did, you would see that I list my sources to see where I get my facts from, not to mention the videos shown here. Like the other detractors you just came here to leave your comment to defend the devil worshipers because they’re your family members and friends and you, of course, are one of them. No man can serve two masters. You cannot serve God and mammon or eat at God’s table then turn around and eat at Satan’s (Luke 16:13, 1 Corinthians 10:21).

      [Easter [sic] Star and Masons are not secret societies, they’re organizations with secrets. Big difference.]

      If that’s what you think, you have no clue what a secret society is. You just revealed how uninformed you are.

      [People who call themselves Christian but devote themselves to bashing others do not follow Christ’s teaching to love one another]

      Once again you reveal how uninformed you are. You claim to be Christian, then say we shouldn’t bash others, and then come here to bash this post with your comment. So you’re not really following your own suggestions, which makes you hypocritical.

      Jesus taught us to love one another and one of many ways we do that is by revealing the truth about Satan’s lies. That’s why I wrote this post. Jesus said, “…first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye,” Matthew 7:5. The beam has been cast out of my own eye by the Lord’s light, so now I see clearly to cast the mote out of my brother’s or sister’s. Maybe you should brush up on what Jesus really taught.


  101. @Harry A. Gaylord, you seem to be blessed with the spirit of discernment. So, you may be aware that secret societies teach their members to look out for and protect their own. Therefore, you may be well aware of why they come here to attack you. 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 states: For such [are] false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. Harry A. Gaylord, you are blessed because you are not deceived.

    You can pretty much surmise who is who based on how they respond to your presented facts and evidence by attacking it without offering any valid and legitimate evidence to counter or rebut what you have, already, presented. That, clearly, shows that they are biased against seeking truth and would rather cling to lies.

    John 8:44 states: Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    Numbers 23:19 states: God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?

    Therefore, anyone who opposes seeking or standing for truth is, clearly, demonstrating who they have chosen to serve, which is the devil, and they are going against God because God is for truth. I’ve taken the time to read what is stated by you and the philosophies of Albert Pike, Aleister Crowley, and seen the videos.

    Colossians 2:8 states: Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. Proverbs 18:15 states: The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge. 1 Thessalonians 5:21 states: Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

    I believe that people who refuse to seek knowledge and truth and refuse to do the research about the philosophies of Albert Pike, Aleister Crowley, the videos, and information that you presented to prove their perspectives, for a candid world to see, are afraid of the realization that they were mislead or they may just take pleasure in just being evil.

    I believe that you mentioned Matthew 24:24, which states: For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. It amazes me that the people that have joined these secret societies consider themselves to be immune from being deceived when it states that the very elect shall be deceived. At one point, I was, spiritually, blind and deceived, but now I see. You see. There are others who were blind, but now, they see.

    This is a closing message of hope and support to those who may grow weary from demonic attacks and are being persecuted by demonic spirits and spiritual wickedness in high places that recruit humans to help them carry out evil…Psalms 37:12-13: The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth. The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming. FYI, that is not a threat from God. That is a promise.


  102. HI Harry, Something came to mind while reading through this. Matthew 5:13-16 New International Version (NIV) Salt and Light 13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. 14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. This world is getting to be a dark place and the truth shines out and stands out. Your post are encouraging! Keep up the good work. The Lord Jesus bless you. Praise God, JESUS IS THE LORD, hallelujah!


  103. When Freemason’s and Eastern Stars claim that non-members don’t have a right to comment on things outsiders don’t know about, they are actually denying the gift of knowledge from God. God can give anyone knowledge and He actually says that whatever is done in secret will come to light. God has given me immense knowledge, and foreknowledge concerning my ties with members of the occult in my personal life, and they know I have the wisdom but cannot understand how. I’ll tell you how, God doesn’t require people to take an oath of secrecy for wisdom. They have wisdom of the world, which God says is foolishness to Him. He has given, is giving, and will continue to give His TRUE chosen (in spirit, not in bloodline) the TRUE light to dismantle the foundations of the occult of this world, whose seed giver is the adversary of truth. We serve a great God! and He is so mighty and wonderful! He hasn’t given the “foolish” of the world systems TRUE knowledge, which is and will make the blood boil inside of those who went through so much to get knowledge that they worked for.


  104. I could very well be an Eastern Star if I chose to, most of my family is masonic and my sisters and I are outcasts for refusing to partake. Meanwhile, my sisters and I are being blessed tremendously without their “support” and they hate it. God is our provider! And little do they know, God is also the creator of the power (satan) that gives them their power! There is no power but God! They are truly deceived into thinking they have power and protection through their masonic affiliation, but the day is approaching quickly when they will all realize that the power of their masonic affiliation is not from the Lord God who will also TAKE AWAY that false power that they chose to trust in. Like someone above me stated, I never understood why, if the order is so great, and so “worthy” and so “esteemed” WHY THE H*** is it a secret? In reality, THEY are the cause of the problems of the community by WITHHOLDING knowledge from those who aren’t “in”, and make themselves look good by their charity work. They wouldn’t have to do charity work if they were to open up their “understanding” and be connections (for jobs) for the ordinary folks. For instance, I know of a job entity where you can’t really get in unless you are affiliated with masonry. If they let people in who weren’t affiliated with masonry, then those same people would have better jobs and wouldn’t need charity from the masons. It gets deeper than that, but that is a basic explanation of what goes on in the communities they say they help. The big picture of that scenario is the truth of poverty in the entire world.


  105. Tessa, You’re speaking the truth and have much knowledge about what you are saying..I know because I’m also an outcast because I speak the truth and refuse to join forces, even though my life has been destroyed because of lies to this day. I find it difficult to understand how an organization that claims to be so religious, and it’s main focus is doing such evil, driven by greed all in the name of god. But,NOT the GOD I serve because I know right from wrong and I treat my neighbors the way I expect to be treated NOT with a double tongue,or a dagger even if that’s how they come at me..I have to stay in the word that is my shield and fortress. You say in the word as well. Matthew 5:1-12..Blessed are you when men shall revile you and persecute you and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my name exceedly glad for great is your reward in heaven.


  106. I am a member of the OES and I can say from experience that this organization has nothing to do with God. If you are not willing to do as they say you are an outcast. Yes brothers are having sexual relations with several women within the organization. When I refused to participate they just made lies up, it almost destroyed my marriage. The sisters are not about uplifting one another, it’s all about competition and how they can tear you down. If you have any respect for yourself and you family stay away form this group. There is nothing Godly about the OES.


  107. Wow what a giant crock of s*^# this article is. You bash anyone who doesn’t see things your way and don’t spout off about how it is God’s way (notice that even though I’m not a Christian, I have respect enough for those who are and their God to use the proper grammar and capitalize?) your God and Christ were loving and taught respect, seeking of truth, patience, loving of ones fellow man, etc. You exhibit none of these traits. Good luck living in your small world with your closed mind. For the record, I am NOT a member of the OES nor am I a Christian. I am a Pagan and your views of our Gods and Goddesses is grossly misinforming. You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried.


