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Events predicted by Christ that have really happened

God has always brought the prophecies of his prophets to come to pass throughout history to show that he and his prophets were telling the truth, to let people know he is the only true God, and that he can be completely trusted.  That being the case, it should be no surprise that the predictions of the greatest prophet to ever live–the Lord Jesus Christ–would have his prophecies fulfilled also.  He is, after all, God who came in the flesh.  So here is a list of of his predictions that we see have been fulfilled and are still being fulfilled in modern times.  All of these predictions were made by the Lord Jesus Christ around 30-33 A.D.

1. Prediction: In Mark 13:1 when Jesus’ disciples expressed their awe at how beautiful the temple complex in Jerusalem was, Christ stated in Mark 13:2 that all of the stones of the temple complex would be thrown down.  In Luke 19:41-44, Christ wept over Jerusalem as he predicted in detail how Israel’s enemies would dig trenches surrounding the city to stop all traffic from going into or coming out of the city and that these enemies would leave no stone standing in the city and would kill its citizens.  Christ also stated that this would happen because the Jews rejected him as their Messiah.

Fulfilled: In 70 A.D., after a period of surrounding Jerusalem with trenches  and stopping all traffic from going into or leaving the city ( just as Christ predicted), the city of Jerusalem and the temple were completely destroyed.  For a detailed account of how evil the Jews had become during this time and how the Romans destroyed the city, follow this link.

2. Prediction: The Lord Jesus claimed in Mark 13:6, 21-22 that there would be many false Christs, using his name and claiming to be him, and many who would say that they follow Christ who would come after his departure to deceive people.

Fulfillment: From the 60s A.D. to present times, there have been many people of varying nationalities who have falsely claimed to be the Messiah or who have falsely claimed that they follow Christ.  During the time around 66 A.D. when the Jews revolted against the Romans, there were several men who claimed to be the Messiah that would deliver the Jews from Roman rule.  In 1174 A.D. an occultist magician named David Almusser in Persia said he was Christ.  In 1199 AD, a Persian named David el David claimed to be Christ.  In 1556, David George of the Netherlands said he was the Christ.  Then there was Zabathai Tzevi in Smyrna in 1666, Rabbi Mordechni of Germany in 1682, Jim Jones of Indiana in the 1970s, David Koresh in Texas in the 1990s, and Sun Myung Moon in South Korea from the 1960s until his death in 2012, all who have claimed to be the Christ.  And let’s not forget all the false religions like the Watchtower Society, Mormonism, Islam, and others that preach a false Christ.

3. Prediction: Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of wars until the time of his return in Mark 13:7.

Fulfillment: Throughout history, from Christ’s time until now, nations have continued to fight, steal from, and kill people within their own countries and countries outside their own borders.  Mankind, especially in today’s times, has often thought that we as a race of beings would evolve to the point where we would move beyond warring against each other.  So we negotiate peace treaties and trade agreements with the hopes of stamping out the very idea or possibility of war.  Ultimately, the powers that be who work behind the scenes of world occurrences, like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Freemasons, the Jesuits, Skull and Bones, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bilderbergs, and others, hope to bring about a one-world government and one-world religion with a leader to rule it all to establish their false idea of peace on earth.  But Christ implies that all of their efforts will be in vain and that wars will continue regardless of their cries of “Peace! Peace!” when there is no peace.

4. Prediction: In Mark 13:8, Christ predicted there would be earthquakes in various places.

Fulfillment: From the days Christ predicted this until today, earthquakes have continued with some being minor while others have been major to the point of prompting volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and loss of life.  We have even witnessed this firsthand in the past few years from the tsunami of 2004, to the earthquake of 2008 in China’s Sichuan Province, to the Italian earthquake of 2009, to the Japanese, Haitian, and Chilean earthquakes of 2010. Now a report in 2014 says big earthquakes are becoming more frequent around the world to the point of doubling the average number.

5. Prediction:  According to Jesus in Mark 13:8, famines would continue to occur until the time of his return.

Fulfillment:  In spite of man’s best efforts to create private organizations and provide government subsidies toward fighting hunger, famines continue to occur all over the world, whether by war, droughts, or other acts of man and nature.

6. Prediction:  Christ said in Mark 13:9 that his followers would be delivered up to councils and brought before rulers and kings for being Christians as a testimony against the unbelievers.