    1. [notice that even though I’m not a Christian, I have respect enough for those who are]

      Yes, you have so much respect that you curse at the opening of your comments.

      [your God and Christ were loving and taught respect, seeking of truth, patience, loving of ones fellow man, etc. You exhibit none of these traits.]

      Like you say, you’re not a Christian so how would you know what they taught? If you think respect or seeking truth or loving one’s fellow man means you play pretend when you see and hear the false teachings of others, then you really don’t know the Bible.

      [You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried]

      And yet you cite no sources whatsoever to prove me wrong whereas I’ve cited plenty of sources to prove my points.


  108. wow harry, I am impressed…great job. ditto on everything you have said. I find it interesting that those who want to argue are just downright mean or have to use profanity…shows their true colors…they are so blind…very sad. meanwhile, what a nightmare and a can of worms this conversation has been. truly eye opening as to such strong delusions and deceptions. many are called, narrow the gate.

    sure there have been some “nice” masons…those are the ones some folks here have seen and known. course just because someone is nice doesn’t make them right w/God…never will. but there are many out there who truly indeed have their masks on and hide in the evil shadows…many of their peers have no clue what they really do…but in the daylight they appear so “nice”.

    as for me…a young girl back in the day…I was molested by 2 masons and a third one sure wanted to…sigh. oh gee, sign me up! not!

    and honestly, something i’ll never get, nor will I argue about: let’s start at the beginning of said organizations shall we? God said to take no oaths, let your yes be yes and your no be no..anything beyond that is sin. Hmmm, now let me see…any oaths come to mind?

    anyhoo harry, very impressed buddy…not easy. may the Lord Jesus cover you w/his Spirit and may you filll him w/your love and blanket him in your peace. may you grant him wisdom and discernment in the days to come. amen.


  109. Harry A. Gaylord, you did a great Job in representing our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ! God be the glory!!! Please pray for my sister, she is an Eastern Star. I was never interested. Continue with your good fight of faith! Amen!!


  110. As a Brother Mason I see post like this and all I can do is laugh, its funny but at the same time its disturbing you must have petitioned a lodge and got blackballed is the only thing that makes sense for you to try to call all 5.5 million of my brothers and sisters..Satanist and Devil worshipers…I’m a christian and The bible talks about man judging man..FreeMasonry is not a religion as a matter of fact to even speak religion in a lodge or amongst brothers is frowned upon….I don’t know who this Shriner guy you claim told you all this but there are many Clandestine Masons out there I think u found one!!!!


    1. True&LawfulBrotherMason ,

      You admitting that you and your masonic brothers frown upon speaking of religion (I am assuming Christianity) inside a lodge……says alot right there. I bet you didn’t even realize you said that either……..and you say that you are a Christian? Enough said……..


    2. I agree. All I can do is laugh. It’s insulting because they think it’s a Satanic cult and it’s a far cry away. I check these sites time to time just to see how much they think they know.


      1. Those of us who know OES & Freemasonry are Satanic secret societies have the facts on our side and those facts come directly from the historical writings of the now-departed Masons you hold in high esteem. So you’re either lying or you’re going through life with your head buried in the sand.


      2. I just feel so sorry for you because you have no idea how deep and how horrible these groups are. Maybe you’re experiencing the normalcy bias where your mind cant handle the truth so it will blissfully accept blatant lies and illusions over the horrible truth that these kinds of people do exist…in fact most if not all of their higher order members run the most shadowed parts of governments world wide. They run us…they own us…they play chess with us. For crying out loud just go look at all the proof of peoples accounts of things that happened to them when they were members and then realized it was satanism. If you feel the need to defend something this awful i suggest you reintroduce yourself to jesus christ and perhaps definitively see the difference between jesus christs love, and satanistic false idols.


  111. The eastern star witches are very satanic, Just as masonry is also, UP NORTH=HEAVEN DOWN SOUTH=HELL WEST=DEATH! So eastern star=EARTHSTAR!=THE PENTAGRAM USED TO CHANNEL DEMONS OR SATAN FROM DOWN SOUTH=HELL TO EARTH! We have seen his STAR AND COME TO WORSHIP HIM=PENTAGRAM OR EARTH STAR OF (LUCIFER) IF CHRIST HAD A STAR IT WOULD BE NORTH STAR=UP HIGH MEANING HEAVEN! This is why lucifer said he will mount himself in the highest part of the (NORTH)=HEAVEN!! He didnt say east because he already has earth! He wants HEAVEN!! You eastern or earth stars are like (MASONS)=MYSTICAL ANCIENT SHRINER OF NOBLE SATANIST!


  112. By the way, Harry, do you know anything about hand symbols that these occult societies use? The one in particular I’m curious about is the index and middle fingers pointed upward and joined together (no space in-between), with the thumb also attached to the index finger. Ring finger and pinky pointed downward.

    The reason I ask is because I had a neighbor once who was very… umm… interesting… and many times when I would be in her presence, she would make that gesture with her hands and place the extended fingers on her temple, and she would hold it there for a good 20-30 seconds. She repeated this almost every time she knew I was able to see her. I had always suspected her of being into some occult society (like OES, or some variant of witchcraft) but never confirmed it. Just wondering what it meant. All my research has turned up empty.

    Thanks for your time.


  113. Harry,

    That was a thought-provoking article, but unfortunately, it still leaves my questions unanswered. I still have no idea what my neighbor was using that symbol for, why it was always directed at me, and most importantly, why she ALWAYS placed it on her temple. I still can’t figure out if she was trying to communicate with me by checking to see if I would respond to the symbol (assuming I might understand the same language), or trying to cast some sort of spell? Or what?

    It’s OK, don’t worry about it. I thank you for your time anyway. I guess it’s just one of those things I’ll never figure out unless I was to join one of those occult groups, which of course I’m never going to do…

    Peace. 🙂


  114. Is it a sin to tattoo…or cutting for the dead?u circumsized harry in the name of Jes..god are you a mason..a house divided can’t stand or can it. Worked back then your order still uses it


    1. Youre defensive reaction indicates that you or someone close is one of them…. its your soul you’ll sell defending satan…dont get your underwear all twisted.


  115. {Bitter much? It has been my observation that people such as yourself have never bothered to read the Bible for yourselves. I suspect you’re simply another example of someone who hates being told how sinful they are and how much you need to be saved, so you found whatever lies you can hunt down on the Internet to tear down the Bible without fact-checking. But that won’t let you off the hook for your sins.}

    ****Harold, Harold, Harold- Bitter? No just sick and tired of people like you thinking you know more than you actually do. I use to be a teacher of the bible, so your assumptions are just that- ass-umptions. I didn’t have to hunt down anything to refute everything you’ve said here on your blog, which are all lies. The information is there, and I used it. And what is wrong with using the internet to back up my claims? You have also, hypocrite, so what’s the difference? Nothing under the sun is new, so you definitely did not pull any new information out of your a**. You got it from somewhere, didn’t you?

    {You ridicule the very idea of sin’s existence, yet at the same time contradict yourself by accusing me of the sin of lying. If there’s no such thing as sin, then there’s no such thing as lying or stealing, which you accuse the writers of the Bible of doing. Since your statement contradicts itself, the law of non-contradiction reveals that your statement itself is a lie. By default, you have inadvertently admitted you believe in sin’s existence and have exposed yourself as a liar. Thanks.}

    **** How and where did I accuse you of the sin of lying? I said you were a FOOL, for the way you respond to people, and for the self-righteous stance you take on attacking those who oppose you. Your 25 yrs spent “studying” the word has proven that you are exactly what the word says you SHOULDN’T be- arrogant, prideful, impatient and the like.

    Even the “bi-bel” says that a teacher is supposed to have certain traits, which you most definitely lack. And your prose about the law of non-contradiction does not apply here, so please son- you’re not the only one with a degree here. I said nothing that is both true and non true here. You’ve played yourself. And you’re welcome.

    [People like yourself…are the reason why people are so jacked up]

    Actually, people like you who purport to know the truth but openly contradict themselves by their own words so they can embrace their sins are why people are so jacked up. You are your own worst enemy. And you have no one to blame but yourself for that.

    **Show me where I contradicted myself, scholar. Embrace sins? Why would I do THAT? To continue to live in guilt, AFTER I’ve been forgiven? No, it’s psychopaths like you that are on this guilt trip and sin crap to try and keep people scared and frightened to even live. How pathetic are you? VERY!

    [The Bible is full of allegories, as it so says. Even Jesus told his disciples that his words are merely parables]

    {How would you know? You’ve probably never read the whole thing to know what you’re talking about. Like a sheeple, you just took someone else’s word for it. You are the blind led by the blind and both of you have fallen into the ditch of lies. Nowhere does the Bible say every single word Jesus spoke was a parable. Jesus made it clear when he was speaking figuratively versus when he spoke literally. Even his disciples acknowledged this in John 16:29 when they told Jesus he was speaking “plainly” and not in a proverb at that particular time.}

    ****Sounds like someone is getting miffed here, lmao! Who’s taking whose word? You are, because you’ve just regurgitated everything you’ve gotten from Sunday School and the Christian network. How funny is that? Oh, trust me, I’ve read and taught the bible for many years, which is why I KNOW that it is a book that has hidden it’s true meaning from the profane, which are people like you, who read it and interpret it literally. The letter killeth, doesn’t it? You are the one who has fallen in a ditch, and can’t get out because you can’t decipher what the bible really means. I see you were too afraid to really check out the links I left you, scholar. That shows me that you are beyond any true help, and that you are afraid to even think for one minute that YOU ARE WRONG!

    I’ll bet you don’t read anything outside of your comfort zone- like The Book of Josephus, or the Kolbrin Bible just for starts. You’d rather believe in a blue eyed, white Jesus that the white man gave to the slaves; who really knew who their true Savior was.

    {If you had done just a hint of fact-checking, you would know that ancient historical documents verify the Bible’s literal history of literal people:}

    ****First of all, the links you’ve left here correspond to this pitiful attempt of a blog to show how righteous and intelligent you are, which is an EPIC FAIL; and shows what a pompous a*** you are! Just the fact that you actually believe this crap is very telling. Like they can’t use chemicals to age things, including pottery. Now who’s taking other’s word for truth? See, I’m not afraid to read the “proof” that you bi-bel thumpers leave, but you on the other hand, are afraid to do just that.

    And you really believe that the Masoretic text that the so-called Jew-ish transcribed is really the truth? Oy vey, it gets better and better. You’d take the very people who does NOT believe in Christ, to be the authority on the translation of the bible. Sad. The powers that be, that backed the translation and writing of the bible are extremely wealthy (Israel/Rome); and have the means to make sure that their fallacies are backed by purported ancient artifacts that “prove” that the bible is in fact the very word of God, and that these things actually took place externally. Go research Constantine, and since you believe the catholic Church to be pagan, that’s who write the bible. Wow.

    {The Bible also contains literal scientific facts that are now common knowledge:}

    **** How contradictory are you? Confused much, scholar? Of course the entire Universe is scientific, and the God that you call he, is actually ENERGY! After all, since we were made in It’s likeness, we too are energy, and this Energy is Benevolent, not mean, or hateful, or murderous. Yet you believe in a God who condoned the murder of innocents, from Genesis to Revelations. That’s because you fail to realize that something Good, cannot make something Evil. Evil comes about because man lives in his lower self (flesh), and has not allowed the God that lives within to come forth.

    {None of the pagan writings you refer to, that you mistakenly believe the Bible stole from, have that accuracy. The Bible even predicted things that have come true–}

    ****Again- I don’t expect the profane mind to comprehend the symbolic nature of the bible. Your mind has been twisted after 25yrs of feeding into the mind control of Christianity. You are trapped in a maze/matrix, and have taken the blue pill. Your mind is dull to the truth, and you are the one who is lost. To continue to put my pearls of knowledge before you the swine would be crazy on my part.

    (These facts alone show you don’t know diddly about what you’re saying. My faith is based on God’s proven facts. Your opinions are based on blind faith in lies. Pagans stole from the Bible, not the other way around}

    ****Okay, so when was the bible written? If you’re brave, then check out this link. Careful now.

    If you were really a fact checker, then you would’ve already discovered that the bible is plagiarized. Just check out Mithras, Dionysus, Attis, Osiris & Orpheus. These stories predated the Christian bible. The Council of Nicaea 325 A.D. should also be included

    And no, your faith is based on what Christianity has told you to believe. I’ll bet you didn’t even go to the links that I left, for fear that everything you believe will come crumbling down in an instant. I too was lost, and believed everything Pastor said I should. Even as a bible teacher, I always had questions about what I was teaching, and when I would go to Pastor, I was told I was an infidel.

    So I courageously took it upon myself to do some study outside of Scofield, Matthew Henry, Barclay and others; and I’ve come to the conclusion that although the bible is a great tool for teaching us how to live; unless one has the ability to understand its arcane properties, one is liable to take it out of context, and create a bunch of psychopaths that interpret it literally, and impose their wrong interpretations upon others; thereby wrecking lives, and causing untold guilt upon the nations.

    You’re still on the broadway- not to hell, (because hell is our earthly form that the divine Spirit is entrapped within); but to everlasting ignorance and enslavement. It takes a strong person to pull away from the majority, and walk the narrow pathway to true redemption, illumination, and freedom. I’ve taken the red pill, and I’m so glad I did.


    1. [what is wrong with using the internet to back up my claims? You have also, hypocrite, so what’s the difference?]