Fulfilled: Christians throughout history have been brought before all kinds of government entities from the time of Roman emperors such as Nero, to the Inquisitions by the Vatican in Europe.  Even today, Christians are brought before judges in Islamic countries, parts of Europe, and in Canada or the U.S. for holding to Christian doctrines taught in God’s word that these governments feel are contrary to their ungodly laws.

7. Prediction: Jesus said in Mark 13:10 that his gospel would be preached among all nations.

Fulfillment: From about 33 AD until now, missionaries have traveled throughout the world preaching the gospel in almost every corner of the globe.  In spite of the repeated attempts of evil men throughout history to eradicate Christianity, it still continues to thrive and grow in the world.  Thanks to the help of dedicated Christians like translators at Wycliffe, the Bible is being printed in even the rarest of languages.

8. Prediction: It was prophesied by Christ in Mark 13:12-13 that his followers would not only be hated by people in their own households but that the general world population would hate them also for being Christians.

Fulfillment: From the time of Christ’s ascension to today, family members have betrayed relatives who have confessed Jesus as Lord and citizens of various nations have killed Christians just for being Christian.  In India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, China, Iraq, Iran, Eritrea, Somalia, Morocco, Turkey, North Korea, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan (just to name a few), Christians are being jailed, assaulted, and killed for their faith.

9. Prediction: When Mary Magdalene anointed the feet of the Lord with her costly ointment, he predicted that wherever the gospel would be preached, her story of anointing the Lord’s feet would be told as a memorial to her (Matthew 26:13).

Fulfillment: Since this event is recorded in all four gospels, it has truly been told over and over everywhere the gospel is shared.

10. Prediction: Before Christ ascended to heaven in Mark 16:17-18, he prophesied that supernatural signs would follow his believers, such as the ability to cast out devils, to speak in new tongues, to be immune to bites of poisonous serpents, to be immune to poison, and to heal the sick.

Fulfillment: When the apostles went forth to preach after receiving the Holy Ghost, they exhibited these powers wherever they preached.  Although individual Christians in today’s times may not exhibit all of the signs in their lives that Jesus stated and he does not expect us to go looking for poisonous snakes or poisons to test him on what he said, God still uses these signs today through his believers when he sees fit to do so.  Yes, God’s miracles through his church still take place in our time with people speaking in tongues, the sick being miraculously healed, and more.

11. Prediction: In the 30s AD (Luke 17), Jesus predicted that in the last days leading up to his return, it would be like it was in Lot’s days when Lot lived in Sodom and Gomorrah. Ezekiel 16:49-50 lists Sodom’s sins as being pride (in their sexual perversions), gluttony, idleness, callousness toward the poor, and abominations (like gay sex and homosexual rape).

Fulfilled: Late 1990s to early 21st century when gay rights promoting sexual abominations started to become acceptable, especially from 2001-2015 when Ireland by popular vote and the U.S. with a Supreme Court decision approved gay marriage in addition to 20 other Western nations that approved it.