      You assume things are true when they aren’t. The sources I’ve given in this post on OES are from published Freemasons themselves in addition to a printed book from an author exposing Freemasonry who backs up her claims with reliable & proven sources. So the big difference is that I verify my facts before I take a position, whether the source is in print or on the Internet. You, on the other hand, hate the true God so you embrace anything & everything without question that conforms to the lies you believe in. Which is why you are blind.

      [How and where did I accuse you of the sin of lying?]

      Really?? Just now in your comment you did. Remember this sentence?–‘I didn’t have to hunt down anything to refute everything you’ve said here on your blog, which are all lies.’ And in your previous comment you said I was ‘misinterpreting the bible, and other religious documents,’ that ‘you are quite wrong for your literal speculations of what the bible actually means,’ and ‘People such as yourself are the greatest offenders of all.’ Anyone with knowledge of the English language can clearly see you’re calling me a liar. And as I said before, this contradicts your claim that there’s no such thing as sin. The existence of lies, that you acknowledge, is proof that you actually DO believe sin exists even if you say you don’t. Therefore, you violated the law of non-contradiction, showing yourself to be a liar. So thanks again.

      [you are exactly what the word says you SHOULDN’T be- arrogant, prideful, impatient and the like.]

      Just your blind opinion. You mistake my confidence in God as arrogance. And since I won’t kowtow to your lies, you’re attempting to throw in false accusation of pride and impatience for good measure. But no matter what you try to argue, my facts are reliable and verifiable. That’s what you can’t stand–the truth.

      [I said nothing that is both true and non true here.]

      I just proved that isn’t the case. And calling me arrogant, prideful, and impatient (which are sins) proves once again you DO believe sin exists even while you deny it exists. Thanks again for contradicting yourself.

      [it’s psychopaths like you that are on this guilt trip and sin crap to try and keep people scared and frightened to even live. How pathetic are you? VERY!]

      Did I strike a nerve? If you’re frightened or scared or feel guilty, it’s because the real, literal being called God is trying to tell you something. How pathetic am I? Not pathetic enough to say I don’t believe in sin while concurrently acknowledging sin’s existence.

      [I see you were too afraid to really check out the links I left you, scholar.]

      Maybe you should contact the NSA or other government agencies spying on us, because their metadata would show I did visit your links of lies. But since you’ve shown yourself time & again to be a contradicting liar, I thought it best to stick with your comments instead of writing a treatise on how your links of lies were wrong.

      [You’d take the very people who does NOT believe in Christ, to be the authority on the translation of the bible. Sad.]

      So you’re implying that not believing in Christ (which you don’t either) is a sin? Interesting. Oy vey, indeed.

      [Evil comes about because man lives in his lower self (flesh), and has not allowed the God that lives within to come forth.]

      But you said there’s no such thing as sin. Evil is synonymous to the word and concept “sin”. Checked the dictionary lately? Dude, why do keep contradicting yourself? You’re a liar, maybe? You keep digging a deeper hole for yourself.

      [If you were really a fact checker, then you would’ve already discovered that the bible is plagiarized.]

      If you checked your facts, you would know that all pagan traditions edit their writings by taking out certain things and adding other things in when they feel like it. I pointed this out to you already but I guess it didn’t register. The Egyptian books of the dead added in teachings or philosophies from other cultures they encountered. Those books never stayed the same. The info in the Epic of Gilgamesh cannot even be accepted as true. For instance, the boat that he made in his flood is not even seaworthy whereas Noah’s is. The table of nations that comes in the midst of Noah’s story in Genesis has been proven to be true based on archaeological discoveries and how the nations and ethnic groups split up across the various continents. The Epic of Gilgamesh has no such verifiable info.

      You just regurgitate the same ol’ same ol’ that all spiritually blind people do because you’re too lazy to do your own research. I guess it’s just easier to deny sin while admitting sin exists so you can play pretend like those three monkeys Hear No Evil, See No Evil, and Speak No Evil. But that doesn’t get you off the hook for your sins. You need to repent and believe in the real Jesus.

      But I imagine you just came here to throw up smokescreens with your failed arguments to get people’s eyes off the truths in my post above. That truth being that OES is of the devil.


      1. Never mind all of that stupidity that just frothed from your mind. I could care less about the OES, and I visited you on YOUR terms of what evil/sin is. I guess you did not have the ability to discern this. Your diatribe is tripe and chum buddy. The fact is, I will never believe what you purport to be the truth about who Jesus really was and you will never accept the truth that he was really just a man who learned how to bring his higher self into accord with the Universal Mind.

        All one has to do is read the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ to find out where Jesus disappeared to when he was absent for those years. You will learn that he sat down with sages from different countries and customs; which is why he was Universal in his approach to people. Abraham also studied and learned from the Egyptians- of course you’d have to look outside of the bible to find this. But that’s something I don’t expect you to do.

        The “Choich” (Church) found out about the wisdom the people of Khem had, and burned much of their documents depicting how to rise from the state of an animal- the Choich called it sorcery and witchcraft, yet they have used, and are using the teachings to control the sheeple by making them think that meditating and reaching your deeper self is of “the devil”. That’s because they don’t want people to learn that they create their own lives and experiences every day through the power of thought. Since man was made in the image of God, his creative power is in thought.

        Only those with the ability to think for themselves walk the true narrow path. Christianity and their beliefs are the ones on the broadway to nowhere. One has only to deduce this to be true by the number of people who believe in the literal interpretation of the bible. Billions!

        Your only vice is to attempt to show how smart or intelligent you THINK you are, based on what YOU’VE been told to believe is true; but you’ve only proven, once again, that you are unable to understand the deeper meaning of what the bible stories are really depicting- the evolution of man’s state from that of a beast, unto divinity.

        I have studied for myself, MANY different books and concepts; from Western to Eastern scholars…which is why I know that the Bible, no matter what you say, is a book derived from Ancient Pagan religions. I won’t be dragged into a battle of wits, and tit for tat (here you said this and that), which is a vice used by those who are insecure in their beliefs.

        It is a waste of time to continue conversing with you. A wise man knows when to break off contact, because the student is not ready for the Master’s instruction. I would not waste another brain cell on your type; but I hope that someone who is really searching for the truth, will receive it.

        Man is God, and God became man so that man will realize that his power to create is in his mind/thoughts and faith. Once man can pull away from the mainstream teachings and religious dogma, he will experience TRUE freedom in his life.

        This is your blog, and it is your duty to its upkeep, not mine; and I have better things to do with my life than to argue back and forth with a man who is dull in his understanding, and his ears closed to the truth, who is truly blind and cannot see.