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–


19 thoughts on “Events predicted by Christ that have really happened

  1. Harry, what a wonderful testament, and one that I feel blessed to come upon in my mailbox today!
    For I am indeed in a house divided at this time and am struggling with trying to bring my family to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Presently my efforts are falling on deaf ears, for my husband of 33 years was raised Catholic and has never read a single word of Gods Holy Gospel, and is ignorant to his blessings of love and Grace. He has long since seen the hypocrisy of the false religion he was raised in and unfortunately has attached that sentiment to all Christianity. He thinks that I am just trying to say that my faith is better than others, just like all religions do. I have tried to explain that Gods word is there for all of us if he would give it a chance, he will find truth and peace. He does not believe in the Bible of course either, and of course just like Jesus said, as I journey closer to what Jesus calls me to do, it has caused friction between us. I no longer listen to the Rock and Roll and Blues music we always enjoyed together, I won’t watch movies containing sex and violence, and very little on television also. I explained to him how the miracle of Christ saved me again, how when I found out many ugly truths about our government (too long to go into here, but I can tell you know these things as well, of course he doesn’t believe these things either but will not look into it), and how entertainment is totally satanic, being in a state of panic to the point I thought I would actually have a heart attack or stroke, God spoke directly to me. he showed me my bible in my head, and said THIS IS THE WORD OF GOD. I fell to my knees weeping in that moment, and repented, thanking him for returning to me! I have been reading my bible everyday, and spend most of the day praying, giving thanks, and have found some blessed peace. God has blessed me throughout my life, and it is so clear to me now, the many ways he has stayed with me and waited for me to come home to him. I was saved at age 7, baptized in the old way, in a river in West Virginia, and I enjoy reliving that moment in my mind, because my heart exploded and I was filled with the Holy Spirit. It was glorious and REAL. At 15 I did even speak in tongues at a revival in CA, although I don’t know what I said.
    Sadly I then turned away from God to live a typical selfish life, turning to all the ungodly things on my “so-called spiritual journey”. Being a scholarly type by nature, I explored all manners of the new age false religions, taking a little here and there, indulging in drug use, and all the usual stuff of my generation, embracing the hippy drug culture and all that San Francisco had to offer. I realize now that Satan was playing me for a fool. Yet through it all somewhere , inside I remained a child of God, saying my Lords prayer to myself each night of my life. Sadly that is the only thing I did. But God came right back to me in one instant. He also cured me of a 38 year marijuana addiction in ONE DAY. I prayed on it and next thing i knew, I put it down the toilet, and never suffered so much as a headache. PRAISE GOD! it will one month this coming Sunday.( i didn’t just use it occasionally, I was a hardcore smoker every day, all day). So you see the kind of drastic transformations that are taking place with me, and my poor family just don’t understand what is going on! I played my part in all this, I didn’t teach my children correctly (thought I was doing good preaching tolerance of all religions yet giving my children nothing real to hold onto)as a result, they won’t give what I now say any credence. Too busy watching evil tv and listening to evil music, and of course I am just crazy. So I have my work cut out for me Harry, and I will never leave God again, regardless what the outcome with my family. I have also Thanked God for bringing me to your website, it has been a source of invaluable help and comfort to me, as well as a fellow named Tim Mchyde, who has written an excellent book on understanding Revelations, called Know the Future. He believes the words need to be taken literally in this book, and takes you through it with very good explanations on how this is true. He has been a Bible and prophecy scholar for many years, reading it over and over, and comparing all the various versions. I am treading very carefully about who to learn with, and so far your website and his are all I really ascribe to.
    Well this has gone on longer than I intended, it just all spilled out!
    Anyway, God is Glorious, and I hope if anyone out there feels lost, just get down on your knees, ask for him to help you, he will answer. If this sinner could be saved, you can also!
    Thank you again Harry for reaching out to us. We all need to pray now people, terrible tough times are coming.


    1. Allison,
      Your complete 180 is very common. This is especially true with those that suffer from addictions etc. I know, I’ve been there & done that. There are some things I will share with you that you can dismiss, accept, see as Divine intervention or a spiritual attack from satin himself.
      1. Cut the crap with the holyier than thou bit. Your family and friends will not be brought into a relationship with Christ by listening to you your over the top, out of balance,”I’ve seen the light and you are all sinners” routine. Jesus didn’t get people to follow Him by beating them over the head with the Bible. Look at it this way… You’re head over heals in love. That feeling won’t last, nor should it. It isn’t healthy and is bound to subside.


      1. Anonymous,

        Really?? Allison is anything but holier than thou. Anyone who is willing to share how badly they messed up in the past & then gives God glory for their deliverance is anything but holier than thou. Don’t get it twisted. God shows us the light & welcomes us into the light to become light ourselves for the purpose of not only serving him, but also to tell those who are in darkness (like we once were) that they are sinners in need of a Savior. Even if those sinners are family members. That isn’t beating anyone over the head with the Bible.

        Your comment reveals you really don’t know how Jesus got people to follow him. You’ve probably never even read the Bible & if you did you clearly didn’t understand it because if you did you would know Allison’s testimony is not over the top or out of balance, but your comment is. Allison’s testimony & those like it are what God uses to win people to Christ. That’s how the apostle Paul won people to Christ. You’re not in the position, anyway, to say that people won’t be brought into a relationship with Christ just because it’s a method that YOU as an individual disagree with. “Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand,” Romans 14:4.

        Revelation 12:11 says, “And they overcame him [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” So testimonies are indeed powerful.

        Those who are head over heels in love with Christ don’t love him based on feelings, we love him based on our faith (which has God’s facts as its foundation) and that type of love never subsides. As a matter of fact, it becomes more intense over time because God continues to prove his love year after year in big ways.

        So it’s clear your comment is from Satan, “for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men,” [Mark 8:33].


    2. I also experienced Lord Jesus Christ in my life but I would like to say something about different religions , there is no difference between catholic or Protestant churches because they are all one in Jesus because they all say the the became human and back to 1 John 2:22 Who is the liar it is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ such a man is the Antichrist he denies the Father and the Son . And I think all these people don’t confess otherwise . God bless and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.