      2. Hey Buddy :-)- I forgot to leave just a FEW of the books in my extensive library that I’ve read and studied over the years, which the TRUE seeker will find rewarding and interesting; and which will led you to REAL Illumination: BIBLE MYSTERY AND BIBLE MEANING, THE LAW AND THE WORD, and The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science- Thomas Troward; The Gnostic Bible; Within YOU is the POWER, Quiet Moments With God, and Special Meditations for Health, Wealth, Love and Expression- Joseph Murphy; Living the SCIENCE of MIND- Ernest Holmes; The Book of Chakras- Ambika Wauters; The Untethered Soul- Michael A. Singer; THE ALCHEMIST- Paulo Coelho; The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean- Translated by Coreal; The Kybalion- The Three Initiates; Words to the Wise, Melchizedek and The Mystery of Fire, and The Occult Anatomy of Man- Manly P. Hall; The Sirius Mystery- Robert K.G. Temple; The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ- Levi; and last but not least The Kolbrin Bible 21st Century Master Edition-Janice Manning and Marshall Masters.

        As I aforementioned- these are just a FEW of the books I possess. Most of them can be found in PDF form, or for free if one cannot purchase the book. The Spirit will lead the TRUE seeker of knowledge, truth and wisdom to other sources for their spiritual growth.

        One thing I do admire you for, and that is your ability to allow the arguments of those who oppose you to go forth. Maybe it’s because you like to argue your point; but at least those who read the posts will have differing views on what is truth, and can decide for themselves which is the way to go.

        “When the student is ready, the Master will come.”

        “Where fall the footsteps of the Master, the ears of those ready for his Teaching open wide.” And again: “When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then cometh the lips to fill them with wisdom.”

        “The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding.”

        Now, I truly bid you adieu.


  116. The interesting thing here is that people are directly attacking Harry Gaylord, but never directly address the teachings of Albert Pike or other freemasons that Harry A. Gaylord has mentioned. Why is that?


    1. Tessa–Primarily because Albert Pike’s books are written in a somewhat antiquated and pompous style that I find painful to read. Having gone through them once, I really don’t want to plow through them again. Even Gray’s Anatomy makes better reading.


  117. Harry,
    I found this site because my step daughters (6&7 year olds) have began coming home from their supervised (by their mothers parents) visits talking about Rainbow and OES.
    I spoke extensively with their mother asking what it was. My grandpa and grandma are both pentecostal pastors and I was raised in Gods word, I was very frightened and overcome with a very uneasy feeling by the vague details she was giving me. Her version of what they are is the front I have learned they hide behind, but she was vague in what goes on while at these meetings.
    I am terrified that my step daughters are in this environment in the very little time she has to spend with them.
    You really seem to be a man of God and I want to ask that you will pray for them to not be influenced by this as well as praying for God to give my husband and I the right approach to handling this and protecting our daughters.
    Thank you for taking the time to teach and enlighten. I have a great deal of respect for you and will pray that God will continue to use you and keep you as strong as positive as you seem. Thank you for your time. God Bless you always.


  118. I am a victim to this organization. My entire maternal family is engulfed into this, living in a masonic community in Santa Cruz california. When I refused to participate and stop paying my dues, I was abruptly cast out of the systems of control (bank, education, etc) and forced to live as a homeless wanderer. I have not left the side of my partner and this I believe is the only reason I am not slaughtered like so many are who resist. This s*** is real, my mother carried the wand during the initiation, and I felt my soul leave my body for a moment…. my life is now a living hell, and everyday i simply pray for protection and peace to move on.


  119. Harry, please pray for someone I love very dearly. I don’t know if she has realized what she has gotten herself into or not, but she needs all the prayer she can get to get out of this organization. I worry what the outcome would be if she were to ever realize what she’s gotten herself into, and if she can even get out of it. Since she is an official member, is she now stuck in the group forever? Or can she get out and carry on with her life? I’m so scared for her, and I don’t know what else to do but pray. And thank you so much for posting this. Before I knew what this organization was really about, I saw the five star symbol and immediately wondered why a Christian group’s symbol was a five-pointed star. Five-pointed stars represent evil. Something about it just did not feel right. I hope you continue to spread the word and stay positive to your negative commenters. God is using you, and I hope you keep letting him, because people, especially current members who aren’t aware need to know the truth.
    Have a wonderful day and God bless you.


  120. What qualifies any of you to judge the other? We will all give an account one day but in the mean time…

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgement you pronounce, you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brothers eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, let me take the speck out of your eye, when there is a log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to take the speck out of your brothers eye.” ~Matthew 7:1-5


    1. [What qualifies any of you to judge the other?]

      It’s curious, Anonymous, that you should ask that and then unknowingly give the answer to that question in the scripture you quoted. Although you make the failed attempt to claim no one has the right to judge, your claim itself is a judgment. You have judged that no one has the right to judge. Since that statement contradicts itself, it is therefore a false statement. Furthermore, in the Matthew 7 scripture you quote, Jesus tells us under what circumstances one can make a proper judgment. We are allowed to point out the speck in a brother or sister’s eye once we have removed the log from our own eye. Removing the log from our own eye is simply a matter of repenting of our sin.

      And when Jesus said “Judge not,” the context reveals that he meant passing down final judgment on someone without weighing all facts. It’s like telling someone to “go to hell” (a final judgment), when in fact God may save that person down the road, as opposed to simply warning someone that they will end up in hell if they don’t repent. All the evidence has been weighed on this issue and many people who have expressed their agreement with this post have removed the log from their eyes by leaving OES or Freemasonry and/or by having God’s light revealed in their lives in that they have repented & confessed Jesus as Lord. So by Christ’s standards, they can judge righteous judgment.


  121. Harry: What do you know of the Red Star Wife, and some sort of ritual/sexual initiation of a willing Masonic wife? Is this just rumor? I’ve seen a website that would suggest it is quite real.


  122. I am a sistar and I have NEVER been asked to sleep with any mason, never hinted about the idea of it or any such things mentioned in many of the comments that I have read. Maybe in some of the chapters and lodges that you all were a part of “back in the day.” However, if that is the type of behavior that YOU as person allow, that is the type of person you were before OES or masonry so people, please, stop blaming bad sinful unruly behavior on the Order! My first husband was a well respected minister who slept with almost every woman in the church! Do I blame that on religion? My sister’s husband was also a the pastor of a church who we found out was sleeping around with women in the church and had an outside child with one of them. Do we blame that on religion? Same sister, right now is in a relationship with another minister WHO’S MARRIED!!! None of them are Masons or OES so who do we blame??? Sinful behavior is of the person, not of the order!


    1. Dee Bee,

      You’re missing the big picture. The evil of OES is not just about fornication. The symbolism and philosophies behind the symbols, secret handshakes, and lying oaths are blatantly satanic. And how can anyone really trust what you say about OES if you’ve taken vows to defend the order no matter what–even if that includes lying? The people who defend it do so not only because of the vows, but also because they think of it as defending their blood relatives who are OES or Masons. It’s similar to watching some mothers in the media who defend their criminal children even if they commit a serious crime.