    3. Allison!! I know how you feel. I was saved 30 years ago, but I went my merry way, not doing really bad things, but partying and drinking socially, but drinking turned me into a raving maniac. I gave it all up after nearly destroying my house one night, throwing everything that wasn’t red hot or nailed down, and that wasn’t the first time I did that, but not as bad as this time. I knew that night that I was done with it all and turned back to Jesus. I have never felt such utter peace as I do now.


      1. Men and women do not have the power to lead anyone to Christ, that is the works of the Holy Spirit! The best that a man or women can do is be suggestive, be an example and PRAY. When you pray, pray on knees,. For prayers on knees are received as priority. By being an example, people can see the many blessings and benefits that automatically come for those that follow Christ. And when being SUGGESTIVE, be suggestive in the time of need WITH SCRIPTURES! Be patient with others just as JESUS was patient with you. Remember that GODs perfect miracles do not happen in our timing, rather in GODs PERFECT TIMING.Peace be with you


  2. Wow, Allison! That is a powerful testimony! I praise God for what he’s done in your life and continues to do in you and through you. I pray your testimony will touch the lives of those who read this to encourage believers in their faith and to show unbelievers how real and powerful our Lord and Savior is. May the Lord continue to bless and increase you in the things of God!


  3. A message for Allison.
    I just want to say to you that choosing Christ is the right and best choice. I encourage you to pray in tongues and to enjoy the light of His presence regardless of what the others think. God has a plan for each of us but we can do nothing outside of Him (as regards the Kingdom). Love is a command and God will do the rest.
    Best prayers,


  4. Great article, and i am sure there are more prophecies being fulfilled everyday and miracles are still around as we speak


  5. Well praise God and welcome back to the family of GOD ALLISON. Heaven is a place for all but not a place for everyone. The more you push someone towards GOD the more they will pull away. They will fight you because they do not see as you do. You have experienced the reality and truth of the madness, insanity and the possibility of death and destruction that the life of drug use has brought. Thank God that you can clearly see now and that you choose not to return to sin and that false sense of life where madness and insanity got the best of you for so many years. Thank GOD that the time for you is here and now, but remember the time for you that is here and now was only ment for you at this point! What you were once you are no longer. The people around you are not acustom to the new you. You are a new person that they are not familar with or might not like or want. But JESUS loves you, GOD wants you, so except that and be glad in it. You yourself might not like or want what you have been living with and may want to start a new life where there is no battle ground or temptation everyday. If you choose to stay in your situation only pray and call out to GOD for his devine wisdom and intervention. Be a shining light and not a loud bothersome horn. Many people feel that they are still young and that they have much time to have fun and to toy with sin just like you did, putting off GOD and our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS for later, just as you have done. Many are called ( some choose to listen and many refuse), And few are chosen for this reason. ALSO their will be choices to make in the last days, such as, Mothers and Fathers will you raise your voices and curse GOD when your children grow hungry and thirsty or if GOD casts them down to hell. Heaven awaits you if you can walk through the narrow road. The gates to heaven might be open and in sight from where you stand, but make sure your name is written in the LORDS book of life and if we CHOOSE to look back let it be for forgiveness sake.


  6. God bless all of you, I can relate as my life too has been changed. I now seek spiritual food when I wake in the morning. Jesus is my lord and saviour. Get to know Jesus and even while you sleep you can rebuke the enemy and plea the blood of Jesus and the enemy will be wounded. Communicate with the blessed trinity the father Jehovah the son Jesus and the holy spirit they are one. Read the holy bible every day and what a change it will be.


  7. As I was a child I had a really bad up bringing and during my late teens I was in a really dark place, people might believe me or not but 1 morning I was in the bath and all of a sudden I started to cry I went into a day dream and started thinking about my dad dieing within minutes my brother in-law came to my flat and told me that my dad had just died, 5 years later I was still in a dark place out drinking popping pills smoking weed taking fet and 1 night in my dream I was bouncing though some woods chasing after some kind of monk looking guy finally I arrived at this tunnel and for some reason I asked if I was going to heaven he replied yes but God can’t help you untill you start to help your self and from that day I gave up drink drugs and over the past 10 years my life has totally changed I’m a self employed painter and decorator I have two twin girls and a baby boy I’m not rich but I’m very happy with the life I’ve got with my lady and my children, you could right a book on my life and from that day I have always believed in God and I will always believe in him


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