      1. Harry
        Just as you defend you stance against Masonic and OES brotherhood and sisterhood, I will defend for it until I experience any of the evilness that I have read here. My college sorority also uses secret handshakes, passages and symbols. Are we evil and satanic as well? As a sistar, I don’t recall taking a vow to defend the order “by any means necessary, even if that includes lying.” So again, I’m not sure where you get your information from or what organization you were a part of but MY current order is nothing of what you speak of.


      2. This blog has been going on for at least a couple of years now and I have only recently come upon it, so no, I have not watched your video. I have, however, read many of your hyperbolized comments against the order and the fact that you will evade any other facts or comments of the same dealing with anything other than the order. So if anyone’s comments are a smokescreen, yours would be a closer fit. But please, repost your video so that I may be enlightened


      3. Dee Bee,

        How is listing my sources at the very bottom of the above post & sharing a YouTube video above evading the facts? The YouTube video at the end of the above post is still functioning so why would I re-post it? You’re showing yourself to be a liar. Not only did you avoid watching the video above, you haven’t even read the original post itself where my sources are Masonic publications. You came here to set up a smokescreen just as I said before. You’re deceived & a deceiver. Typical of the OES.


  123. Um….No.

    It may be possible that Rob Morris originally conceived of using five pagan goddesses and then decided to use five women from the Bible instead, to represent the OES degrees. While I have read Voorhis’ ‘The Evolution from a Rite to an Order,’ that was a few years ago, and I don’t remember all the history. What I can tell you is, the five women from the Bible are who we strive to emulate today, and there is no hint of anything otherwise in the rituals. I would say, rather, that OES is an extremely Christian order, which I find very odd, given that Freemasonry, of which we are an affiliate, takes pains to not so closely align itself to any one religion.

    Ruth does not represent devotion to religious principles. She represents devotion to family and to the care that the young should have for the elderly, and the rewards to be gained through patient industry.

    The pentagram used in OES Is simply a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional thing. It shows the layout of the colors, symbols, and positions of the chairs associated with the degrees as they are arranged on the floor of the chapter room. When viewed from the East, they form a star whose base has two points.

    I have never seen a hexagram used in OES.

    You said, ” By reciting the motto, OES believes the initiate achieves salvation.” This is not true. Again, most of the ladies in OES are very Christian. Those who are Christian would dispute the notion that salvation can be achieved in any way but through Christ. They would consider your assertion offensive at worst, grossly inaccurate at best.


    1. [It may be possible that Rob Morris originally conceived of using five pagan goddesses and then decided to use five women from the Bible]

      There is no “may be possible” about it. That’s what actually happened, according to the solid Freemason sources I listed.

      [I would say, rather, that OES is an extremely Christian order]

      Liar. If it were extremely Christian, they would not let you in with your self-proclaimed mysticism or your Jewish “Worthy Matron” to be a “Worthy Matron”–two things you stated in this comment of yours. As I told other argumentative oes people that came here–you’re only here to fulfill your God-forsaken oaths of defending oes & your oes relatives and/or Freemason relatives with your lies.

      [Ruth does not represent devotion to religious principles.]

      You haven’t read the Bible lately have you. Here’s what Ruth said in Ruth 1:16: “And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:” She also looked to Boaz to be the kinsman redeemer for her and Naomi, which was in keeping with Mosaic law given by God.

      Thank you for showing that you are a misinformed liar.


      1. Point of clarification and correction….In Ruth 1:16, Ruth is speaking to Naomi about their current situation, two widowed women in a time when women had no rights, no voice, nothing unless they had a man in their lives. After Ruth’s husband died there was no legal or spiritual bond binding Naomi and her. Ruth could’ve left Naomi, went back to her parents, in another city/country, and left Naomi, an elderly woman, to fend for herself. Naomi was telling them to go back to their parents but Ruth refused to go. Ruth, who never did any hard labor ( her husband was “wealthy”) went to work in the fields to support herself AND Naomi. Back in those days when a husband died his property (land, money, animals, etc.) went to his sons and in the event the sons died also, it went to a male relative (kinsmen). That kinsmen had the right/opportunity to take the property and the wife of that dead kinsmen IF HE COULD SUPPORT HER. And if he could not, then he could pass the right/opportunity on the the next male kinsmen. Ruth was not looking for a handout. Ruth wanted nothing more from Boaz but a chance to earn a living…an opportunity to be able to provide food for herself and Naomi. Boaz found favor in (liked) Ruth because she took on a responsibility she did not have too. She did not owe Naomi anything but she refused to leave her. THAT is why she states where ever you go I go, etc. Ruth saw the elderly Naomi as HER MOTHER and as such she was going to take care of her. Boaz saw this TRUE ACT OF KINDNESS, CHARITY, AND LOVE and felt sorry for Ruth because he knew she was out of her “element” working in the fields. It was not until Boaz got permission from Ruth’s dead husband’s closest kinsmen, in front of the village elders that Boaz could even think about making Ruth is wife. The story of Ruth is something ALL men and women should read, consider, and learn from OES/Mason or not. Ruth is not a goddess… Ruth is a heroine. She took on the added responsibility of taking care of Naomi, in a manner she was not accustomed to, and she did it without complaining or asking for any special treatment, or bringing any disgrace to herself, her dead husband, her parents, or Naomi by prostituting herself.

        This is still a free country and you, as are the others in/on this blog are free….entitled to believe how ever and what ever you chose. However, when you read/research do so with an open mind because if all you are looking for is evil then that is all you will find…evil. The same arguments you are spouting against the OES and Masons sound very similar to the same arguments that were once spouted against Disney corporation. People a flawed (‘All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the Lord’) and you are no better than anyone else walking on the face of the Earth. Are there people in the OES and Masonic organizations that have used the organization to do wrong…probably so. Is the OES and Masonic organizations the only organizations this has happened in….DEFINITELY NOT!!!!
        As I read your blog something that was taught to me as a young child that I still practice today keeps coming to mind “If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all.” You cannot possible know what goes on in EVERY OES Chapter or Masonic Lodge. There are literally thousands of them all over the world.Have you talked with a member from EVERY OES chapter and Masonic Lodge or have you only talked to some disgruntle individuals for one reason or another have been kicked out of their particular OES Chapter or Masonic lodge and you are taking their very biased stories as being the gospel instead of trying to figure out WHY they are so bitter towards these organizations. Also, you CANNOT know how someone feels about THEIR god in THEIR hearts simply because they disagree with your OPINION. Focus on the good….spread LOVE and not hate.

        Feel free to bash and criticize what I have written in my post. I am VERY secure in my beliefs and do not seek your validation. I do however feel very sad for you and hope and pray that you find an inner peace that you so desperately need. I base this last comment on all the replies/responses you have posted to everyone’s posts/opinions that do not agree with yours. It seems to me that you have been hurt, very badly, by someone that happened to be a member of the Eastern Stars or the Masonic Order and you are blaming these organizations for your pain. Anyone with that much hurt and pain, and hatred DOES NOT have any type of peace in their life.


      2. Anonymous,

        You can make all the arguments you choose, but the writings of the Freemasons and the video included with my post (all of which you ignored) prove that your comments about OES aren’t based on facts, but based on your feelings as well as on your oaths to defend Freemasonry and your Freemason relatives whenever and however you deem necessary. At the end of the day OES and all Masonic organizations are Satanic from their roots all the way up to the many branches of its poisonous tree. Satan, his fallen angels, and their human puppets often disguise themselves as ministers of righteousness (2 Corinthians 11:13-15)–as is the case with Freemasonry. That’s the truth in love without any hate involved except for the hatred of sin and its deceptions, including the deceptions you have unfortunately immersed yourself in. May God cure you of your spiritual blindness.


  124. Hi, Harry–

    A person does not have to be a Christian to be admitted into the OES. As Freemasonry is open to men of any faith, so too is the OES, for men and women of any faith.

    For Order of the White Shrine, the Knights Templar it is required that members profess the Christian faith. So, though many members of OES are some variety of Christian, one’s faith is not a reason to refuse admission. But it is absolutely required that a person wishing to join OES must believe in the existence of a supreme being. I do.

    I am here because I came across your page during a Google search and was curious. I commented because I found a lot of what you are saying to be inaccurate.

    Re: Ruth–Ah, yes, you’re right about that; I’d forgotten that Ruth does say, “…and thy God my God.” I was thinking in a more modern context. I would never feel myself constrained to follow my mother-in-law’s religion just because she was my mother-in-law, and if I were Naomi, I wouldn’t expect Ruth to, either.

    With Kindest Regards,



    1. [I am here because I came across your page during a Google search and was curious. I commented because I found a lot of what you are saying to be inaccurate.]


      Please don’t insult my intelligence or discernment. I wasn’t born again yesterday. Your continued contradictory statements only show me that you came here to fulfill your oaths of defending your God-forsaken order and your relatives who have been caught up in the whole Freemason system.

      There isn’t any part of any order in oes or Freemasonry that is genuinely Christian or “extremely” Christian as you stated in a previous comment. If it were extremely Christian they would not be partners with devil worshipers who embrace pagan gods like you do. Extreme Christians know that we should not have fellowship with devils (1 Cor. 10:20-21) and that we would not be unequally yoked in intimate partnerships with unbelievers (2 Cor. 6:14).


  125. Harry–My concept of God is simply eternal light and love–nothing more, nothing less, so much boundless love that people like us cannot comprehend it because we are limited to comparing it to our meager experiences. As humans, there are things we inevitably draw back from loving. I think God doesn’t draw back from anything. I believe God doesn’t hate, distrust, or dislike; God only loves. I strive for that, and I fall so short of it.

    Re Christian members of OES–All I can tell you is that the people I have met in my chapter who are Christians have been some of the kindest, most grace-filled people I know. They also have their faults, but hey, so do I. I have found these people to be lights in my life and in the lives of others.

    Good night!



    1. [My concept of God…]

      And that’s where you and other pagans have always made their biggest mistakes. You serve a fake god created in your own image. We saints serve the God who created us in HIS image and who set the standards and principles for us to live by because he’s much higher than us. Until you understand that, you cannot hope to really know what real spiritual truth is regarding oes or any other important issues of life.


  126. What is funny is the fact you guys are arguing over made up stories. This is like arguing over which is more real, Star Wars or Star Trek.


    1. Neither of them. Firefly is way more real. 🙂

      I’m not arguing about the nature of God, though; just stating what I believe. Your opinion may vary.


  127. I honestly feel there’s nothing wrong with ppl believing in what they believe I’m 25 I’ve been a Christian my whole life until today pastors are choosing music or souls now a days and everything that is suppose to be right is done wrong I’d rather be under an organization that has order and things established then continue to deal with the heartbreak of the church at least oes have it together stick with each other and are about whatever they maybe about no confusion I’m sure ( an assumption)


    1. [I honestly feel there’s nothing wrong with ppl believing in what they believe]

      People have the freedom to believe what they want, but ultimately it’s wrong to follow any other God than Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ. All who don’t believe that are not getting into heaven (John 14:6).

      [I’ve been a Christian my whole life until today]

      No one is a Christian their whole life. To be a Christian, one must be aware of their sin nature, of Jesus Christ’s payment for that sin, and repentance by faith in Jesus when it comes to their sin. Little children more often than not do not have awareness of any of those things and technically could not be “Christians”, although if they died I believe they would be accepted into heaven.

      And if anyone can persuade you by their actions or words to stop being “Christian”, then you really weren’t Christian to begin with. Being Christian means you have eternal life. If that life is eternal, that means it never ends. That’s why 1 John 2 tells us “…even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.”

      [I’d rather be under an organization that has order and things established]

      Further proof that you are opening yourself to be deceived by Satan, who is the one really running oes. Satan’s realm has order and things established. That’s not what makes things correct. Doctrine, or what an organization or person teaches, is the hallmark of how one tells if something is true. The Bible has so many fulfilled prophecies, proven miracles, and proven scientific and historical truth to back it up. You’ve based your “Christianity” on others’ behavior, not on your personal belief in God’s word, which is why you are like the person with the stony heart in Jesus’ parable of the sower and the seed–“…he that received the seed into stony places, the same is he that heareth the word, and anon with joy receiveth it; Yet hath he not root in himself, but dureth for a while: for when tribulation or persecution ariseth because of the word, by and by he is offended.”

      That’s why you’re so easily deceived and being easily deceived is a typical character trait of all in the oes and freemasonry.


  128. And why the back and forth with the members the bible says to seek out your own soul salvation if they’re dealing with things that you feel are not right aren’t you as Christian to pray about it and show love and kindness isn’t that what the bible says I’m just saying once again no seems like they got this one in the bag smh Christians please do better


    1. [why the back and forth with the members the bible says to seek out your own soul salvation]

      When you quote the Bible, make sure you take into account the whole context of what the Bible says because your misquoting is typical of the Christians you criticize. And when you do the same thing as them yet criticize them, that makes you a hypocrite. The Bible also says:

      For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ… 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

      The Bible also says, “We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak,” 2 Corinthians 4:13. Furthermore, 1 Peter 3:15-16 says, “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear: Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.”

      If someone questions my beliefs and my presentation of the gospel facts and falsely accuse my good conversation in Christ because of my belief that oes is of the devil, then I have been given the freedom by God’s command to answer their allegations.


  129. To the angry, judgmental, Christians (Disciples, and followers of Christ, His teachings, and His Example) bearing false witness against a Fraternity:

    May those of you, who cannot see and understand the difference between:

    Religion (devoted to the dogma and doctrine of 1 single church, it’s individual teachings, and pathway to salvation; and definition of life after death) –

    and the world’s oldest and largest Fraternity (an association of men, devoted to improving the communities we live in, through becoming better people by the implementation of lessons of Brotherly Love, virtue, and morality: containing no Doctrine, No exclusion from Religious or Political affiliation, and soliciting No 1 singular Religious or Political dogma, doctrine, or affiliation; but rather accepting men of all stations and walks of life holding true to a belief in a Supreme Being – prior to asking to join a Lodge)…

    May you all come to know the difference and accept that the individual man who enters a Lodge, does so already possessing and remaining active in the faith of their choosing- Prior to petitioning (filling out an application) to join a Lodge of Freemasons – Otherwise, that man would not be admitted to become a Freemason.

    May you also stop using the tired, abused, and exhausted cliche lies, regurgitated throughout the centuries by self proclaimed “Christians” like Pat Robertson, Jack T. Chick, Jack Connor, Infowars, Leo Taxil, Thurlow Weed, Solomon Southwick, Amos Ellmaker, John Quincy Adams, and many other zealots (destructive, blind marauders following the path of the sword- abandoning the way of the messiah).

    For those who are curious and those who are anti-masons – I do not judge you; nor do I hate you.

    As a Mason, I forgive you.

    As a Christian, I will follow Christ, and HIS Teachings, I will love you as a Christian loves all of God’s creations, and set a table before you; As in the example my savior set before me, when he sat and broke bread with the tax collectors – so do I, offer you peace.

    May you grow in love and understanding:


    1. Beehive,

      Get a grip on reality. You blatantly contradict yourself. You say we’re angry and judgmental against your satanic cult, but this information came from the leaders of your satanic cult. Obviously if you read this whole post and the sources and looked at the video you would know that. So you’re speaking against what your own people have said–a contradiction that points to the fact that you are calling your own people false witnesses.

      [As a Christian, I will follow Christ, and HIS Teachings..]

      It’s really sad that people like you are so deceived and so deceitful that you falsely use the name of Christ to justify your own sin. Jesus and Satan are diametrically opposed to each other. If you feast at Satan’s table of Freemasonry, it means you have rejected Christ and are following a false Christ. Jesus said his sheep hear his voice and a stranger they will not follow. He also said in Luke 11, “He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth.” Your whole comment is lie after lie. “Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me,” Mark 7:6.


  130. @ harry, You would think one would get tired of arguing with people after 3 years. People will believe what they believe no matter how many scriptures you produce. As even you said, people enjoy that veil of ignorance. Let them thrive in it. Wasting 3 years of repeating the same arguments seems kind of….wasteful dont ya think? For everyone 1 OES you’ve convinced yourself you’ve helped see ‘the light’…thousands or so how joined over there last 3 years you’ve been arguing. Is it really worth the energy?


    1. Is it really worth it for God and his people to share the gospel year after year, decade after decade, century after century? Maybe you won’t convince the person you’re conversing with but maybe someone eavesdropping may be touched by something you say. Only God knows. Only God can give the increase. Doesn’t necessarily mean I should stop planting the seed (Ezek. 3:4-11).


  131. I have read all the comments with interest. I am a practicing free mason whos wife is the WM of her chapter in the OES. I never joined the masons because of it’s links with religion in any form. My reasons for joining were personal and it was something I felt strongly about as it meant I could help my community and local charities.

    My outlook on religion is somewhat jaded due to the following reasons.

    I have seen first hand what evils originate in the name of religion after serving 22 years within Her Majesties Armed Forces. I have seen Christian turn against Muslim and i have seen Christian turn against Christian. I have seen Christians remove an unborn baby from a Muslim women’s belly and throw it against a wall and then stitch a dead cat inside the women. I came accross this in Bosnia.

    I have seen Christians beaten to death in the name of god because they helped or harboured a Muslim family.

    I am niether a Christian or a Muslim and never will I claim to be one .

    You quote the bible like it is some sort of law that must be obeyed and if you fail to do so then you will burn. You preach that anyother interest or hobby that detracts from church audiences is a direct sin and you are commuting yourself to the devil.

    I have news for you……

    Life is short… live it well and make the most of it ..

    Because when death comes …. you will become nothing …

    Death is not some biblical gateway to heaven lifted by a Devine light …

    Death is .. and the closest I can come to describe it is… that moment you enter into a deep sleep where nothing exists. Not light or noise or even feelings
    .. you become nothing ..

    Let people live and love the way they want and enjoy what little time they have … because after that old chap … your worm food.


    1. @Alan,

      [I never joined the masons because of it’s links with religion in any form. My reasons for joining were personal and it was something I felt strongly about as it meant I could help my community and local charities.]

      Right away we see here how dishonest you are. Freemasonry is known to be based on spirituality and religious beliefs are required for acceptance into it–in particular the ecumenical belief that all roads lead to God. This video by an evil Freemason pastor proves it starting from the 2:50 mark to 4:30 mark of the video.

      [My outlook on religion is somewhat jaded due to the following reasons. I have seen first hand what evils originate in the name of religion after serving 22 years within Her Majesties Armed Forces. I have seen Christian turn against Muslim and i have seen Christian turn against Christian. I have seen Christians remove an unborn baby from a Muslim women’s belly…]

      Alan, you haven’t really thought this through and have shown that you don’t know what Christianity teaches. Firstly, our world is full of people who claim to be something they’re not. We have a world full of people who hold positions, but don’t hold to the principles of that position. For example, there are some police officers in the Western Hemisphere who take an oath to uphold and enforce the law, then use their position as officers to break the law. When a few officers do that, should we then dismiss all police officers as evil? Can we then claim that good laws are worthless because police officers broke them? Only a fool would do that. The same idea holds true for Christians.

      When officers are caught not holding to legal standards, they are stripped of their badges and are no longer considered police. When a person claims to be Christian, but doesn’t pay attention to what the Bible says and they commit murder (which the Bible clearly teaches against), then they should be dismissed as well and should no longer be considered Christian. You obviously hate murder, but then attack the Bible, which teaches against murder (Galatians 5:19-21). God even says they won’t get into heaven (Revelation 21:8). So you’re in agreement with the Bible. You’re implying the Bible is correct, yet you make fun of it for being “some sort of law that must be obeyed and if you fail to do so then you will burn.” You’re contradicting yourself there. You want people to pay for murder. You want them to “burn” in some form of punishment. The Bible says the same thing.

      And while I’m on the subject of police, let’s talk about the Freemason police who caused the notorious, infamous, deathly violence and coverup at Hillsborough in 1989 that is currently being investigated. It has caused so much stir about the Freemasons and the other shady things they do in your homeland, that many citizens are demanding people to declare their Freemasonry if they run for public office. You as a Freemason have taken oaths to defend such brethren no matter what.

      So basically the point I’m making is that you’re a hypocrite. Christianity is wrongly judged by people who don’t obey the Bible, yet the Bible teaches against their wrongdoing. Christianity should be judged by what the Bible actually teaches, just like Freemasonry should be judged by what it actually teaches. And that’s what I’ve done here. That’s why I consider it satanic to its very core. And don’t let me get started on how Freemasons have started world wars, such as atheist socialist Freemason Gavril Princip who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand to spark WWI.